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#1568 Nj May War:

Posted by Mantis on 18 February 2003 - 10:24 PM in Nerf Wars

I dont have much else to do, so I'll field this one.
Middletown, NJ.

#1515 Nj May War:

Posted by Mantis on 18 February 2003 - 12:13 PM in Nerf Wars

Sure dude, come one, come all.
Oh wait, its not at my park.

#1489 Nj May War:

Posted by Mantis on 17 February 2003 - 10:06 PM in Nerf Wars

Hahaha, I had a good chuckle about that famine.
And who is this heef guy?

#1436 Efficiency Equation!

Posted by Mantis on 16 February 2003 - 09:43 PM in General Nerf

Shouldnt you include something for the number of pumps per set?

#1149 Nerf History

Posted by Mantis on 06 February 2003 - 02:16 PM in General Nerf

No Vacc! Dont say things you cant take back!

#1125 Teamwork:

Posted by Mantis on 05 February 2003 - 07:13 PM in General Nerf

Here's my ideas on teamwork.
Teamwork is always used, as Vacc (I think) said, since you are on a team, and you are all working toward a common goal (kill the other guys). Now, the way this gets done is where people have different ideas. As Vacc also said, silence is the best way to coordinate attacks, and as he also said, the people that can pull that off shouldnt be grouped together. I agree, that the people who work best when together shouldnt be on the same team, but if it is a large group of people that work well together, some of them will be on the same side. This is when it gets interesting, because the 2 or 3 guys on the team, especially if there are newbies or if it is a bigass war, like Apoc (or Armaggedon as I can imagine) can instill a sense of comradery amongst the team. The core of the team will, hopefully, expand their tactical skills to the rest of those untrained savages. Then, they will eventually get the hang of the way you and your boys work, and they will in turn step it up.
Which brings me to my next point, Murphy's Law which states: Profesional soldiers are predictable, but the world is full of amatuers. This translates very well into nerf, since there are sometimes newbies and vets on the field at once. You can get used to the way some people operate, but the newbies and the ones who dont group themselves with everyone else are the ones you need to keep an eye on. I love this aspect of the battle. If you leave the group and just go trapsing(I have no idea how to spell that, but its a great word) through the woods, you can do serious damage to the other team. You may not win (which I dont bother worrying about in nerf), but you can take some guys out, because they wont expect you to do that. This is what some people would probably call the lone wolf strategy, which is a good name. You dont need to tell your team where you are going, because you will constantly be moving, depending on the enemy movements. This could very well be the best team strategy. An entire team of lone wolves would be fun to be on, but not to fight against. It would be like the viet-cong, you wouldnt know where they go to regroup, you dont want to chase them for fear of ambushes, and they (the wolves) can play off of each other nicely. I know the LCM used to do this. They set ambushes without knowing it.
And yah know why the lone wolf team would work? Because a team of, but not limited to, 4 people can be bitched around by one guy. I dont understand it, they can all rush and at worst one or two would die. Its just the way things work I suppose.
So yeah, this is probably one of my longest posts ever, so I'm gonna stop now.

#1114 Nerf History

Posted by Mantis on 05 February 2003 - 04:13 PM in General Nerf

So...uhh....are you done talking for a while Gunneddown?

#1103 Nerf History

Posted by Mantis on 04 February 2003 - 02:46 PM in General Nerf

I was wondering this while falling asleep last night...

Who did the first mod? Its kind of a strange idea for somebody to unscrew a plastic gun to see if it can become stronger. I dont actually care who did the first mod, because I doubt anyone knows, or can claim that they are the one. This question is mainly aimed towards VACC, where did you get the idea to do your first mod? Did you think it up yourself, did someone write it up and you found it on the net?

#973 Nj Spring War:

Posted by Mantis on 28 January 2003 - 02:46 PM in Nerf Wars

Jesus, my DSL goes down for one night and look what happens.
Anywho, I wouldnt have a problem with playing at the LGLF place (when the hell did you guys pick up 5 new guys??), as long as we can all get there. The shindig could pull the weeman and one other up, but Evil, it would be better if we can con your mom into driving us, then we could take you and three more up, as opposed to you and one. But yeah, I think Tindall could be cool for a war, but you guys should survery it and stuff, check out which days it has the least amount of people (saturday or sunday), and most of all, train your n00bs.
The idea of using the mini golf place...that doesnt sound to good. Though it would be fun, I dont think it is a good plan, since that stuff could be broken easily, especially with some 20 goons running around shooting each other.
And finally, when is the Pomps gonna be around again? I dont wanna play favorites...but the whole LCM had a crush on him after our first war :D

#919 Nj Spring War:

Posted by Mantis on 26 January 2003 - 05:30 PM in Nerf Wars

Uhhh, Evil, dont go making a fuss out of not making a fuss for the names. All we did was have some fun with it.

And about the gnomefest place, I dont wanna piss on the parade and tell you its raining, but I think it would be hard to get us all there. And besides that, if its at our place, none of us have to move.

#903 Nj Spring War:

Posted by Mantis on 26 January 2003 - 09:45 AM in Nerf Wars

I think between Langley, Famine, and Howard, they undermined the usefulness of a name in this topic alone.

#890 Nj Spring War:

Posted by Mantis on 25 January 2003 - 11:28 PM in Nerf Wars

I second that name

#778 Nj Spring War:

Posted by Mantis on 22 January 2003 - 09:57 AM in Nerf Wars

Well my busy ass golf schedule may take up all my free time I fear. I may be able to squeeze a war in, just for you Evil ;)

#597 Socal War In Feb

Posted by Mantis on 14 January 2003 - 05:49 PM in Nerf Wars

Its times like these that make me add another reason the the "Reasons to Leave NJ" list.
Oh well, the east coast doesnt suck for nerfing really. Know whatd be really cool? If we got an east vs west coast war. Yeah, I know it wont happen, but it would be very cool.

#593 Att: Lcm

Posted by Mantis on 14 January 2003 - 02:44 PM in Nerf Wars

Famine, you need to go back and get your daily dosage of jizz from vacc's penis. Who knows though, maybe you just have a low sperm count and you need to share vacc's as we all know he's been giving it out to the gay community for years.

#549 Ranting Or Just Telling The Truth?

Posted by Mantis on 13 January 2003 - 02:43 PM in Site Feedback

Guys, if you have the chance to make your gun sexy, why not take the opportunity?

#516 Att: Lcm

Posted by Mantis on 11 January 2003 - 12:59 PM in Nerf Wars

Lemme see how good the second one is. I'll bring both on Sunday.
GD- You're coming tomorrow right? If so, bring some cash, and maybe a few extra guns for trading instead.

#463 Http://www.lawnchairmafia.com

Posted by Mantis on 09 January 2003 - 07:45 PM in Nerf Wars

Go over to NHQ where he was an admin. He is one of the webmasters of the LCM site (which is hot), and he has been around far longer than this kid.

#461 Reckoning 2003

Posted by Mantis on 09 January 2003 - 07:37 PM in Nerf Wars

The only sign I've ever seen in nerf was the "no fires" at Mill Creek.

#460 Http://www.lawnchairmafia.com

Posted by Mantis on 09 January 2003 - 07:32 PM in Nerf Wars

And who the hell are you? Howard has been around for quite some time, and he is respected at least. I would love to know who you might be.

#458 Att: Lcm

Posted by Mantis on 09 January 2003 - 07:19 PM in Nerf Wars

Alright, Famine was right when he said we shouldnt bitch at each other. So lets not.
The EaB is moddable, I used it in a few wars not too long ago, it just doesnt suit me anymore. So bring whatever you figure is a fair price or trade for it.

#433 Ranting Or Just Telling The Truth?

Posted by Mantis on 08 January 2003 - 03:17 PM in Site Feedback

I totally agree. The LCM started with myself, the shindidg, and the twins just shooting the hell out of each other in my basement. We didnt have any mods. I might have poked the X out of my 5000 arrow barrel, but thats it. Eventually we started modding guns, got more people, and needed rules, simply because it was chaos with all these people and nobody ever dying. As Vacc points out, ideas are best done out of necessity.
I think wars can still differ from east coast and west coast styles. At large scale wars, those are the only two though. Though if your clan is having a small 6 man war, you might as well make up some cool rules and scenarios.

#423 Reckoning 2003

Posted by Mantis on 08 January 2003 - 02:19 PM in Nerf Wars

OOOO! I call being the big black guy who takes care of the white tigers!

18 is a good amount, especially since it will be some damn cold, it will keep things moving.

#420 Att: Lcm

Posted by Mantis on 08 January 2003 - 02:17 PM in Nerf Wars

I think I need to explain myself a bit here. First off, I had no idea the bidder on the gun was you at the time Famine. And when I did find out it was you, at the time, I figured you just wanted another gun, so I didnt think you wanted to go too high. And 12 hours from the end isnt really losing, 12 minutes before the end could be considered losing. Besides, I told you I wasn't going to go any higher (mainly because I realized you were gonna be all pissy about it and weren't gonna quit), so I'm not gonna stay up till midnight to eat shit it from you.

Anywho, I modded up some of my other guns in the past week, so I dont need my EaB anymore. I actually have two in working order, at least I think I do. If you want one, bring a bit o' cash to reckoning and you can get one.

#390 Att: Lcm

Posted by Mantis on 07 January 2003 - 07:40 PM in Nerf Wars

Alright, I think its time to settle down. I just checked the auction and it looks like you're ready to play hard ball. Dont bullshit here, but are you gonna go over $35? Cuz if you are, seriously, I'll just quit here.

#386 Att: Lcm

Posted by Mantis on 07 January 2003 - 07:36 PM in Nerf Wars

Chill out Vacc, I never threatened one of you with violence. Besides, ebay is fair game for anyone, I would have found the auction eventually, and if you guys have enough crossbows to be giving out the shells, why do you need a new one?
And on another note, Famine's been fucking around all week, dont take it too seriously.

#380 Att: Lcm

Posted by Mantis on 07 January 2003 - 05:39 PM in Nerf Wars

You best step off my crossbow. That name is mine.

And besides, dont you guys have enough crossbows lying around?

#365 Rpg!

Posted by Mantis on 06 January 2003 - 09:14 PM in General Nerf

I wont say a word...just look... http://cgi.ebay.com/...item=1987143594

#315 Are You An Old Nerfer?

Posted by Mantis on 04 January 2003 - 11:26 AM in General Nerf

I feel like such a newbie, I came in when the old school 1500 and 750 were all over Toys R Us. And, like an idiot, I threw out all my cool guns when I thought nerf wasnt cool anymore (arrowstorm, sharpshooter 2, wharthog, and too many others)

#305 Reckoning 2003

Posted by Mantis on 03 January 2003 - 06:56 PM in Nerf Wars

You might get your wish. From what Evil tells me, the LGLF arent even sure if they are coming. So if they dont come, that leaves 11 LCM, and 5 horsemen. Not too big, not too small.

#300 Reckoning 2003

Posted by Mantis on 03 January 2003 - 05:13 PM in Nerf Wars

I guess we could try a variation of CTF. I think I might know a place where we could do an attack and defend. The clan will have to talk it over and decide on a good place.
And gunned down, the 4 horsemen are just part of the clan, there are other people in the clan.

#294 Reckoning 2003

Posted by Mantis on 03 January 2003 - 02:37 PM in Nerf Wars

CTF is pretty useless, especially for you guys. The forest is rather thing this time of year, and dont forget about how we kicked your asses the first time we did CTF.
And about the forecast, we'll try not to fag it up, but like I usually say, phone spelled backwards is enohp.