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#41987 Semi-auto 2k Prototype-its A Start

Posted by Airsoft999 on 18 November 2004 - 12:01 PM in Modifications

How far does it shoot?

About the same range, 60-75

#50497 News From Hasbro '05 Part 1

Posted by Airsoft999 on 25 March 2005 - 11:52 AM in General Nerf

I'm thinking Airjet Power Plus because it is the only line that really makes sense to be rereleased. PC's and SF's baby!

#51000 News From Hasbro '05 Part 1

Posted by Airsoft999 on 29 March 2005 - 10:53 AM in General Nerf

Just from the looks of the picture, and my rough estimates, the plunger looks to be about the size of a NF plunger, maybe a bit smaller, so I'd gusee about 65 feet flat singled, and 45 feet flat multi-barrelled. Not that good, but I'll use it for the great feel that I see in the pic. Like a Double Shot; it sucks, it looks really hard to mod, but I love it.


I am not anxious to get excited over either of the guns, because of the bust that the Mav was.

First, you don't care about looks? I'd buy a sucky gun if it was cool. Also, the FireFly has the old plunger system, not the one the Maverick had, so you can expect better performance, i think, because the old plunger system allowed a larger plunger tube per unit space.

#50443 News From Hasbro '05 Part 1

Posted by Airsoft999 on 24 March 2005 - 04:58 PM in General Nerf

First off, the Firefly is just flat out cool. I have a feeling it's going to be a gun thats single barreled because the turret is being held in so it blocks the bottom barrels kinda like the maverick, so you're not going to be able to do much with barrel replacements. Hersh really liked that idea, and being that he's smaller in stature, it fit him better then the crossbow. I'd make a bet that single barreled it will shoot better then the Nitefinder.

When you say it shoots better than a NithFinder, I hope it shoots a LOT better than a NiteFinder. I gun as kewl as you describe it should be rather strong. I wonder how big the plunger tube is?

#50381 News From Hasbro '05 Part 1

Posted by Airsoft999 on 23 March 2005 - 05:05 PM in General Nerf

Hmm... so the rerelease is going to be sweet, eh? Well, there will be no BBB, A-Storm, or any other arrow-shooting gun rerelease, for they lost the patent. So my best guesses are:

SuperMaxx 1500
Super Maxx 750
SuperTech Rerelease- I hope
SuperMaxx 5000

#29146 More Love From Hasrbo

Posted by Airsoft999 on 22 June 2004 - 12:36 PM in General Nerf

HMM, My B-Day is coming in fall, which I believe is when these guns are coming out.

MAYBE, instead of having a family party, I'll have a large huge party, inviting everyone I know, and tell them to buy me a NERF Gun- hopefully this will be the only one out. :w00t: NEWay, I'll be looking to mod these guns, and to me the scout looks like it could be modded to work like a Lnl somehow- both guns cock in the top B4 modding. Thanks Talio :D

Then again, my parents probably won't let me have such a big party ^_^
Overprotective parents - dunno why they even let me NERF

NSF- I hope that isn't a walkie talkie. It's also highly unlikely. NE1 remember the COMMLINK 2? C'Mon. If you are playing 1 on 1... "Roger that! I'm coming to shoot you from behind. Over." LOL

#51130 News From Hasbro '05 Part 1

Posted by Airsoft999 on 30 March 2005 - 12:14 PM in General Nerf

But it won't be cool. I'll probably single-barrel the gun, then add a M4 grip to the barrel extension for a foregrip.

#51014 News From Hasbro '05 Part 1

Posted by Airsoft999 on 29 March 2005 - 01:07 PM in General Nerf

I just feel it may be hard to hold, with no foregrip and all.

#29168 More Love From Hasrbo

Posted by Airsoft999 on 22 June 2004 - 03:50 PM in General Nerf

I like the Titan for some reason. It may replace the SM5K as a loser for me if it pumps rather easier than it sounds. Maybe Not. However, it looks to be able to shoot micro stefans easily, because many guns that shoot the arrows can easily be modded to shoot micros- XBow, T-3, SM5K. It could be a really strong gun, capable of shooting over 100 Feet from a flat angle modded, but it might not be worth the trouble pumping.

#59959 Firefly Out Online

Posted by Airsoft999 on 23 July 2005 - 10:13 AM in General Nerf

Weird that's the wrong paintjob...

#41229 N-strike Maverick

Posted by Airsoft999 on 09 November 2004 - 05:00 PM in General Nerf

Oh, is that what you meant when you said the barrel was "off center"? If that's the case, I suspect that it should be able to go completely in- there isn't a barrel by the plunger- so it probably does come out! Ahh- there are 6 barrels, and it probably is removeable!

#41219 N-strike Maverick

Posted by Airsoft999 on 09 November 2004 - 04:31 PM in General Nerf

It's like a pimped out Tek Six. I love it. It looks just like the scout. As CX mentioned, do the 8 barrels swing out, or can they be manually rotated? And now that your here, I'll beg about how we'd love for you to put in a strong spring, and large plunger tube :)

#41225 N-strike Maverick

Posted by Airsoft999 on 09 November 2004 - 04:44 PM in General Nerf

8 barrels

Six, I believe.

Oh. I think it's eight, because the side view shows 3 on the side, but there is still a barrel ready for firing, on below that, and 3 on the other side.

#41594 N-strike Maverick

Posted by Airsoft999 on 13 November 2004 - 07:10 PM in General Nerf

One of our primary regulations deals with the kinetic energy density of a projectile that is fired using stored energy (like that of a spring or air). The kinetic energy density is equal to:

KED=(0.5 m v^2)/A

where m is the mass of the projectile, v is the initial velocity and A is the impact area of the projectile. We have to assure that all of our blasters meet a certain value or less for KED.

We can shoot the Titan missle so much further than regular darts because the impact area (ie the dart tip) is so much greater.

Hmm...although since i heard Hasbro lost the patent for arrows, is there any plans for new ammunition? Perhaps a 1"/1.5" OD projectile, like a super-dart with a massive suction tip? And is the Nerf Team focused on target shooting projects? (The N-Strike was cool with the TV thing, the Tech Targets had a nice gimmick...) I think a Night Strike line would be cool, with lit-up Targets and "Laser" sights (like the nightfinder and eagle eye) would be very cool. Because, don't the gimmicks sell the toys?

Or better yet, rereleasing the Supertech 9000 along with the night strike line. That would be fuggin shweet.

#56172 Show Me What You're Working With

Posted by Airsoft999 on 31 May 2005 - 07:12 PM in General Nerf

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
I got a little sloppy on the paintjob near the end, touching it up this weekend.

#56284 Show Me What You're Working With

Posted by Airsoft999 on 01 June 2005 - 03:39 PM in General Nerf

The X-Bow should look a little cleaner once I get that splotch of blue paint off of the side. The stefans are made from stock foam- my cousin had a bunch of stock darts that didn't have a suction on them, so I made them stefanish. I put a straw in if for reinforcement, then put a weight in it, and topped it off with some glitter glue found at Michael's. The plain glue didn't look as good with the orange foam. They performed a bit better than my normal stafans, since I established a similar fit, but the foam is (in my opinion) a little higher quality, and the hole allows for a larger surface area thus resulting in more power.

#56419 Show Me What You're Working With

Posted by Airsoft999 on 02 June 2005 - 08:51 PM in General Nerf

Heh, thanks.

#56192 Show Me What You're Working With

Posted by Airsoft999 on 31 May 2005 - 08:55 PM in General Nerf

Umm... so the chain fed NF just has some barrels duct taped together for breech loading?

#31913 Who Would Buy Colored Backer Rod?

Posted by Airsoft999 on 21 July 2004 - 10:27 AM in General Nerf

heh I wonder who said no!

*cough* Ahem... Yeah! the red FBR would be sweet! *cough*

#41425 X-bows

Posted by Airsoft999 on 11 November 2004 - 10:58 AM in General Nerf

Micro Stefans. Own.
I've heard that trimmed and weighted stock micros also work great.

#41419 X-bows

Posted by Airsoft999 on 11 November 2004 - 09:47 AM in General Nerf

If you keep the barrel on, you'll need a ramrod to shove the dart all the way down. This actually INCREASES the reload time. And it won't fall out if you shove the barrel in the coupler.

#41423 X-bows

Posted by Airsoft999 on 11 November 2004 - 10:18 AM in General Nerf

First, what ammo are you using?
If stock micros or mega stefans, use Rag's mod.
If you are using micro stefans, use Ray's mod.

#41051 X-bows

Posted by Airsoft999 on 07 November 2004 - 01:30 PM in General Nerf

I just found 8 more- in addition to the three I first found at a toy liquidator- I'd sell some of them- glad to help out the NIC.

100 dollars ;) . Just kidding- make me an offer.

No wonder X-Bows were so rare... :lol:

#41179 X-bows

Posted by Airsoft999 on 08 November 2004 - 09:15 PM in General Nerf

Well I'm in NY, and any toy liquidator within a 45 mile diameter of Buffalo has been robbed of any X-Bows. I have 31 now, and they might be up for sale. If not, They'll be up on eBay- maybe like 20 of them for an affordable price. Prolly 35-45 including ship. However, CX has first dibs on like 4 of these, if I sell them.

#52889 Good News, Bad News

Posted by Airsoft999 on 19 April 2005 - 05:26 PM in General Nerf

I swear I'll clean my local store completely of BBB's.

#52965 Good News, Bad News

Posted by Airsoft999 on 20 April 2005 - 12:13 PM in General Nerf

AT3k's still being sold, buddy. I'm not sure that Hasbro would make a re-release of it. They don't really have anything to improve on it either (I would like it to fit my hands better though.) If they did, it could be nice, but I don't see that for a while.


Rereleases don't improve performance- just a new paint job sometimes. Also, Captain knows that the AT3K was rereleased- he means there will be other big rereleases, too.

#59671 Dart Tag Blasters

Posted by Airsoft999 on 19 July 2005 - 02:11 PM in Modifications

It attaches to the bottom of the titan.

No. It's physically impossible.

#35812 Nh Fantasy Football League

Posted by Airsoft999 on 29 August 2004 - 07:38 PM in Off Topic

Right on badabing! J E T S JETS JETS JETS!!

aaarrrrggghhhh... oh well... I hate you.

Let's go Buffalo, let's go buffalo, let's go buffalo, [loses enthusiasm]...

We really should have gone to indy. Niney- I' don't care that you like the colts... Favre is still a great QB.

#35756 Nh Fantasy Football League

Posted by Airsoft999 on 29 August 2004 - 03:10 PM in Off Topic

Edgarren james isn't gonna do shit this year.

How would you know, you can't even spell his name. And Niney: WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU COMPLANING OVER FAVRE?

P.S. If you got J.P. Losman or Lawyer Milloy your fucked. THey both need surgery. If only I wasn't a Bills fan... "no dad, not Indy, I want to go to Buffalo" ^_^

CRAP CRAP. Sorry CX, I thought I was editing, not posting a new reply. Sorry again.

#59381 Soundtrack Suggestions Needed

Posted by Airsoft999 on 15 July 2005 - 10:44 AM in Nerf Wars

Rolling stones: Paint it black.

Already used it. I think it was the Gob version, though.

THe Halo 2 Mjolnir mix is pretty sweet. And Halfie: Carousel is Da Bomb with the two minute intro.

#51473 Favorite Band

Posted by Airsoft999 on 03 April 2005 - 01:36 PM in Off Topic

Blink 182. Go ahead, laugh and say how my music taste sucks. I like their music, and Travis Barker rocks your face off. Besides, music debates are worthless, because in the end, everyone's music taste sucks.

"Dammit", "Carousel", "Dick Lips", and "Stay Together for the Kids" are my personal favorites.

#36119 Apologies...

Posted by Airsoft999 on 01 September 2004 - 04:07 PM in Off Topic

I was actually watching a game in Moskow, and I don't have a picture in the ice rink, but I have a picture of me in St. Petersburg. I'll fetch it ASAP.

#36335 Apologies...

Posted by Airsoft999 on 03 September 2004 - 05:37 PM in Off Topic

Okay, I'm sorry for lying. I just really wanted a BF. And I thought it would be funny. I guess I deserve about a fuckloak of flames and yelling, and I will then try to get baco to being a productive member. :cry:

#36339 Apologies...

Posted by Airsoft999 on 03 September 2004 - 05:52 PM in Off Topic

Thank you. I will try harder, promise.

#36111 Apologies...

Posted by Airsoft999 on 01 September 2004 - 03:37 PM in Off Topic

80+ posts? Then yes. I enjoy nerfing, but I do not have time to post 80 times in two weeks. I think I had 27 posts one month after I activated... and Ompa has over 600 and he joined this year... no offense or anything, I mean, you're a great nerfer. Look. Come September 18th (nephew's birthday :angry: ) And I'll have no more than 15-20 added posts.

#36090 Apologies...

Posted by Airsoft999 on 01 September 2004 - 01:47 PM in Off Topic

My apologies are to the following...

jpshyboy9 or joshyboy9...

I have been in Beijing lately (Past 2-3 weeks) and have had limited internet access... I was only online total for about 1 hour in that month. My only post was in MY blastfire topic. However, my 13 year old nephew was visiting my house, and was allowed onto the internet. He saw NERFHAVEN bookmarked, and went on. However, due to the fact that I am a lazy ass, I had my password saved, and he hacked on. Coming back, and him leaving, I noticed some of his immature posts, namely in "Funny names" and in jpshyboi9's BF topic. He really had no right in both, and I apologize to both. In addition, jpshyboy9, he had no right in calling you jpwhatever. I hope this clarify's some of "my" extreme n00bishness, not that it can cover MY actual n00bishness but... :cry:

#36116 Apologies...

Posted by Airsoft999 on 01 September 2004 - 03:55 PM in Off Topic

Want to recant before I delete you?

I'm sorry, but I can't. Truth is, that I haven't posted those. The posts in modifications, though, puzzles me, since my cousin doesn't know how to modify. Therefore, the only person that did it would be my brother... he's 22, and into modding, and recently, he got a Titan. I'm sorry, CX, but I can't. Those posts just weren't mine. Honest.

#36096 Apologies...

Posted by Airsoft999 on 01 September 2004 - 02:09 PM in Off Topic

You can ask N-SQUAD. I told him earlier when I was hoping to get his MaxShot that I would be in Beijing... and Moscow... and Paris...

#36404 Toning Down The Titan

Posted by Airsoft999 on 04 September 2004 - 03:39 PM in Modifications

Warghost, as ompa said, do you want to seriously hurt someone? Say you shoot your friend, and he is bleeding, screaming in pain. So later he steals the Titan and pegs you back.

And don't triple post in your BBB Topic. It doesn't need to be in the recent 15 or 20 or whatever amount it is. It works, and you can end it there.

Ompa: I almost didn't catch your sarcasm ^_^ . That was sarcasm right...

#35872 Toning Down The Titan

Posted by Airsoft999 on 30 August 2004 - 01:44 PM in Modifications

Just pump less and shoot more. Leave ur options open for when you really wanna nail a guy. Unless the problem is that it's so powerful that the darts go funny.

As been said before by THE ompa... I worship you... people lose track. Accidents happen.

If the darts fishtail in your second question, use a heavier weight. I used 7/0 steel shots, and can get 200'