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#28731 New Guns At Toys-r-us Anybody Modded Them Yet?

Posted by reversedracula on 17 June 2004 - 12:49 PM in Modifications

My friend has the big foam missile launcher, whichever one that is. It's pretty sweet just to carry and make some noise with for a fear factor. We were recruiting at accepted students day at my college for our Nerf games, amongst other things, and I must say that that thing made quite an impression on folks just by holding it. As for its actual use, it's almost like having someone slowly throw a foam football at you. It gets about fifty feet but lacks accuracy. Still, it looks and sounds and feels like a demon.

#28585 Tek Six - Any Ideas From The Mod Geniuses?

Posted by reversedracula on 15 June 2004 - 08:42 PM in Modifications

He's not the only one to have a tek ten rotting in the closet. My hexagonal barrel one that I've removed the barrel shafts from and tried to mess with is also sitting in my closet. We're all counting on you! If it doesn't happen, I'll try some crude mod with crayolas and goop for stock ammo or something along those lines by the end of the summer. Whatever you do, you can't get anything with a frictional barrel to fire from that gun. Indeed, the slight friction from the STOCK HEXAGONAL BARRELS is enough to make the gun screw up. Long story short, I'm still griping about how those barrels such and how much better the round-barreled tex ten is.

#28535 My Idea

Posted by reversedracula on 14 June 2004 - 10:55 PM in Homemades

Doesn't sound like the friction is worth it. Also, I tried something like this once. The biggest problem was that the dart wouldn't go into the barrel properly as it was a tight fit. It would be slightly off and just crumple.

#28497 Expanded Airtank Sm5k

Posted by reversedracula on 14 June 2004 - 05:02 PM in Modifications

WTB: monkeys. NIB not necessary. Preferably unmodded but will accept damn dirty apes. PM me to make an offer.

#28437 Dealing With The Police

Posted by reversedracula on 13 June 2004 - 09:57 PM in General Nerf

My appologies. I did a basic search here and on google. Ah well. Yes, that's my school. Formerly Sane, check your PMs.

#28416 Dealing With The Police

Posted by reversedracula on 13 June 2004 - 02:26 PM in General Nerf

Edit: There appears to be a problem with this link, even before it started getting mass-clicking... worked for me earlier, hopefully it'll work again soon.

I found this article scouring the 'net today actually for more info on the comlink because I'm thinking about buying the trio from ItalianStallion. Hasbro's site was down that usually has those cool directions/old manuals for many guns, etc. I found this, and I was wondering about others' dealings with the police. On my campus, the police are usually cool with us as long as we stay indoors at night, with 30-40 players all drawing guns, I can understand that. Ergo, we never brandish outdoors and always have police contact for designated time and academic building we're going to play in, etc. It wasn't always like that. They only recently worried we were going to go outside. Anyway, the administration gave us the go ahead to keep playing because it's 30-40 less people, almost 1% of campus that isn't binge-drinking every Saturday night for six hours. I still haven't finished this article, but I thought it would be cool to discuss it and our own run-ins with Johnny law. Do you cozen him? Run? Does he confiscate your firearms? Is he cool with you? Are you cool with him? I want to get some perspectives and discuss this interesting article above. On a personal note, before we cleared ourselves with campus police and the administration, they did threaten to confiscate our "facsimile firearms" because they are contraband and not supposed to be possessed on campus. I.e. if an officer saw someone brandishing such a thing in the dark it endangers both parties, etc. I'll post more in response to you folks and as I complete the article.

Edit: This appears to be the site of the people who run this thing.

#28410 Tek Six - Any Ideas From The Mod Geniuses?

Posted by reversedracula on 13 June 2004 - 12:04 PM in Modifications

Once I get more crayolas and pick up a strong spring for the tek ten with those hexagonal barrels you folks always hear me complaining about, I'll post about if I get it to work. I tried some sanded down PVC barrels so they'd be small enough to fit nicely, but there wasn't enough force behind the dart to get it to leave the barrel... so we'll see what crayolas and a new spring do for my stock micros. The gun's pretty good for indoor stuff if you do manage to get one with circular barrels though. (I'm just randomly saying this again essentially to make sure no one else suffers split microdarts from the bad version tek ten.) :(

#28383 Automatic Brainstorming Thread

Posted by reversedracula on 12 June 2004 - 10:17 PM in Homemades

Anything with an autorotator that's airpowered... you could rip off the way the rapid 20 or the powerclip work. They seem to work pretty well. Semiautomatics are better though.

#28322 Defective Guns New In Box

Posted by reversedracula on 11 June 2004 - 08:10 PM in General Nerf

Crayola modded, it gets 3-4 feet short of the distance of my AT3k using stock micros with crayola barrels. It's got an awkwardly small pump, but is otherwise a great gun. If I hadn't been able to fix it the way I did, it still would've been okay with a manual rotation I guess. AT3k is slightly superior save for the ammo count. Since we do indoor games with many people, I favor things with a high ROF and accuracy over distance. I.e. I use blastfire, arrowstorm, triple barrel modded secret shot, maybe even a rapid 20 before I use my PVC single barrel chainblazer, etc. etc. I'm looking forward to using the AT4k and AT3k into my regular lineup of medium to large powerhouse this Fall at school. It seems really good to be but so do all my guns when I first get them. Eh, in summation, yeah, it's a good gun. If you have more specific questions, I'll gladly answer them.

#28281 Party Affiliation

Posted by reversedracula on 11 June 2004 - 12:48 AM in Off Topic

If we have comments from PROFESSOR Evil... he probably earned his doctorate somewhere... could it be that we're dealing with!?!? ::puts pinky wryly to his lip:: DR. EVIL?

#28280 Fav. Gun Attribute

Posted by reversedracula on 11 June 2004 - 12:43 AM in General Nerf

Formerly Sane, if you've found a blastfire DX500 that outshoots a powerclip DX1000 with regard to distance, I will be shocked and awed. :)

#28278 For All You Late Night People

Posted by reversedracula on 11 June 2004 - 12:40 AM in Off Topic

Tired or laid Vintage, tired or laid.

#28273 Defective Guns New In Box

Posted by reversedracula on 11 June 2004 - 12:18 AM in General Nerf

It wasn't your fault. I fixed it up really good anyway so it'll never break. No hard feelings. Sorry your auction wasn't more competitive, it's a good gun! :)

(Edit: If we get a few more good complaints, we should submit this thing to Hasbro. Only stock complaints, keep in mind.)

#28237 Tek Six - Any Ideas From The Mod Geniuses?

Posted by reversedracula on 10 June 2004 - 05:50 PM in Modifications

The tek six suffers from a very weak spring. Its barrels are also too short to fire even standard micros. If you want a good Buzz Bee toy, get the Tek Ten. The range isn't much farther, but for almost as fast as a blastfire's semi-auto flurry, when you wield the Tek Ten (make sure you get the kind with round barrels) in an indoor war, you have spring-loaded fast recocking goodness to tear up your surroundings. I had a hexagonal Tek Ten and tried to single-barrel mod it. It's no chainblazer. You don't get shit for distance out of it as the spring isn't strong enough to force much energy to overcome barrel friction for the dart. If you're looking for a fast action repeating gun, I recommend doing some barrel mods on an AT3k, AT4k, or SM3k auto-rotator. If you need to fire quickly, on one pump you can get Tek gun distance on most crayola/piping mods on multi-barrel auto-rotators. Thus spake Reverse Dracula.

#28214 Defective Guns New In Box

Posted by reversedracula on 10 June 2004 - 03:09 PM in General Nerf

1/2 Nerfer, are you sure that's why? I think it might be that the rotator is loose. I can talk you through a fix up if you want. I just spent days working on mine, and when my broke, the barrel just kept advancing on each pump too. I don't think that's why the barrel was advancing. I'm ready and willing to help you if you still have the gun. There's a little gray thing that looks like a shark fin as part of the rotator and it has to be in a very specific place for the gun to rotate properly, otherwise it rotates every time the pump handle catches the rotator. I'll gladly help if you still have the gun!

#28200 Defective Guns New In Box

Posted by reversedracula on 10 June 2004 - 12:25 PM in General Nerf

(Skip this first paragraph to get to the topic, it's just my personal griping and preamble.) I haven't gotten work done of any kind in the past few days because the broken AT4k rotator mechanism was haunting me. The only gun I've ever lost to modding was a switch shot max when I tried to hook up the water pressure barrel to the actual air pressure chamber for the dart. It doesn't haunt me that much; was like 2 bucks... but I spent 15 good dollars on the AT4k. I finally put a nail where the plastic rod on the rotator snapped off. But it's very particular size and leway-wise. So I had to widen all the parts on the rotator slightly. Then this part kept popping off that's usually screwed in (but couldn't be now because of the nail), so I had to goop it down... ugh. After like 10 hours of working on it and trying various approaches, I got the damn thing working like new. If anyone has any questions about AT4k internals, I think I've pretty much got it mastered. Hopefully I won't go through the same thing with my SM3k or my AT3k. If I do, I'll be able to talk you through fixing those rotators too... hopefully I'll never need to do that though for any of us. Ugh.

The AT4k was the second gun I got stock that broke immediately upon use. My Powerclip NIB came with the little purple thing where you pull the trigger back unglued. Had to goop that crap too. And it's missing one of its clip advance track things too. Anyone else have any problems with a gun new in box? Anything died as soon as you got it? Let's hear about everyone's "problem children." We should be the ones destroying our guns with modding, not Hasbro when they sell them to us, damnit.

#28199 For All You Late Night People

Posted by reversedracula on 10 June 2004 - 12:19 PM in Off Topic

I stay up late from August to May because I'm at college. And at college, everyone stays up until 1 on the early end and 3AM on the later end. I fall onto the latter end. Last summer it's true I worked an 8-5 job, and the summer before an 8AM-1PM job. And I was usually in bed before 1AM in high school. This summer I'm taking the time to read as much as I can to work on my senior honors thesis/grad work that's coming up. Double majoring is fun. ;)

#28162 Free Gmail Account

Posted by reversedracula on 09 June 2004 - 09:56 PM in Off Topic

I don't even have anywhere to host images. Have pity on me.

#27988 At3k Vs At4k

Posted by reversedracula on 07 June 2004 - 10:52 PM in Modifications

So the AT4k finally came today. I sawed off the barrels and noticed some looked wider than others. There were parts of the original air restrictors fused to the barrels because of the saw in most of the barrels... a dremel, a thin wedge and hammer and pliers later (the dremel would flatten out what was left of the air restrictor bottom so it could be pulled out), all the barrels were nicely wide enough for crayolas to slide evenly (we all use stock ammo at my indoor games at school). Compared to the AT3k, it's about the same in range. To answer my own original question, the AT4k air restrictors are even more difficult to break out than those of the AT3k. The pump handle is so small that right out of the package I cut my finger just innocently pumping the gun, so there's an advantage for the AT3k. I took a turn signaler I sledgehammered out of a car and ducttaped that sucker on for better pumping. The crayolas work nice and the range is comparable to the AT3k. The drawback apart from size is that damned handle. Additionally, after putting the gun back together, I had some trouble getting the rotator to work. it seemed that little round thing on the airtank release rod that preps the rotator to get ready for a second, third, etc. shot wasn't as far back as it should've been, i.e. the trigger rod was slightly loose. Duct tape near the airtank stopped it from sliding forward and backward. That wasn't the end of my rotator trouble though. After playing with the inernals for a long time, I couldn't figure out what the other problem was. Basically, half the time the gun would pump fine, the other half it would keep rotating an additional barrel for each additional pump, but not even consistently. I went to that spring that wraps around the rotator near the plastic bit that moves up and down (if you've never been inside an AT4k, you have no idea what I'm talking about) and pulled it out of it's secure hole on the far side; assuming the rotator was somehow stronger than it needed to be. I was correct and the twelve shot crayola mod is firing nicely. While it's nice to have the extra six shots, my finger is still afraid of being bitten by the pump handle again. Either way, these crayola mods aren't getting the range of the blue SM3k copper mod I did. The AT3k and AT4k, at least in my cases, don't support metal mods due to the limits of rotator strength. So much easier with the SM3k. I didn't even have to open the gun, just pop off the cap, pull out the oversized barrels, duct tape the copper, shove it in, voila. Even took some 3D glasses, cut off the blue side and put that on a flashlight I shoved where the cap used to be.

Conclusion: SM3k still my favored for insane distance, easy mod and minimal pumping, but the higher ammo for a minimal range sacrifice for the AT4k and the same range of the AT4k for the wonderful feel and size of the AT3k make variety my friend.

#27888 At3k Vs At4k

Posted by reversedracula on 06 June 2004 - 07:00 PM in Modifications

My copper modded SM3k is outshooting my crayola AT3k constantly. I'd say SM3k ranges are somewhere between 70 and 100. I don't measure often, but Tinkerer's estimates don't seem so bad. I use stock micros. The biggest problem is that if I pump the SM3k more than once, there's so much power that the accuracy goes out the window and the dart might go awry, at least with my stock ammo. Anyway, the copper seems to make the AT3k too heavy to rotate properly, but it'd probably be about the same as the SM3k in terms of distance if I could get the copper to work properly on it, or so I assume. I haven't looked at the SM3k airtank but I suppose they're about the same size.

#27834 At3k Vs At4k

Posted by reversedracula on 06 June 2004 - 01:20 AM in Modifications

Thanks guys. I would like to point out that we all rock with our immediate and cogent replies to threads. I'll let you know how things work out once I pick up some PETG and the AT4k arrives. :lol:

#27832 At3k Vs At4k

Posted by reversedracula on 06 June 2004 - 01:16 AM in Modifications

I have a powerclip, rapid 20, etc. I was under the impression that the AT3k had the same function as the SM3k or AT3k or AT2k, meaning that you pump, rotate, fire, repeat. Are you trying to imply it's an automatic weapon when you speak of air loss?

#27829 At3k Vs At4k

Posted by reversedracula on 06 June 2004 - 01:06 AM in Modifications

I've noticed cxwq and others thoroughly enjoy the AT3k... to have so many back-ups and such. I have an AT3k and still need to get some PETG for the barrels. Otherwise, it's in great shape. However, compared to my experience in in modding the AT2k, the barrels came off with much greater ease on the AT2k. In fact, I could slide them out, take out the air-restrictors and replace the stock barrels without the restrictor without side effects. I have an AT4k on the way in the mail, and so here you're to the point where all of this rambling is going. My question is, does anyone know how easily the AT4k barrels come off? Can I expect to fight it every step of the way like the AT3k where you almost have to use a saw perforce, or can one just slide them out the way one can the SM3k or AT2k barrels and just slide them back in? In a related question, why do you laud the AT3k so much, cxwq as to have so many back ups? Or anyone else who knows of any distinctions? What are the drawbacks to the doubled ammo count of the AT4k? Thanks.

#27744 Party Affiliation

Posted by reversedracula on 04 June 2004 - 06:55 PM in Off Topic

I didn't realize that the UN was a religion, Vintage. <_< All hail Kofi Annan, and his godly grand indiference to genocide. It looks like Rwanda Part 2: Electric Boogaloo in the Sudan right now. Perhaps if Annan weren't dependent on the voting support of dictators to maintain his cushy job. Of course, there's only so much one person can be expected to do... unless of course he is a deity! Still, the UN is far to passive and weak-willed. Its security forces are a joke. People complain about America's lack of intervention in instances like this Sudanese problem, but then complain just as much when American body bags start coming home on their flag-draped biers. But for all the overwhelming aid America offers, and for all far-right factions complain, it's really not that much of our budget. Still, more than others sacrifice. Anyway, point is, I'm tired of the UN being the joke that it is. Either we change the UN to strengthen it in a positive way, or we ignore it.

#27710 Combining Nf With Secret Strike

Posted by reversedracula on 04 June 2004 - 10:26 AM in Modifications

I did a much cruder version of this for my single-shot PVC modded chainblazer... I just took the area where the rotator used to be, glued in part of a pic pen, clipped the secret strikes on by their keychains, and ducttaped them on tightly. The thing's got tusks now. It looks like a warthog... or a puma.

#27692 How To Tell The Difference Between Old And New Bf

Posted by reversedracula on 04 June 2004 - 01:34 AM in General Nerf

I believe the newer version came in a full box and the older version came in a partial box. Also, I think the newer version has a string in the green thing you cock back to set it to the first barrel in the order of five that pulls it back forward, allowing you to fire straight up, etc. This is all guessing on my part though, as I only have the old kind used so thus didn't see the box, and also haven't opened up anyone else's blastfires. Back me up or refute me, folks.

(I've altered this slightly so it fits with what other people say as they jog my Blastfire memory, if my memory agrees with what is said.)

#27568 Differences Between Sm3ks

Posted by reversedracula on 02 June 2004 - 06:59 PM in General Nerf

What's the difference between the yellow SuperMaxx 3000, the Green SM3k and the Blue SM3k? I know the yellow fires laramis (I think, anyway) otherwise, what differences are there between the guns? I'm thinking about picking up a yellow or green to mod and want to know any contrasts I might find to my blue. Not sure if this has been talked about before, but I can't find it anywhere...

#27483 Arsenals

Posted by reversedracula on 01 June 2004 - 07:23 PM in General Nerf


1) It won't be "your hall" anymore. You'll be spread out across campus, Mr. elite task force.
2) I didn't realize you had THREE Tornados...
3) Stretch the spring on your PVC Chainblazer and make sure your goop seal is good; take the rubber thing off of the internal housing, dremel out the purple part and connect the PVC to the hole directly at that point. You'll get AT3k, SM3k, or splitfire modded distances with that sucker for stock micros. I tried putting in a second stock Chainblazer spring but I couldn't pull the handle back. Remind me to show you how to effectively hold a Chainblazer with one hand with minumal tension or strain on the fingers as you grip it.
4) I reserve the right to ban said gun and mine if the need arises. That thing outdoes my banded, de-restrictored Nite Finder every time.
5) I'm recruiting you to put up fliers next year and to get your little elite squad to stanrt evangilising our "little" games, as they seem better socially-adapted than some of my crew sometimes can be...
6) Tell me more about this Sharpshooter 2 mod... weird. I've noticed mine's been quirky when I try to stuff it with crayolas for micros. (Same pressure from spring - larger ammo = same power into smaller focus = essentially more power.)

#27420 Tech6 Full Ammo Unload?

Posted by reversedracula on 01 June 2004 - 09:23 AM in Modifications

I picked up my Tek Ten at K-mart. As to replacing the hexagonal barrels, it's a very tight fit and I found the rotator doesn't work when any goop or epoxy has dripped down the sides, and whenever I try to get rid of that I end up severely weakening or breaking the seal. Also, you can't really make a tight fit because there's not much power behind the spring to launch a snug dart. I tried dremeling the barrels to widen them and met with limited success as the darts still snagged against the rough sides. I used copper for the barrel replacements. Once I pick up some PETG, I'll try again, but I'm not too hopeful. Just get the one with the round barrels and avoid the problem.

#27395 Tech6 Full Ammo Unload?

Posted by reversedracula on 31 May 2004 - 08:49 PM in Modifications

The Tek Ten is a larger version and a good deal better. Make sure you get round barrels. There's a kind with round barrels and a kind with hexagonal barrels (dumb idea, doesn't fire well). Anyway, it's a decent spring gun as you can cock it and fire it repeatedly very quickly, albeit at a short range.

#27178 Powerclip Or NO?

Posted by reversedracula on 28 May 2004 - 04:54 PM in General Nerf

The wildfire isn't nearly as good as the powerclip, especially when modded with extra clips. The wildfire is just a weaker version of the rapid 20. Since you can use a powerclip in one hand apart from pumping, you might want to invest in a nite finder with a bit of twine or something along those lines tied through the part you pull back, so you can let the gun dangle there while you pump the powerclip. The powerclip shoots farther and faster than both the rapid 20 and the wildfire. Alternatively for the nite finder, you can make a holster. And don't come down too hard on him. That post was fine. :lol:

Edit: I see what you mean, 1/2, now that I've read the other thread; could be tied in. Maybe I'm just afraid because everyone comes down really hard. You didn't come down too hard on him. I rescind my earlier statement and find your response appropriate.

#27145 Arsenals

Posted by reversedracula on 28 May 2004 - 12:22 AM in General Nerf

Nite Finder x2
Secret Shot x2
Sharpshooter 2
Eagle Eye
Missile Launcher
Ball Launcher
Master Blaster
Lightning Blitz
AT2k x2
SM3k (blue)
Chainblazer x3
Tek Ten
SwitchShot Max
Fast Blast
koosh slingshots (no tornadoes, sadly) other non-name brand stuff including blowguns, conveted water guns, homemades, etc.

#26996 Sm3k Blue Copper Mod.

Posted by reversedracula on 25 May 2004 - 02:27 PM in Modifications

They should be about the same if I ever go through and mess around with an AT3k mod. But the SM3k works fine these past few weeks... we'll see, eh? Hasn't ever skipped or self-destructed... yet. I'll eat my words if it ever starts giving me trouble, but as it is now, no problems. Thanks for confirming that you need to pull fully forward to engage the rotator for the AT3k. I'll alert my 'deer in the headlights look' friend who always has that problem. Higher ammo count is nice, but what my experiments on the SM3k indicate is probably just a lust on my part to find a good AT4k. :rolleyes:

#26981 Sm3k Blue Copper Mod.

Posted by reversedracula on 25 May 2004 - 10:27 AM in Modifications

I've never used an AT4k, the rotator and such might be better, if you meant on that one, not the AT3k. I promised someone numbers with stock micros, and it's about 60'-65' feet, which isn't bad for a minimal mod where you don't have to open the gun, and using an SM3k blue as the base weapon, and for using stock ammo. By contrast, my AT3k gets about 35' feet. Perhaps this is because all I've done is remove the air-restrictors and goop the barrels back on. As for the rotator being better in the AT3k, that's hogwash. On both mine and some friends' AT3ks, the rotator gets stuck sometimes about halfway. I think the problem is that you have to pull the pump all the way forward to secure the rotator's movement, but even still, it doesn't feel as secure as the SM3k's rotation and can even skip out of it. I've a friend who always uses the AT3k and has problems with it only rotating halfway, so his shot either putters out abysmally or doesn't leave the barrel. It should be noted that I could get the SM3k's shots to go further on a level shot. What I mean by this is, the gun was level with the ground, as best I could gauge by looking at the barrel. But it still arced up when it fired out, just the dart itself by a few feet. To correct this and get the gun to fire the dart in a line rather than have a few feet of arc, I had to actually angle slightly downward with the barrel. That's where I got my numbers from. Figure in another 5-10 (70-75 total) feet for the other kind of shot where the barrel is straight, but the dart arcs slightly. All shots fired from a barrel height of 3-4 feet and measurments taken at distance from tip of barrel. All that being said, I'd like to get my hands on an AT4k or an SM3k green to compare some day... I stand by my mediocre numbers (which aren't so bad when you consider the gun I started with) and even more strongly stand by my condemnation of the AT3k's rotator.

#26962 Code Of Conduct

Posted by reversedracula on 24 May 2004 - 10:54 PM in Site Feedback

I've never run into any problems, as I am an English major and grammar jerk. I think Cxwq and I are cool, right? I mean, at least, I know he's cool... I'm just a jerk gloating about how I never ran into any problems with my manner of posting here. To get to the point though, search for the blue ice thread if you don't know about it. Quite amusing.

#26940 Nerf Hurts

Posted by reversedracula on 24 May 2004 - 08:23 PM in General Nerf

I recently saw an old converted supersoaker shoot through a fiberglass ceiling tile. When we get back to campus in August, maybe I'll get a picture up here. That steel story isn't so out though because steel is pretty maleable I suppose, and can greatly vary in the carbon content, which contributes to the hardness... but that plexiglas story sounds insane.

#26937 Sm3k Blue Copper Mod.

Posted by reversedracula on 24 May 2004 - 08:17 PM in Modifications

I don't have much in terms of measuring tape, but I'll test my stock micros tomorrow when it's light out and get an average if I remember. Remember, not all stock micros are the same. Depending how often it's been fired from the barrel before, it may fit better, or depending on if it's red or yellow, etc. etc. The point is, don't take my numbers as gospel for yourself once I get them. I don't have any Stefans right now as I mostly just do indoor gaming at college and the activities adminstrators and some of the game players sort of frown on using Stefans, so I can only do my stock micro testing. Also, I've noticed with the SM3k that on two good pumps, it fills up with air. The same happens with the AT2k. I haven't plugged the overpressure release. Anyone else find this happening? Back me up on this.

#26886 Sm3k Blue Copper Mod.

Posted by reversedracula on 24 May 2004 - 04:52 PM in Modifications

If you do what I did to it, it works pretty well. I'm using 1/2" copper width with barrels cut to 3" each. It's a little front heavy, but the rotator still works fine and if you make a sling with some rope through that part on the top that sticks out, you can alleviate much of the weight-bearing from your arm/arms. Alternatively, you could use 1/2" PVC barrels cut to the same length, but because it's a wider pipe, you'd likely have to goop/epoxy it for a seal rather than just shoving it in with the duct tape.

#26859 What Brand Fbr

Posted by reversedracula on 24 May 2004 - 08:59 AM in General Nerf

I've noticed 1/2" copper barrels get a bit tighter after I do the twisting cut on them. To widen them out again to fit my stock micros what I did was take a pair of pliers and squeeze all around the end of the barrels, widening them ever so slightly. Then, to make it rounder so it wouldn't hurt my darts and rip them as it fired them, I put the entire nose of the pliers into the copper and opened it and twisted it so it was pushing outward where I had just pressed a bunch of dents to widen the sides. It worked with copper, and I suppose it'd work with copper, since brass is two thirds copper anyway. So unless zinc has some weird properties I'm unaware of, give it a try for the brass too.

#26848 Holsters

Posted by reversedracula on 24 May 2004 - 01:44 AM in Homemades

I have a pretty sweet nite finder holster set up but I don't feel like going to measure the dimensions on whim. Basically I just measured the dimensions of the gun and took cardboard from a package that I duct taped up to match those dimensions, then duct taped those two holsters to a belt. PM me if you really want to know more. ducttaped the two suckers to one of those military type belts... they're made out of canvas, is it? I don't remember. Too late here to think, especially after doing a flurry of posts after not posting in a while.