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#94848 I Have A Nerf Gun That Shoots Almost 400'

Posted by The Large Moose on 19 November 2006 - 10:13 PM in General Nerf

Elf AVec and maverickxx you both piss me off.

Echo I'll makke you a deal over PMs.

Another thing to add, did anyone else realize how accurate the dart was?

Funny, hhuh?

While traveling 400 feet it lands in the same path as shot.

I can make a video like this saying my NF shoots 400 feet.

Like OMC says you can robably make a 20 foot airtank and have the thing shoot 1000' but it doesn't matter.

If it wasn't windy as stated in the first place the velocity would make the dart very accurate. It wasn't RIGHT where the gun shot either, it was a few feet to the right, but a properly weighted dart and a heavily pumped airtank could create such a result. Why are you being such an ass about it, after he posted a video about it to prove himself.

If he edited it who the fuck cares. Just ignore it, but don't be an immature asscactus about it and start posting up a storm about how he's a liar and other crap because you made him a bet and he puts out "proof" that he wins. Hell, take it to PM's if you must, but posting such comments makes you look like an immature child that doesn't know when he's lost the fight. If theres one thing I come out of this thread knowing, it's that you made yourself look like a dumbass.

I'm sorry to flame. I rarely do. Hell, I rarely post on this forum, I just needed to let this out; because I seriously need to go take a raincheck after reading a few of these posts.

That is all.


#91027 Looking For A Complete Checklist

Posted by The Large Moose on 01 October 2006 - 10:01 PM in General Nerf

Dang, I have one of those Blue Ball Launcher gun things from Lanard. Two of them actually. I'll try to see if they have a name. I might have the packaging that they came in.

#84395 Halo 3

Posted by The Large Moose on 05 July 2006 - 06:44 PM in Off Topic

when I know that the PS3 is going to be the superior console

Speaking of fanboyism, when did you get into beta testing the PS3?

Oh wait, thats right, you didn't. So there's no way that you will KNOW that the PS3 is superior. It's opinion, but to state that something is clearly better than another, especially when it has not been released to the general public, is idiodic.

In YOUR mind it may be superior, but not to everyones.

because the game designers didnít have the graphical capabilities, and had to focus on ACTUALLY playing the game

Wrong. Technically, at the time, those games had state-of-the-art graphics. Not because they were actually great, but they were games in playable form.. 5 years ago, they didn't have the graphical capabilities as they do today, but at the time, they were state-of-the-art to everyone.

#79229 Nerf Grenade

Posted by The Large Moose on 08 April 2006 - 10:30 PM in Homemades

The reason there is no true fool-proof Nerf grenade is because its incredibly hard, if not impossible.

Nerf utilizes air technology to fire it's projectiles, while real weapons use combustion/explosive means to propel its projectiles.

Real hand grenades use this same process to expel shrapnel everywhere. It would be difficult to do with air as you need a time release function, and other measures that would be difficult to put into a small enough container and still prove effective.

Plus the fact to make it fool proof makes it seem more difficult. Hell, real grenades (not as much now-a-days), aren't fool proof, and may explode prematurely, or not at all.

#79221 Nerf Grenade

Posted by The Large Moose on 08 April 2006 - 10:20 PM in Homemades

Heres the simple alternative to a grenade:

Step 1: Rush your friend and shoot him in the face. Don't be a pansy about it.

There you go!

EDIT: To make my post semi-important; search. There are plenty of Nerf Grenades/Failed Idea posts around here thats bound to give you ideas. Don't always come to the forum asking for others to do it for you. Make sure all your options of doing it yourself are depleted.

#76593 Pain

Posted by The Large Moose on 16 March 2006 - 11:17 PM in General Nerf

My once-a-month browsing of the topics brought me upon this string of comments, which I just HAD to leave my hibernation period to address.

Shwifty, you sir, are a twatcactus.

That is all....


#64804 Youre Computer Specs

Posted by The Large Moose on 02 October 2005 - 02:15 AM in Off Topic

Boltsniper knows the way of teh heat dissipation. B)

P4 3.4ghz OC'ed @ 4.0ghz
LanParty 915x UV Pro
2x 250GB Maxtor 8MB Cache 7200RPM
2x 52x48x52 CD Burner/ 16x DVD Reader
2x 1GB GeiL DDR2 Performance RAM
Thermaltake BigWater Watercooling Kit
Thermaltake Xaser III Super Tower
22" Sony Flat Panel Monitor
Creative Sound Audigy 2 (w/e its called)

Thats what I have for now...soon upgrading to an AMD.

#63450 Simple Lbb Mod

Posted by The Large Moose on 10 September 2005 - 09:52 PM in Modifications

At the top of this page, you will find a "Modifications" link, after clicking it, scroll down till you see NerfHaven's very own LBB mod....

#61001 A Nerf Video Game

Posted by The Large Moose on 02 August 2005 - 10:29 PM in Off Topic

Wow tex, bravo. Never played that before, I either just beat survival mode (been playing for 20+ minutes) or I just spontaneously combusted, because I still had half health :( Anyway, very fun, if you know what weapons the best :ph34r:

#60992 Spoon

Posted by The Large Moose on 02 August 2005 - 09:43 PM in General Nerf


#60567 Good News And Bad News

Posted by The Large Moose on 29 July 2005 - 08:59 PM in General Nerf

Bad news first: I have been all over Florida and still no sign of DTBs or Fireflys.

The very good news (not sure if this has been discovered or not): I went to target, and found 10 packs of double AT2k packs, the norm. But then I stumbled upon the price tag. $4.98!!!!!!! Thats 2 dollars and 49 cents a gun! I think this is Nerf's best value yet. I bought 5 packs. 10 guns for less than 25? Good deal, good deal

#60291 Why Not, Eh?

Posted by The Large Moose on 26 July 2005 - 10:07 PM in Off Topic

Although the time period is unknown, as soon as my computer is finished being built (basically me becoming un-lazy), I will run it as much as I can whenever it doesn't interfere with whatever I am doing.

#60287 Favortie Sm/larami Gun

Posted by The Large Moose on 26 July 2005 - 09:48 PM in General Nerf

I must say the time I had my SM500, and SM5000 both in working condition together, they were a force to be reckoned with. With a primary that in 4 pumps acheived 125' ranges, and a 3 pump secondary that acheived 100', there isn't much better. With the speed that these can be primed and fired, they can almost be considered cocking weapons, as a few quick pumps leads to a bolt of foaming coming your way.

#59132 Uruk-hai Crossbow

Posted by The Large Moose on 12 July 2005 - 11:27 AM in General Nerf

If I remember correctly, doesn't that one suck? The Two Towers Crossbow was differant I thought. Or were you just pointing this out because it had a price change? If so, sorry for the mistake.

#58844 Nerfers Nerfing Disease

Posted by The Large Moose on 07 July 2005 - 07:45 PM in Off Topic

Yeah, I have almost finished completing my computer, it has a P4 3.4, I am still waiting for my RAM (1GB) to come in the mail, and its finished. I will hook it up, and try this out.

#58454 Nf Spring Excahnge?

Posted by The Large Moose on 29 June 2005 - 05:55 PM in Modifications

Monoshots are pretty powerful, tearing darts un-modded. When I had my modded one, it got 60-70ft I think. It's a great little gun. I sold my other one though..

#58258 Base

Posted by The Large Moose on 26 June 2005 - 02:44 PM in General Nerf

Oh, and for those of you talking about Stefans not going through cardboard, it is possible, and was done before the Titan was released. If you properly modded a SM5000, or SM500 for that matter, carboard would be punctured by the dart, but not sail through it like a rail gun.

Unless of course you are using a Nail stefan, which my friends and I did back when started out for range testing purposes only.

#57639 Where To Find Double Shots?

Posted by The Large Moose on 16 June 2005 - 02:45 PM in General Nerf

I have two doubleshots, and roughly 12 shells. They have horrible range with even the best of micro's (red airjets with black tip) getting only 30' some feet.

I am trying to remove the peg's in the shells to use stefans, so I think that will atleast increase range to 40', as the fit will be tighter, and the stefans will be further in the shell, giving a longer amount of time for pressure to build up, since most micro's just fit loosely.

Overall, if you like a gun just to use the clip ejection/loading, then go ahead and buy it, or wait for the rapid fire rifle, but if you are looking a good rifle for decent ranges, look somewhere else.

#57638 My New Nf (mod W/paintjob)

Posted by The Large Moose on 16 June 2005 - 02:18 PM in Modifications

I don't know about you all, but that thing looks alot like a Razor Fin. Without the plunger tube and cocking handle in the NF's handle.

#57399 Sm3k

Posted by The Large Moose on 13 June 2005 - 12:29 AM in Modifications

(who I will not name)

Wouldn't it be best to name the person? That way noone gets ripped off...

Since that trade, I have not seen a post, or comment by him what-so-ever, so I think that was his good bye present, or something. If I see him back here, I will let an administrator know and deal with it.

#57343 Sm3k

Posted by The Large Moose on 12 June 2005 - 02:59 PM in Modifications

Beautiful, I love the SM3k. I had all 3 (blue, green, and yellow) and modified all 3, but they broke years ago due to aging. I traded with a member from this site (who I will not name), and never recieved the SM3k (yellow). I lost a ratchetblast and a mantaray for it...

#57341 Mod For The X-bow

Posted by The Large Moose on 12 June 2005 - 02:52 PM in Modifications

By turrent he meant glue four pieces of PVC onto a center piece that's shorter(for spacing), that way you don't have to actually load the dart, you just take out and rotate.

Yeah, or more, for my Maxshot, thank you Lefty/Uriel, has 6 CPVC barrels, and my Xbow has 4 PVC barrels with petg in the middle of it. I do not mean a SM1500/AT2k turret, but a homemade one. Sorry I didn't specify that in my first post.

#57296 Mod For The X-bow

Posted by The Large Moose on 11 June 2005 - 11:05 PM in Modifications

Or you could make a turret for it, although I do not know the exact address, I am sure you could find a turret walkthrough on a Nerf site. Even without the tutorial, it isn't that hard. I have one for my Maxshot, and one for my X-bow.

#56588 My New Pb Gun.

Posted by The Large Moose on 04 June 2005 - 06:46 PM in Off Topic

For some reason, I never liked the Outkast body style. Don't know why, I just never enjoyed the milling. I like Orracles and Black Magic's better. I myself, own a 2003 Black Magic, that will, soon be electro. It's a great gun, beautiful with its blue/black fade, but I still enjoy it none the less. Oh, and when I playing more competitive, I use the Pump converting kit that I bought last year.

#56381 "the Twins"

Posted by The Large Moose on 02 June 2005 - 03:58 PM in Modifications

So far, the modifications have been completed, now I am on search for 2 more things. I am getting paint, for their paintjobs, and I am going to need 2 LnL holsters. Could you help me out with this, I am not to good at making them, I tried before, but I will pay for 2 that fit a Lnl perfectly. And no, the Twins aren't just the LnL's. This project is for nostalgia purposes mainly, but I hope you will all like it. Once finished, I will contribute to the "Show me what you got" thread.

The second thing I am looking for is brass. I desperately need 9/16's and 17/32's brass sizes. Any amount will do fine, as I have check many of my hardware stores and none have had it in stock, nor had the correct sizes.

Oh, and along with beauty, this mod will include integrations aswell.

#55818 Unmodified Splitfire Troubles

Posted by The Large Moose on 28 May 2005 - 02:08 AM in General Nerf

The second barrel is probably weaker due to a problem with the pressure distribution? Try firing them both at the same time and see if you have this problem. Mine has great accuracy so I don't see why yours wouldn't.

#55013 Family Guy - Season Four

Posted by The Large Moose on 16 May 2005 - 04:40 PM in Off Topic

Nah, MTV is dieing, after 20 years, they will probably have created every type of reality show known to man, and unless they start showing music actually, they will have nothing to show.

On the fact of Family Guy, I think it is one of the funniest shows I seen in my life, and its greatness is only compared with Robot Chicken, because, thats a great show too.

#55012 My Finished Maverick

Posted by The Large Moose on 16 May 2005 - 04:38 PM in Modifications

There is anoter post over at NerfHQ that some says, with replacing a spring, gets 60-70'. I am really not surprised, because I always thought the mav was a powerful little gun, and it just need a new spring.

#54762 Clip For Ruff Stuff Shot Gun

Posted by The Large Moose on 12 May 2005 - 08:59 PM in Modifications

How about we just wait for the Ruff Stuff Rifle? Because its the exact same thing you are talking about. It uses a clip that auto-loads, and ejects the empty shell.

#54430 Need A Good Combo

Posted by The Large Moose on 08 May 2005 - 06:13 PM in General Nerf

yea its the secret shot 1, cept I cant triple mod it since I lost the tubing,,,unless someone can tell me a good substitute?

Like ompa pointed out, you do not need the tubing what so ever, just make three holes symmetrical to each other, glue some barrels on, and mod the dart holder so it can switch to the third barrel, there is a write-up somewhere, but I forget where its at, Nerf-World?

#54384 Quad Barrel Titan W/scout

Posted by The Large Moose on 08 May 2005 - 10:19 AM in Modifications

When you take off the coupler, does it shoot micros well? if so, get your test on and get some ranges if possible, 'cause this looks awsome.

Although your intentions are good, this topic is nearly 9 months old, and has been dead for along time. Please refrain from posting in topics this old unless you have something to really add. Now about the range, I am sure it gets the same as ompa's does, considering it looks like the same modification. Try not to bring back old topics in the future.

#54347 At2k Strange Happenings

Posted by The Large Moose on 07 May 2005 - 07:51 PM in Modifications

If blow down your darts it makes the same affect.

Ok, this I don't understand? How does blowing a dart down the barrel create a smoke/steam effect. Anyway, this is normal, my SM5k did it, and I am sure AT2k's and SM1500's are quite capable too.

#53823 Update On Nf Mod

Posted by The Large Moose on 30 April 2005 - 10:02 AM in Modifications

I am assuming you angled your nitefinder for this? Even so, this is incredibly hard to believe, but a video would be nice, and if it IS what you say, I have 8 nitefinders ready to be modded. :nugget:

#53790 Good News, Bad News

Posted by The Large Moose on 29 April 2005 - 04:09 PM in General Nerf

All I have to say is this:
I need it. Again.

Dude the Maximizer was made by mattel. Check out the review on Nerf center.

If you didn't really catch my drift, as someone else pointed out: Mattel Maximizer, Lanard Maxshot. When is Nerf going to try a lever-cocking Max gun?

Also, if the lever-cocking method is copyrighted by Lanard, then I didn't know.

#53788 Stefan Weighting

Posted by The Large Moose on 29 April 2005 - 04:05 PM in General Nerf

With me, I am not patient, I fire, reload, prime, and fire again, no time to spare inbetween. Looking between darts to find the right stefans takes to long.

Having multiple bags with stefan's of differant weight's and lengths is to cumbersome. I like to be agile.

What would be considered a "universal" stefan weight for most primary/secondary guns used? 1/4 steel shots are for more powerful guns, and copper bb's are considered for less powerful. What could be a more middle man weight, that could fire out of my NF/Maverick/LnL/TT well, but not fishtail from my SM5000/Xbow/BBB/etc.

#53787 Do You Recommend The Maverick?

Posted by The Large Moose on 29 April 2005 - 03:58 PM in General Nerf

Nitefinder is one of the best pistols Nerf has ever made, I cannot stress it more.

sorry talio i must dissagree in my oppinion the splitfire is better than an nf. Mine gets 100 ft roughly.

Ghost, your splitfire does not get 100 ft. It gets about 45-50 ft. Crayola barrels can't go that far.

Please explain to me where he says "crayola barrels". Mine, with 9/16 brass and heavy-weighted stefans gets about 98' with the first shot, and 94' with the second.

And even with crayola barrels, my crayoled SM5000 got 100'.

#53786 Bbb Mod With Pictures

Posted by The Large Moose on 29 April 2005 - 03:54 PM in Modifications

Shove the brass into the orange barrel untill it is jsut infront of the plunger, then hot glue it in. Then fit the 1/2 PVC coupler over that, and the orange barrel, and hotglue that in. Then pick a 1/2 PVC barrel length and stick it over the brass untill it is snug in the coupler. Maker sure the orange barrel is cut down enough so the PVC can fit over the brass and into the coupler.

#53608 Any One Yoyo?

Posted by The Large Moose on 26 April 2005 - 09:57 PM in Off Topic

I used to back in the day, with yomega's and rare crap like that 200$ Bumble Bee one. I used to do a ton of tricks, and won lots of $ with friends from doing it, but all that aside, this is wasted bandwidth. Many off-topic's belong in off-topic, but to ask if people yo-yo? Comeon...thats just asking for a way to post whore.

#53607 Good News, Bad News

Posted by The Large Moose on 26 April 2005 - 09:50 PM in General Nerf

All I have to say is this:
I need it. Again.

#53606 Laser Tek

Posted by The Large Moose on 26 April 2005 - 09:42 PM in General Nerf

TRU usually gets the Bobo foam shooters. Hell, here in Florida, TRU's have Nerf AISLES. Shelves upon shelves upon rows upon stacks of nothing but foam lobbing merchandise! God, I will never forget the first time I went down that aisle.

Where the hell is this? I have scavanged Florida for years looking for nerf guns, and I have never once seen this "aisles upon ailes". I will get the occasional section, but, this is impossible.