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#122355 Midnight Zombie Outbreak Survival Game.

Posted by vennroe on 07 September 2007 - 06:24 PM in Nerf Wars

answers to questions:

- Zombies are timed for three minutes generally by the zombies themselves, using their cell phones, the zombies are generally pretty honest and there have never been complaints

-We get away with this because the park isn't monitored, there is only one road entrance and there's a gate in the way (that we go under) There are houses on the boarders of the park but I guess we're not too loud, though a lot of times it seems like we are. In all six games we have never had trouble with the police at all. The game sounds a lot more sketchy then it really is, there's never any trouble.

- humans are turned into zombies when tagged by a zombie yes

-Humans generally can't, makes the game more fun and intense, and usually if the moons out its already pretty light out.

I do like the idea of a VIP escape sort of game, I honestly will take this into consideration.

Any ideas on how this game could be improved?

#122218 Midnight Zombie Outbreak Survival Game.

Posted by vennroe on 06 September 2007 - 10:13 AM in Nerf Wars

I think you could set up a game anywhere where Nerf guns are available and you find a good place to play it, when I made the game it was just an idea in my head as something I would have fun doing, so I made it so I could play it and now its working very nicely. Also it is a bit of an honor system, there have been relatively little cases of cheating, a lot of it is sort of close combat so its obvious when someone is shot, but for the most part its okay. (generally the problem is when someone attacks a human and they shoot their gun both at the same time)

#122206 Midnight Zombie Outbreak Survival Game.

Posted by vennroe on 06 September 2007 - 12:22 AM in Nerf Wars

Hey, my name's rob

I registered on this board because I have started a little following that revolves somewhat around Nerf but with a zombie twist, and I wanted to share the idea with you guys and see what you thought of it, and how I could make it better. We've already tested six games and have generated a great following, but tell me how you feel about it all, this is what we do.

We all meet in a parking lot that's close to a public park (not too big) , and wait until midnight.
20% of the people who sign up are zombies, and in the darkness of the park, have to sneak in the night and two hand touch a human to turn them into a zombie, using diversions, cover, knowledge of the land...etc.

Humans use Nerf weaponry (the kids are intense though so you'll see a lot of binoculars and backpacks full of water and food) and have to work in squads, never camping, and have to live for two and a half hours. Humans can shoot a zombie and that zombie is "dead" for three minutes. Humans can't camp, and can't be in massive squads. The point is to move stealth fully, conserve ammo, and survive until the end.

At the beginning of the game zombies get a 15 minute head start (usually good for a nice beginning ambush) And as the humans come into the park, we turn off the lights on the American flag, signifying America has gone into darkness and the game has begun.
The game lasts for 2.5 hours (any longer and people are just too tired, its a lot of work) and to escape, the remaining humans have to get under a small gazebo that is heavily fortified with zombies, with this gazebo being the "helicopter extraction point". 15 minutes prior to the end of the game, the lights of the American flag are turned back on, showing to everyone in the park that the humans can now escape.

The game has developed into a really fun, serious, game. Kids form squads with names, create meet points, bring equipment (two kids actually brought real full body Russian military suits) and form various strategies and formations. Overall the game has been a great success and we usually have about 40 kids playing, though we're starting to advertise at college's and expect to really expand our group. Generally we play under a new moon phase cycle to make it nice and dark and overall more fun.

(6,000 kids played a game like this over the course of a week nonstop on college campuses at Kalamazoo college and western in Michigan)

Sound like something you'd want to do? Kids were filming it to promote the next game so I might have youtube footage up soon.

I'm from Grand Rapids, Michigan by the way, contact me (vennroe@aim.com) if you're interested in possibly attending.