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#63055 Fall Caff

Posted by Spoon on 05 September 2005 - 03:43 AM in Nerf Wars

Ah crap, more bad news guys. Matt and I are out. Sorry to bail at the last minute, I try to never do this but life intervenes. Good luck with the war and hopefully I'll catch you guys at the next one!

Damn.....I really wanted to shoot somebody in the neck too.

#63011 Fall Caff

Posted by Spoon on 04 September 2005 - 12:49 AM in Nerf Wars

Updated head count is Me and Matt Kashuba for sure, possibly my brother Jordan.

#62590 Fall Caff

Posted by Spoon on 27 August 2005 - 04:23 AM in Nerf Wars

Oh keep your panties on, of course I'm still coming! God you guys are all so sensitive.....

#62568 Fall Caff

Posted by Spoon on 26 August 2005 - 02:52 AM in Nerf Wars

Ahhh... at the moment I'm thinking I probably won't make it.

You're welcome to come get the pyramids from me to use for the war though. Just bring them to the October YANO.

Don't feel left out, Josh. Spoon has a crush on you.

That was OUR SECRET!!

You're a very bad man for not making it. Don't leave me alone with these people!

#62176 Vacc

Posted by Spoon on 18 August 2005 - 12:28 AM in Off Topic

To: Vacc

From: Spoon

It's all down hill from here.....


#61978 Fall Caff

Posted by Spoon on 15 August 2005 - 12:15 PM in Nerf Wars

I can't see those pictures, but I do hope you're not naked in them.

#61018 Spoon

Posted by Spoon on 03 August 2005 - 01:17 AM in General Nerf

Vacc, Stefan and myself started the Nerf internet community like 9 years ago. My site, god-awful crappy as it was, was the first to post info on modding guns and on nerf wars and war stories. It was the first to accept and post user-submitted content. It also had the first Nerf Manliness survey, which was awesome.

Around that time the three of us created the Nerf Listerv email list, which officially began the Nerf internet community and eventually over the years ballooned into dozens (hundreds?) of sites and thousands of people (mostly wankers).

I also organized the first recorded large scale Nerf wars on the West Coast (LANOs) seven years ago which have continued (more or less) to this day, now called YANOs.

Then I was an admin on Nerf Online, which for a time was very large and popular, and wrote columns for the site about all sorts of wonderful Nerf-related stuff. Those articles are reprinted here on Nerf Haven.

For a time I lived like a Playboy, jet-setting around the globe mixing, mingling and sleeping with a menagarie of the world's most beautiful women while drinking the finest wines and toasting to my trademark hair that made it all possible.

These days I live like a recluse, my only friend being my aloof Austrian butler, while feverishly working on my "art" films and wearing a two decade old tattered mink coat and babbling about the "old days" when I was "a great star". Occasionally I show up at a Nerf war and shoot people.

Did I just write six paragraphs about how great I am? Why yes, yes I did. I just can't get over myself! And THAT, my friend, is why everyone loves me.

#60857 Nerfers Nerfing Disease

Posted by Spoon on 01 August 2005 - 09:13 PM in Off Topic

Cx, ignore my PM, I figured it out.

All I did was c/p the console into a new folder (F@H2) and then ran it. I configured everything as default, but went into advanced options and waited until it came to "Machine ID" and then entered in a "2".

It's now downloaded a WU, and I'm running 2 consoles at once!

I'm damn excited now!

Yeah that's all you need to do. If you look in your services (in Administrative Tools) you'll see two Folding services, one from each directory, running. If you're running hyperthreaded mode and your Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del) shows 100% CPU usage then you're good to go.

#60827 Nerfers Nerfing Disease

Posted by Spoon on 01 August 2005 - 06:04 PM in Off Topic

Just added my hyperthreaded P4 2.8 to the team.

For those of you with hyperthreaded or dual core processors, make sure you're running two copies of the console client (from different directories and with different machine ID's specified in the advanced options) so that you're using both cores/logical processors!

#60768 Fall Caff

Posted by Spoon on 01 August 2005 - 06:07 AM in Nerf Wars

Yeah I could do that. I'd be bringing my usual posse (Kashuba, Hubbard, Jason, new girl Jenna) plus or minus one. Keep me posted (a pun!).

#58933 Armageddon 2005

Posted by Spoon on 09 July 2005 - 12:12 AM in Nerf Wars

Me, Hubbard, maybe Jordan, Jason, maybe a new guy Robert, Matt Kashuba most likely, Steph for a bit of the day.

#58407 NO Returns... Again?

Posted by Spoon on 28 June 2005 - 09:19 PM in General Nerf

Oh man I remember the Nerf Quake mod. Death was going to code it and I worked on sound effects and I made the website for it that isn't up anymore. We actually got a pre-alpha build that had the dart physics (if you can call them that back then) in place.

Good times.

#57835 Armageddon 2005

Posted by Spoon on 20 June 2005 - 07:25 PM in Nerf Wars

Death you can stay with me, no problem. I can pick you up from LAX too if you like. I'm in an apartment on-campus at Chapman (15 mins from Irvine) for the summer and we've got a spare futon.

I have one, possibly two relatively stock LnL's that you can use. Need to be modded to shoot micro Stefans though.

#56352 Caff Recap Thread

Posted by Spoon on 02 June 2005 - 04:11 AM in Nerf Wars


You are all fucking pw3n3d!

#56015 Caff - California Foam Fest

Posted by Spoon on 30 May 2005 - 02:16 AM in Nerf Wars

Matt Kashuba and I will be there. Ray said he'll try to make it.

When I went into TRU today for the first time in months, and saw that they have re-released the SM 3K's in double packs, I just about fainted. SM3K 4-EVER B10TCH!!

We won't be able to get there until like 11:30am just FYI.

UPDATE: Fuck. It's 12:30am and I JUST realized that I have NO weights to make darts with, and I have ABSOLUTELY NO darts left. I gave the few remaining ones I had at the last YANO to Cxwq......so I hope you're bringing a bunch of darts tomorrow buddy.....

#55960 Caff - California Foam Fest

Posted by Spoon on 29 May 2005 - 03:02 PM in Nerf Wars

I will be there. Godammit. I'll see if I can coerce any friends to come.

#55903 Caff - California Foam Fest

Posted by Spoon on 28 May 2005 - 09:28 PM in Nerf Wars

This is still happening, right?

#55901 Spoonage

Posted by Spoon on 28 May 2005 - 09:26 PM in Off Topic

Thanks guys! Haha you're the only people outside of my family and like 2 friends that cares. Yay!

#52474 Armageddon 2005

Posted by Spoon on 14 April 2005 - 03:07 AM in Nerf Wars

Wow, this war will be, like, big and stuff.

Good thing that size doesn't intimidate me. Anymore.

#52309 Armageddon 2005

Posted by Spoon on 12 April 2005 - 04:43 AM in Nerf Wars

Any of those new dates work for me.

#52212 Caff - California Foam Fest

Posted by Spoon on 11 April 2005 - 02:48 AM in Nerf Wars

Damn, haven't seen you in a while, Spoon. I thought you were dead... or in portugal. One or the other.

Not dead. I generally give a quick once over to the boards every couple days. Film school is killing me, wringing me like a sponge, squeezing all of my life and vitality right out. Last semester though. After I shoot and finish my thesis film this summer I'm all done and can finally get started on unemployment, poverty, and my inevitable, humiliating degredation as I go work at Hollywood Video to pay my rent.

PS: Add me to the attendance list, fuck this tentative crap. School's out by then, and god knows I won't be doing much on a Monday.....Holy crap I gotta find new guns and mod them in the next 6 weeks. The war sounds awesome.

#52006 Armageddon 2005

Posted by Spoon on 08 April 2005 - 08:22 PM in Nerf Wars

Ack, I am shooting my thesis film in early July, the ONLY date of those that I could make would be July 16th, which would be awesome. Or anything after that. Sorry.

But seriously, do we still want to do it at Venado? We've gotten kicked out of the urban area the last 4 times in a row. The trees and CTF were ok, but it's kind of stale.

#51761 Caff - California Foam Fest

Posted by Spoon on 06 April 2005 - 06:47 PM in Nerf Wars

Oh right...the pictures. Yeah we have those. I'll send them to your gmail account. Uhh, sorry.

#51241 Caff - California Foam Fest

Posted by Spoon on 01 April 2005 - 04:30 AM in Nerf Wars

Looks awesome, I'd like to go. That's two days after my birthday (23 yay!). I'll be deep in pre-production for my thesis film then but if I can I'll try to go.

Ugh, ALL of my primary guns are broken. Damn.

#44413 December Yano

Posted by Spoon on 20 December 2004 - 06:50 PM in Nerf Wars

Ahh fuck.

Turns out, my school (and therefore my place of work) IS open this week, so I actually have to work the morning of the war and can't get out of it. Good news is I only work till 11, so I'll be at the war by 11:30am. Bah, sorry guys. Don't wait for me obviously.

#44293 December Yano

Posted by Spoon on 18 December 2004 - 07:44 PM in Nerf Wars

Look buddy, if you try to find it based on the school's street address you'll never find the place. Mapquest and Yahoo will fuck you over. We've been nerfing at this school for two years and have found that out through trial and fucking-lost-people.

#43449 December Yano

Posted by Spoon on 06 December 2004 - 05:18 PM in Nerf Wars


Steph probably can't come on the 22nd but could come on the 26th. I can't find if this year's winter solstice is Dec 21 or 22. If it's the 22nd then she won't be there. I can still make either date. It seems I'm too late though, so I'll talk to her. I need to check the boards more often.

#43315 December Yano

Posted by Spoon on 04 December 2004 - 06:25 PM in Nerf Wars

The 24th won't work for me, as my family opens gifts on Christmas Eve. The 22nd or 26th are both cool with me I think. If that guy at Venado is in his office the day after Christmas, I'm just going to laugh at him.

#43215 December Yano

Posted by Spoon on 03 December 2004 - 12:07 AM in Nerf Wars

OMG I'm still here!

I am currently in various stages of production on three films, am writing a script, working on several other films, and completing my degree. Very busy.

I'm off of school on December 18 and will be (relatively) free until December 28, when I go out of town and then immediatly start school again when I come back.

Sorry guys, senior year of college does this to you. At least when you're a film major. Let me know.

#38898 December Yano

Posted by Spoon on 13 October 2004 - 04:45 AM in Nerf Wars

Oh man....

As you all may have noticed, I haven't posted in like for-fucking-ever. See, this is my last year in film school and I'm BUSY. I don't mean "washing my hair" busy, I mean "hardly eating and getting 3 hours of sleep a night" busy. From this coming weekend until the end of November, I am booked solid on a film shoot (mine or someone elses) every weekend. I'm writing/directing three films in about six months, finishing my feature script, finishing my advanced classes.....I would list all the things I'm doing, but I'm too tired.

So yea I'm not available until Christmas break, around mid-December. If you guys want to war before that go ahead, but I unfortunately won't be there.

It sucks too, because I NEED an outlet for frustration these days. We gotta have an awesome war in December when we're all on break.

#32964 Would You Buy Watermelon Pink 1/2" FBR?

Posted by Spoon on 02 August 2004 - 10:42 PM in General Nerf

Pink is good. Pink is fine. Me want buy.

#32576 They're Here.

Posted by Spoon on 29 July 2004 - 04:55 AM in General Nerf

you just have to verify your address with Paypal first by having them snail mail you a code

not true. they verify by depositing small amounts (like 29 cents) into your bank account, then ask you on their verification page what the amounts of the deposits are. its easy :D

Hmm, must have changed since I did it. Though seeing as how that was a couple years ago I guess that makes sense. Back then they did it for address verification. But good to know.

#32533 They're Here.

Posted by Spoon on 28 July 2004 - 05:42 PM in General Nerf

For payment options, there are a couple things to consider: Paypal is nice and all, but if I recall correctly to accept credit card submissions (as opposed to the funds coming directly from someone's bank account), you have to be a paying member of Paypal. Most Paypal users only do credit card submissions. Personal checks are ok, but there is always the risk that the check will bounce and you're screwed over. I suggest Money Orders. You have to go to the bank to get them, but that's the only downfall. Or Paypal if the user is submitting funds from their bank account directly (anyone can do this, you just have to verify your address with Paypal first by having them snail mail you a code).

Either way, I eagerly await the FBR's availability.

#32366 They're Here.

Posted by Spoon on 26 July 2004 - 08:27 PM in General Nerf

Badass. You guys rock. Sign me up for at least 100 feet, maybe 200. Glad I won't have to re-tool all my guns...

#32357 Want To Be An Extra In A Movie?

Posted by Spoon on 26 July 2004 - 07:49 PM in Off Topic

Okay so whats this film about?

Like Commando Bob beats up the bad guys?

Or like Blo Jo walks down the street?

Or where the monster hunts the people?

Oo, oo, what about the extras are like blown up in a blast??

Maybe you already said what the film is for but I really didn't see what the fillm was about.

Actually it's about a sarcastic pre-teen twerp who thinks he's funny.

#32218 Want To Be An Extra In A Movie?

Posted by Spoon on 23 July 2004 - 11:30 PM in Off Topic

Ok guys here's the deal:

For those of you who have forgotten, I am a 5th year (yea, 5th) film student at Chapman University in Orange Ca. This summer in mid-August I am shooting a film, and on two of the days I need extras aged 10-13, no experience necessary!

The two days I need extras are Thursday August 12, and Wednesday August 18. We are shooting those days at a private school in Orange Ca, about an hour south of LA and an hour or so north of San Diego. The days would last 8-10 hours. We will provide lunch and snacks!

This movie is being shot on film and will be shown at a lot of film festivals. The extras in these scenes will be seen in the background of a lunch tables area at the school. Being an extra in a film can mean a LOT of waiting around, but it's also a great way to see first hand how movies are made. Even though this is a student film, we have a significant budget and lots of fun toys.

So if you or anyone you know are the right age range and would possibly be interested in this, please email me and I'll put you in touch with my Casting Director. My email can be found in my Nerf Haven profile.

#30229 Bandwidth Test

Posted by Spoon on 02 July 2004 - 08:38 PM in News

I've always had the Armageddon 2k1 high res video, and I recently found the October LANO video as well. I guess I figured you already had it. Glad it's up now in any case.

#29502 Hello!

Posted by Spoon on 25 June 2004 - 12:33 AM in Off Topic

My favorite colors are Black and Green but do you see me changing my post colors? I suppose I'm just a proponent of forum uniformity. Anyways my interest here is quickly waning. Hrrm... bad memories of Stealthblade are bubbling to the surface.

What bad memories of Stealthblade? As far as I remember you guys got along well at dinner and Armageddon and stuff.

And no JT, while I do remember you, you're not Stealthblade.

And Steph is also not married or 11 1/2 and nerfs. Quite well actually. So does our other friend Stephanie, who was at the last Armageddon.

#28977 Armageddon '04 Wrapup Thread

Posted by Spoon on 20 June 2004 - 07:42 PM in Nerf Wars

I should also add that CustomSnake has, by far, the most badass mohawk that I've ever seen at a nerf war.

#28944 Armageddon '04 Wrapup Thread

Posted by Spoon on 20 June 2004 - 02:02 PM in Nerf Wars

The war was indeed awesome. Except for when The Two Stephs pw33ned me on camera. That wasn't awesome at all. Much thanks to everyone for getting off their asses and coming to a war. >rimshot< Hehe. This war, with all the hiking and rough terrain, was brutal on mind, body, guns and (especially) darts. Not knowing how many of mine are in the crap darts box, i brought 200 and brough back about 40. My 3k finally is crapping out (good thing I have a spare) and the Max Shot needs repairs and reinforcement. Ahh well, an excellent war!