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#60827 Nerfers Nerfing Disease

Posted by Spoon on 01 August 2005 - 06:04 PM in Off Topic

Just added my hyperthreaded P4 2.8 to the team.

For those of you with hyperthreaded or dual core processors, make sure you're running two copies of the console client (from different directories and with different machine ID's specified in the advanced options) so that you're using both cores/logical processors!

#60857 Nerfers Nerfing Disease

Posted by Spoon on 01 August 2005 - 09:13 PM in Off Topic

Cx, ignore my PM, I figured it out.

All I did was c/p the console into a new folder (F@H2) and then ran it. I configured everything as default, but went into advanced options and waited until it came to "Machine ID" and then entered in a "2".

It's now downloaded a WU, and I'm running 2 consoles at once!

I'm damn excited now!

Yeah that's all you need to do. If you look in your services (in Administrative Tools) you'll see two Folding services, one from each directory, running. If you're running hyperthreaded mode and your Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del) shows 100% CPU usage then you're good to go.

#74207 Fall '06 Blasters

Posted by Spoon on 24 February 2006 - 10:42 PM in General Nerf


If you need me, I'll be in the bathroom with a printout of those pictures.....

#240466 Armageddon X

Posted by Spoon on 06 July 2009 - 04:52 PM in Nerf Wars

You're gonna nerf for half an hour before they just sit down and start discussing gallbladders

Prostates, actually. Gotta get those yearly exams you know. It's ok little buddy, in a few years you'll catch up.

Falcon: /shrug. I am bringing some friends though (two, maybe three).

#240165 Armageddon X

Posted by Spoon on 04 July 2009 - 04:37 PM in Nerf Wars

Most of you mouth-breathers probably don't even know what Nerf Online is (well, was). Suffice to say, if it wasn't for Hal there would probably be no "Nerf Internet Community" today. Or at least, it wouldn't be nearly as large. Hal helped me organize the very first LANOs way back in 1998 (how many of you fuckers were even born then?). I can't give him a ride but one of you had better, as he deserves your respect.

He also deserves to be repeatedly shot in the beanbag with foam darts. So let's get on that.

#208868 Armageddon X

Posted by Spoon on 02 February 2009 - 03:25 AM in Nerf Wars

Wow, 10 years.......I'm fucking old

Right? I mean, Jesus.....

Seriously it'll turn out like that Armageddon where we sent spoon off with all the little kids...

Hey, maybe that explains why we see so little of spoon now.

Dude, don't ever do that to me again. My sacrifice as kindergarten teacher that day earned me the right to be a dick to all of you forever.

Anyway yeah I'll be there. I'll probably bring friends. Maybe the wife too.

#240646 Armageddon X

Posted by Spoon on 07 July 2009 - 01:32 PM in Nerf Wars

Also, goo wants a blowjob. Which of you panty-runs are impressed enough with my legacy to get down on your knees.

Jesus....I thought you were in jail or something.

#209178 Armageddon X

Posted by Spoon on 03 February 2009 - 03:31 AM in Nerf Wars

The only "FRIENDS" you have are Ph34R and that bottle of Pantene ProV in your shower.

Pantene? What do you take me for, an amateur? Please. Everyone knows that Pantene ProV contains alchohol and will totally dry your hair out, making it frizzier and more prone to split ends. Do YOU want SPLIT ENDS VACCALLICA? DO YOU?!

Godammit man. I expect more from you.

These days, it's strictly organic shit that steph buys at Whole Foods, because in the trendy part of LA where we live if you shop anywhere except Whole Foods or Trader Joes they drag you out into the street and shoot you like a dog.

#339794 Last Armageddon (Armageddon XV)

Posted by Spoon on 26 June 2014 - 02:40 PM in Nerf Wars

Hot damn everyone, that was amazing. Thank you all for a badass war! A fantastic reminder of how much I love (and have missed) Nerfing. Definitely going to try to make it to more wars from now on.

Some highlights for me:

-Seeing Groove again, because he's fucking awesome. As well as Bags (also fucking awesome), and a whole bunch of other people I remember from years past.

-Meeting (well, re-meeting technically) Langley and Ice Nine, who are both badasses and incredibly nice.

-Meeting the Crossbow-toting, purple-headband-wearing Seattle duo who are super rad and very generous, both in terms of giving gifts and "generously" shooting me repeatedly.

-Watching Thorn and that young girl (who was she?!) completely dominate four grown men in the speed rounds. Unbelievable. Sorry I had to take you out later in one-on-one Thorn, but I have a (largely fictitious) reputation to uphold! ;)

-Watching in horror as my team got completely and unambiguously owned in missile crisis.

-That time, at the conclusion of my ill-fated last-minute missile run, when I laid down on the concrete and seriously considered vomiting and/or passing out from exhaustion.

-Feeling like a weird combination of C-rate celebrity and creepy old guy.

-Trying to decide how I felt about the fact that about a third of the attendees were younger than Armageddon itself. Proud? Old? Both?

-Feeling satisfied that, after five years away, the Nerfing performance I lost on account of my out-of-practice aim I seemed to gain back from having lost thirty pounds.

-Marveling at what great sports everyone was and how there wasn't a single dick, rule-breaker, or hit-denier. Seriously, such a great group.

-Being intimidated by the speed and proficiency of Langley's pastrami-eating skillz.

-Expressing my unrequited love for Falcon in a lunchtime voicemail that apparently caused him to almost wreck his car while he listened to it.

-Reflecting on the amazing current state of mods and homemades while being repeatedly lasered from like a hundred feet away.

-Remembering why I love Nerf so much and why I've spent 20 years (off and on) Nerfing.

Thanks so much to all of you! Until the next time....

#339485 Last Armageddon (Armageddon XV)

Posted by Spoon on 11 June 2014 - 06:19 PM in Nerf Wars

There is a 69% chance that I will be there.

This would be my first Nerf war since Armageddon X in 2009. Jesus Christ has it really been 15 years since I completely pwned Vacc the entire first Armageddon? I'm getting too old for this shit. Hopefully I can still shoot straight.

Looking forward to hopefully seeing some old faces and meeting throngs of sweaty teenagers who probably have no clue who I am or why I deserve their subservience.

Thanks to Langley for tracking me down. Hot damn, you all have been busy little beavers.

#339488 Last Armageddon (Armageddon XV)

Posted by Spoon on 11 June 2014 - 06:26 PM in Nerf Wars

We uh...we added some new word filters.

Apparently. This explains a lot.

#75192 Armageddon '06 Planning Thread

Posted by Spoon on 04 March 2006 - 09:40 PM in Nerf Wars

I think what Talio is trying to say is that he's afraid.

It's ok Talio, little boys are allowed to cry.

Grown men however never cry. No, they just go outside and chop wood.

When I flew out to Jersey a few years ago I pretty much got my ass kicked (YOU try playing in a forest with a Powerclip against all long range guns!), so the way I look at it; I owe you East coast fuckers one!

#74613 Armageddon '06 Planning Thread

Posted by Spoon on 28 February 2006 - 06:24 AM in Nerf Wars

The thing is this. If I were to come to armageddon, I don't just wanna see spoon, I want him to spoon me. Otherwise the t-shirt won't make any sense.


If you make it down for Armageddon, I'll do more than spoon you.....If you AND Death made it down.....well.....can we say "menage 'a sausage"?

As far as dates go.....at this point I have NO CLUE where I will be living (presumably either still in OC or somewhere in LA) or what I will be doing come June. Given my previous patterns however, I'll most likely just be sitting on the couch in my underwear watching the military channel.

So at this point any date is fine with me. Oh and FUCK Venado. Falcon's location seems like the best choice to me so far.

#75464 Armageddon '06 Planning Thread

Posted by Spoon on 07 March 2006 - 06:14 AM in Nerf Wars

That interview recording must never see the light of day damn-it, NEVER!

Why that REMINDS me.......I seem to remember..... >flips through backup CD's< Hmmm....yes here it is. Why it's an audio interview with you, me and Ozzy before Armageddon 2k1.

Hmm, yes let's listen to it shall we? Hmm yes here we go-



BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA>heaving breath<HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA>cough<HAHAHAhahahahahahahahahaaaahhaaaaahaaaaahehhehhehhehheeeehoohooheee......

How much is it worth to you big man?

#75620 Armageddon '06 Planning Thread

Posted by Spoon on 08 March 2006 - 11:46 PM in Nerf Wars

I'm sure they hurt quite a bit...but you have to hit us first.

All in jest, of course.

Dude, Falcon, I love you and all....but you throw insults at people the way a baby throws creamed carrots at the wall.

#75777 Armageddon '06 Planning Thread

Posted by Spoon on 10 March 2006 - 07:40 PM in Nerf Wars

I'm not exactly trying to insult anybody...

But whatever...I guess I'd just prefer to go and meet peop[le with smiles all around the morning thereof rather than jhave everybody at each others throats before round 1.

But you know, I doubt if anything can stop that now anyway...

Whatever. I'm over it.

You DO know that I only say stuff like that to get a rise out of you, don't you?

Besides....smack talk, like shooting birds and bludgeoning children, is one of the grand past-times of Nerf!

Groove: That was fucking sweet man. One of these days I want to get a actual poster like that of me made.....

#3926 Sigs

Posted by Spoon on 24 April 2003 - 02:56 PM in Site Feedback

.....that or a good hard rogering.....

#3992 Sigs

Posted by Spoon on 25 April 2003 - 12:33 PM in Site Feedback

whao vac you talking to californians but i do suport the shooting the terrorist

It's amazing, really. I mean in person you're very easily understood, dare I say even articulate? But.....online.....Jon, what the fuck?

#7684 New Jersey Apocalypse

Posted by Spoon on 05 August 2003 - 03:01 PM in Nerf Wars

And Talio, Spoon was here last year, so the Star Wars references will only label you as a pussy among the nerf gods.

Why? Star Wars kicks ass. Wish I could come this year. Seeing as how my current main gun would be MUCH more appropriate than the Powerclip for the wars out there, it would have been nice to be able to go and actually HIT people this time. Have fun.

#4906 New Jersey Apocalypse

Posted by Spoon on 22 May 2003 - 07:44 PM in Nerf Wars

My reaction to last year's Apoc would have been more positive had I been able to HIT anyone I shot at. When I got there and realized that out of 30 people I was the ONLY ONE with an automatic weapon, I knew I was in deep shit....

If I could go back this summer I would, 'cause with my brassed AT3K I'd kick all of your punk asses.

#19325 Feb YANO (was Hey, Assholes)

Posted by Spoon on 19 February 2004 - 04:30 AM in Nerf Wars

1. We've had this policy for at least the last year.

2. You really need to start reading at least the last page before posting, yes eyeglasses are fine.

3. Do come, it will be a jolly-good war.

4. Cheerio!

#19263 Feb YANO (was Hey, Assholes)

Posted by Spoon on 17 February 2004 - 08:36 PM in Nerf Wars

Sunglasses are fine, that's what we all wear. We don't allow guns that are powerful enough to need more than sunglasses for protection.

#19061 Feb YANO (was Hey, Assholes)

Posted by Spoon on 15 February 2004 - 02:56 AM in Nerf Wars

Well shit.

Phil can't come after all, and Matt has work 10am-3pm so may only make it the last two hours.

Oh wait! Hubbard can come though, thats good.

#15316 Feb YANO (was Hey, Assholes)

Posted by Spoon on 31 December 2003 - 05:16 AM in Nerf Wars

As Spock so eloquently put it in Wrath of Khan: "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one."

Check on those dates for us and we'll see what we can do. I'm thinking the 28/29 weekend would be best at this point.

#15953 Feb YANO (was Hey, Assholes)

Posted by Spoon on 07 January 2004 - 05:25 PM in Nerf Wars

Allright, Saturday February 28th it is! The war will be from 9am-5pm with an hour long break for lunch. So go out and spread the word guys.....

Now we just need to decide on a location.

#15988 Feb YANO (was Hey, Assholes)

Posted by Spoon on 08 January 2004 - 01:10 AM in Nerf Wars

Any chance we can get some pics of Bonelli park Cx?

#15283 Feb YANO (was Hey, Assholes)

Posted by Spoon on 30 December 2003 - 05:42 PM in Nerf Wars

i'd prefer the weekend of the 21/22, preferably the 22.

Hmm, the lone dissenter. What about it guys, who would NOT be able to come if it were the 21 or 22nd? I'd like you to be able to come Ray seeing as how you missed the last one and all.

Edit: Jason I remember you saying you were out of town the 21/22 right?

At least the 28/29 is good for (almost) everybody.

Ray, you just need to quit all of your extracurricular activities and cease all functions from which you derive enjoyment and fulfillment. It's making my scheduling difficult, ok?

#15243 Feb YANO (was Hey, Assholes)

Posted by Spoon on 29 December 2003 - 04:50 PM in Nerf Wars

throw some dates in the air.

I already did.

#15143 Feb YANO (was Hey, Assholes)

Posted by Spoon on 27 December 2003 - 05:25 PM in Nerf Wars

Hey guys.

Remember when Southern California was the Effeminateenter of the nerfing world? Remember when pre-teens would cry themselves to sleep because their evil parents wouldn't let them fly out to a LANO?


I can't remember either.

I want a nerf war.

Really really badly.

In January, or February.


I can plan it, but we need a new location. I've checked most of the schools in my area and none yet will work. Besides, I'm tired of schools, I want something different. That park you guys were talking about sounds cool, any other ideas?

Is there even any INTEREST in a nerf war? The October YANO had SIX FUCKING PEOPLE. So lets year it guys, whose with me? I want to hear from:

Adaquabat and Co. (bring on the CTF!)
Zack (come on pretty boy, I KNOW you drive now)
Other SM crew
Other SD crew
Desert Storm (wtf happened to you guys?)
Everyone else I've forgotten.

As of Jan. 4th Steph will be in England for 6 months so she's out, but me, Jordan, Hubbard et all are totally up for one. If it's in February then Matt and Jason could come (they're home for break now).

So yea, lets hear it people. I'm tired of our nerf reputation wilting away, I'm tired of our once glorious LANO/YANO tradition being limp dicked (whatever that is) by people from fucking NEW JERSEY! I mean MY GOD, people like VACC live there....

#15220 Feb YANO (was Hey, Assholes)

Posted by Spoon on 29 December 2003 - 02:02 AM in Nerf Wars

Ok excellent, everyone seems to be in agreement that later February would be best, sounds good to me. Good luck BTW Cxwq, I didn't realize it was so soon!

Ok, so lets say we're definately doing this on either the weekends of Feb. 21-22, or 28-29. So let me know which of those weekends would be best (no response will mean no preference) and also let me know whether Saturdays or Sundays on those weekends are best for ya'll. I can probably do either.

#16037 Feb YANO (was Hey, Assholes)

Posted by Spoon on 09 January 2004 - 05:41 AM in Nerf Wars

Zack: I hate you. Now I have the crawlies and will find it impossible to sleep.....

Cxwq: Place looks nice but I do worry a lot about losing, like, ALL the darts in the brush and the lake and stuff. Still I'm sure there are better areas within the park to play. How crowded is this place? The one nice thing about Venado is that we were (usually) never bothered.

I mean yea I'm sure the guy there was like 87% bullshit, but that location was getting pretty stale anyway, ya know?

#16349 Feb YANO (was Hey, Assholes)

Posted by Spoon on 14 January 2004 - 02:12 AM in Nerf Wars

Bah! Dude what's more important to you, nerf or all of your other interests combined? Time to decide!

#17969 Feb YANO (was Hey, Assholes)

Posted by Spoon on 02 February 2004 - 09:31 PM in Nerf Wars

Hmm, Saturday the 28th. That's odd, I could have sworn Saturday was the 29th...

#18986 Feb YANO (was Hey, Assholes)

Posted by Spoon on 14 February 2004 - 01:15 AM in Nerf Wars

Dude it's fucking on at your house man, sounds awesome. Let us know if she doesn't feed you your own gonads.

Other than that I don't fucking care WHERE the war is, I just NEED one. I'm all for Bonelli park, we just need to find (and decide on) a relatively deserted area so we don't get kicked out.

#19089 Feb YANO (was Hey, Assholes)

Posted by Spoon on 15 February 2004 - 04:36 PM in Nerf Wars

Shortshit is coming for sure, just talked to him.

#17904 Feb YANO (was Hey, Assholes)

Posted by Spoon on 02 February 2004 - 04:17 AM in Nerf Wars

If you had read the thread, you would know that it is happening defintately Saturday Feb 29th and most likely at Bonelli Park.

#16938 Feb YANO (was Hey, Assholes)

Posted by Spoon on 23 January 2004 - 02:17 PM in Nerf Wars

Definately 6 would be all day, not sure about #7. Steve is a pussy. A school would be sweet.

#16547 Feb YANO (was Hey, Assholes)

Posted by Spoon on 17 January 2004 - 06:31 AM in Nerf Wars

Oh yea, I mean there are only like 3 people that are 20 or over. The majority of the people who play are 15-18, but there is a large group of 10-14 year olds as well. We've had people as young as 8 and as old as mid forties play. So age wise, you'd be right smack in the middle. If your mom has any other questions, tell her to email me at spoon11@cox.net.

#16925 Feb YANO (was Hey, Assholes)

Posted by Spoon on 23 January 2004 - 01:19 AM in Nerf Wars

Wait a sec, did I miss something? Since when is the entire SD crew out?

WTF is wrong with all of you?

I can bring to the war, including me, 7 people I think.

#19213 Feb YANO (was Hey, Assholes)

Posted by Spoon on 17 February 2004 - 01:41 PM in Nerf Wars

I'd just like to add that this war is going to PW33N.

And for you new guys we're totally serious on the eyewear rule, no eye protection and you will NOT be playing, we've had to turn kids away before and it sucks.

Or, even worse, we'll stick you with the dicky safety goggles and you'll be mercilessly mocked and ridiculed by your peers.