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#102697 Children And Small, Furry Animals: Beware

Posted by jwasko on 27 April 2007 - 10:54 PM in News

I wanted to use my first post ever on NerfHaven to thank One Man Clan (and the rest of the staff here), for validating my account.

Congratulations and thanks again, OMC.

#102870 Future War Possibility

Posted by jwasko on 28 April 2007 - 08:40 PM in Nerf Wars

I'm only about 2 hours away, so I suppose it's possible that I may be able to come.

Also, you may want to tell your members about PANO (Pittsburgh Area Nerf Out) this summer, considering it's only about 2 hours from you guys. I'm sure Master Yogurt, the host, wouldn't mind having some more people.

#102903 I Finally Got A Longshot.

Posted by jwasko on 29 April 2007 - 12:34 AM in Modifications

As far as getting AR-15 springs on the cheap, try finding a "gun show" in your area. I got mine for $2 at the Pennsylvania Gun Collecter's show just last month...or was it just a couple weaks ago? Stupid memory.

I plan on using it for a homemade, by the way, so I don't know anything about fitting one in a longshot.

#102972 Max Force: Rattler

Posted by jwasko on 29 April 2007 - 12:34 PM in Modifications

Nice mod. And I'm actually im the process of purchasing a rattler right now...

I wonder if a slightly longer barrel would improve range at all? But, it might not have enough power to push a dart down even a 4"-5" barrel

That original idea for the 7-shot revolver is also very interesting to me; I actually had an idea for a homemade revolver carbine-style gun that had a single stationary "accuracy barrel" (as it's called in that MS paint diagram). Mine was going to use several sizes of brass that interlocked, effectively creating a long, nested brass barrel.

#102973 Bbb Question/ Idea

Posted by jwasko on 29 April 2007 - 12:46 PM in Modifications

Actually, you don't even need to open the back half in order to replace the spring.

On the other hand, if you replace the main spring, it's possible that you may have to put in a stronger catch spring. In which case, you will need to open the back half.

#102975 Hey Guys, Aussie Newbie Here

Posted by jwasko on 29 April 2007 - 12:53 PM in General Nerf

Just a tip, you may want to try modding one or two other, simpler nerf guns first (if you haven't already, that is) before trying to tackle a longshot.

Nice armor, by the way. Was it expensive to make?

#102978 Barrel/clip Idea

Posted by jwasko on 29 April 2007 - 01:07 PM in General Nerf

You stole my idea! Just kidding. But seriosuly, I had an idea a while back similar to this, but not using the clip. Actually, yours reminds me of the M1 Garand. I like it.

The idea of using a spring to force the "barrel adapter" up against the shell is cool, but it might slow the plunger too much, thus decreasing the range. Instead, you could link the "barrel adapter" to the trigger.

The other things you have to consider is getting the dart to go smoothly into the fixed part of the barrel, and holding that barrel in place. That last part is pretty much where I'm stuck on my homemade.

#103091 The Viper

Posted by jwasko on 29 April 2007 - 09:13 PM in Homemades

So we all know that the Maverick has terrible range but great rate of fire. Carrtoon improved the range by integrating a NF plunger, thus giving it near-NF ranges. However, I wanted to make something with great range while improving on the Maverick’s rate of fire; thus, the idea for the Viper (design 3) was born. It may or may not be practical in a war (I think it might), but in any case I think it would be pretty awesome as well as fun to build.

Posted Image
Note: Picture not necessarily drawn to scale

Note: I put this in the homemade section because about half of it is homemade. On the other hand, the other half is a Nerf gun made by Hasbro. So, I guess I’ll leave it up to the moderators to decide where they want it.

Now, I’ll give a little explanation of how this thing works, coinciding with the labels on the picture (“A” through “J”)

The Air System
A. The pressurized air storage tank. It will be made of 2” PVC and should be pressurized to about 80 or 90 PSI

B. The first solenoid valve. When opened, it allows the air from the pressurized air storage tank into the pressure chamber.

C. The pressure chamber. It will be about the same size as an AT2k pressure chamber or larger, thus (hopefully) giving similar ranges.

D. The second solenoid valve. When opened, it allows the air in the pressure chamber to move forward in the barrel. Note that the first solenoid valve will have to be closed in order to prevent the whole storage tank from being released as well.

E. The Mav turret will have had CapainSlug’s “end-clip” mod done to it, along with extended CPVC (or possibly 9/16” brass) barrels added to it.

F. A bike pump, which could be used to fill the pressure chamber for single shots.

The Electrical System
G. Three 9 volt batteries, wired in series, to power the solenoids

H. On/Off switch turns off the whole system.

I. Contacts. These will work similarly to the NF’s light, but if you noticed there are a total of three contacts here. The center contact is attached to the trigger. When not being pulled, the completed circuit opens the rear solenoid (B.) to fill the pressure chamber. As the trigger is pulled, the first circuit breaks and the rear solenoid valve closes. Continuing the trigger pull, the barrel lines up with the air output point (like a regular Mav) and the second circuit is completed. This opens the second solenoid (D), firing the Viper.

J. Another On/Off switch. It will break the circuit for the rear solenoid (B.) even when the trigger is forward, thus allowing the use of the bike pump to fill the pressure chamber and not the storage chamber.

While I'm posting, I hope that someone could answer a quick question: is my method of filling the pressure chamber for single shots going to work? All it is is a piece of tubing (vinyl, I think, is the one to use) that will be on a fitting that will be epoxied into the pressure chamber. Do I need some sort of valve for this to work, or will just running it into the chamber work? Also, do you suggest some sort of cutoff valve for when I’m not using the pump?

Also, any other suggestions for improvement of the design would be much appreciated.

PS: I know that some persons don't like people who just post ideas. I'm sorry, but I just wanted to see if I was doing anything wrong in the design before wasting money. I promise that it will be built eventually, in some form, unless I completely messed up and this won't work at all.

#103093 Lightning Blitz Modification.

Posted by jwasko on 29 April 2007 - 09:19 PM in Modifications

Good mod, it seems like that would be an excellent shotgun-like sidearm. Do the darts get a decent spread, or do they pretty much just fly straight?

By the way, Forsaken_Angel, love your work! Is the "latest massive project" Nerf-related, or school-related?

#103123 Pano (pittsburgh Area Nerf-out)

Posted by jwasko on 30 April 2007 - 12:01 AM in Nerf Wars

Hope you heal well and swiftly, Rambo.

PS: Barring unforeseen circumstances, my brother and I will attend.

#103149 Your Weapon Setup.

Posted by jwasko on 30 April 2007 - 10:10 AM in Off Topic

I just got started modding fairly recently and thus haven't been to any real wars. But, back in the mid 90s I rocked it hard with a RatchetBlast (with any one of several single shot shot sidearms), or just a Defender T3. All were unmodified, of course; heck, I didn't even get a computer until 2001, let alone know about the NIC.

#103153 I Finally Got A Longshot.

Posted by jwasko on 30 April 2007 - 10:40 AM in Modifications

Pokemon Gold/Silver = as awesome as Red/Blue (if not moreso)...and I didn't get any more after that.

Anyway, I'm probably going to be replacing my LS spring soon (or just adding one), but I'm a little afraid that the back cover of the plunger tube (what the spring pushes against) is just going to snap off. Does anyone have any tips for reinforcing it?

I see two things that need to be reinforced:

1. The plastic "plate" itself, along with the tabs attached to it (which is where the screws go through). This could be reinforced by simply placing a piece of sheet metal over it. The metal would also go over the tabs, and the screws could go through it.

2. The tabs on the plunger chamber itself. These could snap right off, and I have no idea how they could be reinforced.

Or should I just stop being a pussy and add a spring?

PS: I searched, and there are no members named "theveg" on NH or NHQ. Just letting you know.

#103161 I Finally Got A Longshot.

Posted by jwasko on 30 April 2007 - 12:56 PM in Modifications

So I guess I was wrong about TheVeg, and wrong about it needing reinforcement. Oh well...I guess I underestimated Hasbro. As soon as I first saw how it was put together, I sarcastically said to myself "Oh, that's never going to break. :rolleyes: "

And apparently NH counts spaces when listing alphabetically...for instance, "the punisher" is before "thecheat."

Anyway, alright. Once I'm finally done with this school year (3 days!) I'll suck it up and go for it. Plus, I think I might actually be able to accomplish Theveg's brass breech mod...hopefully.

#103162 Star Wars Dart Shooters

Posted by jwasko on 30 April 2007 - 01:39 PM in Modifications

The main problem, I think, is getting the plunger to lock back further (i.e. you pull it back 5 inches instead of 3).

Ther are two ways to do this:

1. Move the catch mechanism back (what frost vectron mentioned).

2. The catch face on the plunger shaft could be moved forward, away from the catch mechanism. Perhaps it would be possible to just dremel in a new one, maybe just a short distance from the plunger head?

In either case, the catch mechanism and the catch face be farther apart when the plunger isn't cocked back. This results in a further distance to move forward when the plunger is released.

#103202 The Viper

Posted by jwasko on 30 April 2007 - 05:10 PM in Homemades

1. Pick a different gun to base this on. The maverick has a sucky turret seal interface.
A Dart Tag Blaster would be easier to adapt without significant problems.

2. Your current setup isn't semi-automatic.
3.You should consider using one directional control valve instead of two solenoid sprinkler valves.
4. In the current configuration that solenoid sprinkler valve labeled "B" is pretty useless and could be replaced with a simple ball valve since it's not actuated by the trigger anyways. You'll want to toggle that valve inbetween shots to avoid dumping the entire tank every time you press the trigger.

1. Yes, I know. But, I like the Mav and I may be able to improve the seal somehow.

2. Actually, I believe that it is. I must not have explained it well enough. Or I'm completely missing a giant flaw in my plan.

3. I didn't know what that was at the time (and still don't, right now). I'll look it up and see about using it.

4. This must be te part that you missed, or that has a flaw I don't see. In my original design, I was indeed using a ball valve instead of solenoid valve "B." However, I thought of a way to make the thing truly semi-automatic using a second solenoid. I'll try to explain it better than in my first post.

Posted Image
The diagram's a little ugly, but it works I suppose.

So, the trigger has three "stages." In the first stage, when it's not being pulled at all, the "trigger contact", which is directly connected to the batteries, is touching "Contact B," which is connected to solenoid B which in turn is connected to the batteries. This completes a circuit and opens solenoid valve B.

In stage two, the turret is rotating the next barrel into place. Also, the trigger contact, because it is connected to the trigger, has moved back and broken the circuit with "Contact B." The trigger contact has not yet touched "Contact A."

Once the trigger is pulled all of the way back (stage 3), the trigger contact touches "Contact A," which completes the circuit for "Solenoid A" and opens it thus releasing the pressure in the "pressure chamber. "Solenoid B" is still closed, thus maintaining the air pressure that is stored there.

Thank you very much for taking a look at my plans, Captain Slug. If it turns out that I didn't understand why this isn't semi-automatic (as you said it wasn't), please let me know. All others are welcome to point out mistakes as well, of course.

#103275 The Viper

Posted by jwasko on 30 April 2007 - 08:51 PM in Homemades

Truly automatic? Surely you mean truly "semi-automatic."

I understand what you're trying to do. I look forward to seeing it completed. :)

You might find the "bike pump" extending when the pressure chamber is filled - you would need a valve somewhere on the tubing to prevent that, or you might not, depending on the pump.

That's definitely what I meant, I just forgot to put "semi-" there. Thanks for pointing that out; I fixed the error.

Tanks for the tip about the bike pump, as well as your support. I look forward to seeing it completed, too. :P

#103286 Pano (pittsburgh Area Nerf-out)

Posted by jwasko on 30 April 2007 - 09:23 PM in Nerf Wars

Hey, two questions:

1. About when will the war start? Around noon, or later...or earlier?

2. About how many darts would the average person need, do you think?

Nothing specific needed here, just some general answers for a war noob's noobish questions.

#103300 Modification and Paintjob Pictures

Posted by jwasko on 30 April 2007 - 10:33 PM in Modifications

:D at MithMorchaint's Maverick. Could you tell us a little about how you did that?

PS: I love red and grey/silver like you cannot believe. And again, :o

#103374 Lbb Leak

Posted by jwasko on 01 May 2007 - 02:06 PM in Modifications

That would work if his pressure chamber were cracked...which it might be.

However, he says that it might be a faulty valve, in which case he can't just plumbers goop it. Of course,that actually would fix the leak, but...it's not going to be ble to shoot anymore.

To anders: They probably won't notice that a small grey cap is missing off of the end of a barrel that is surrounded by the LBB's shell; you could probably return it no problem.

#103377 Modification and Paintjob Pictures

Posted by jwasko on 01 May 2007 - 02:24 PM in Modifications

So basically you put down a silver base coat, painted over it with the red acrylic, and then chipped off portions of the acrylic? And of course there's the clear coat. Sounds good and (relatively) simple, thanks for the info.

I'll probablty do it with the Viper, seeing as it will have to be based on one of those new, yellow/gold Mavs. I hate that recolor.

#103413 Lightning Blitz Modification.

Posted by jwasko on 01 May 2007 - 04:46 PM in Modifications

Nice mod, but for some reason I have not seen this gun in any stores which I think is strange becuase you guys seem to know all about it. It looks new so I was just wondering if it's at the east coast yet. Great idea and if I ever find this gun I will certainly use this mod.

Actually, it's from 1999 and isn't made anymore. In fact, probably about 80% of the Nerf guns you hear about are old and are out of production. The Crossbow, the Supermaxx and Airtech lines, the Chainblazer, etc...all old and hard to find period, let alone in a store like KMart or Toys R' Us or something.

Edit: Frost beat me to it.

#103417 Lbb Leak

Posted by jwasko on 01 May 2007 - 04:58 PM in Modifications

He already did the under water trick, and a cracked barrel wouldn't be causing this. It must either be:

A. A crack that is "hidden" within the barrel, or

B. The valve.

...you'd need to make the valve part that's inside the plastic just a little bulkier , so that it seals all the way.

Gengar, how would one do that, exactly? I ask because I might be having the same problem with my one and only AT2k (dang, I wish I'd bought them way back when). I haven't had the time to open it up and diagnose the problem yet, so it could just be a crack. At least, I hope it's just a crack. :huh:

#103451 Six Barrel Lbb

Posted by jwasko on 01 May 2007 - 07:05 PM in Modifications

Very cleanly done.

But, yeah, you either need to use stefans or shorter barrels if you just want to use stock dart taggers. You'll probably add 10 feet if you shorten the barrels, maybe more if you use stefans instead.

#103490 Six Barrel Lbb

Posted by jwasko on 01 May 2007 - 08:41 PM in Modifications

I am currently having problems finding FBR

If inquiring at a hardware store, you might also mention "caulk saver," which is another name for foam backer rod.

#103492 Modification and Paintjob Pictures

Posted by jwasko on 01 May 2007 - 08:46 PM in Modifications

Try PMing NerfMonkey. He's a member here, and an Admin on NHQ

#103512 Happy Birthday Dark Shrimp

Posted by jwasko on 01 May 2007 - 09:35 PM in Off Topic

$50 says I've seen more women topless than you.

Them's fightin' words...

Also, anyone heard of "the internet?" I just started hearing about it...they say it has this stuff called "porn" that's filled with boobies. <_<

PS: Sorry to bust in. You may now continue with your regularly scheduled verbal assaults.

Edit: Oh, and happy 18th Dark Shrimp.

#103530 Six Barrel Lbb

Posted by jwasko on 01 May 2007 - 11:15 PM in Modifications

I'm not sure if the LBB is still manufactured, but they're not that hard to find. And, if you can't find one, you could always get a Big Blast (by Buzz Bee). They're pretty much the same thing.

#103541 Titan Help

Posted by jwasko on 02 May 2007 - 12:41 AM in Modifications

sorry, that was long winded. but stock it gets what looks to be 40+feet flat, maybe 60 angled? isnt it kinda overkill to have more than that? :P

No. 200 feet (which is close to what a modded Titan can get, I believe) might be overkill. 40 feet flat is pathetic in anything except maybe a sidearm or something specifically meant to be a close range weapon. And a Titan is too big for anything but a primary.

Of course, that's all outdoors. Indoors, 40 feet flat isn't too bad I suppose.

#103562 Maverick Drop Clip

Posted by jwasko on 02 May 2007 - 08:32 AM in Modifications

Those are some brilliantly simple solutions to the rotation problem. I was alwas a little afraid that if I tried to take the out the "ratcheting mechanism" it would fly apart and I'd never get it back together right.

Anyway, now that you've done this, a proper seal can be placed on the head of the plunger shaft and/or the back of the turret, using craft foam or some such material.

#103563 Titan Help

Posted by jwasko on 02 May 2007 - 08:41 AM in Modifications

He was talking about shooting the stock Titan missile. Which won't go more than 50-60 feet if the pump in the Titan isn't plugged.
A Titan shooting micros any closer than 40 feet can be very painful and can easily leave welts.

That's true, he was only talking about the stock missile. But still, 40 feet isn't far at all except indoors.

But yeah, I have some idea of how powerful a micro-shooting Titan can be. I shot myself in the foot with a modded LBB once (wanted to see how bad it would hurt) and it was pretty sore for the next day or so.

#104505 Rifled Barrels

Posted by jwasko on 07 May 2007 - 10:46 PM in Homemades

Sorry, everyone, for bringing back this hated topic. I realize that rifled barrels aren't practical and all that, but I'm just going to say four words and then walk away:

Whitworth Rifle...

...Research it.

#105680 The Viper

Posted by jwasko on 15 May 2007 - 03:58 PM in Homemades

I'd say go for and hope for the best, but expect for the worst.

That's all anyone can do, is it? But seriously, it doesn't seem that complicated to me. It's mostly just the wiring. But maybe I'm just blind.

Speaking of being blind, where does everyone get their solenoid valves? I've looked all over Home Depot, but couldn't find any. Can you only get them online? Then again, it took me 20 minutes to find the vinyl tubing...in the row right next to PVC. :cry:

To Newbie:

1. Rechargables would be a good idea.

2. I'm not sure of how I will refill the pressurized air strage tank. It will be fairly large and thus will require a lot of pumps to fill manually, but a potable air compressor would be good. I've actually been thinking about interchangable holding tanks, with a ball valve to keep the pressure in when it's not attached. Does anyone know if threads (such as those found in a PVC ball valve) would be airtight enough for my purposes, while still being able to unscrew it fairly easily?

#105897 The Viper

Posted by jwasko on 16 May 2007 - 04:02 PM in Homemades

It would take a lot of structural support to make this a stable integration/mod. I know you like the mav, but a bigger gun, like an AT2K or AT3K would handle it better, and they also have the pump, which makes it somewhat easier to refill the tank.

I'm looking at an AT2k and a MAv right now, and they actually appear to be just about the same size. I don't have an AT3k.

Regardless of size, however, a necessary component here is a turret that rotates by pulling a trigger. The Mav (as well as the 10-shot DTG) already have that, while the AT2k's rotation is manual and the AT3k has its rotation connected to the pump.

While I'm posting, I wanted to point out that the goal of this little project is not really to create a semi-auto Mav, but to create a semi-auto compressed air nerf gun. It just so happens that the Mav has an essential component of the nerf gun (the trigger-powered indexing of the turret) and also looks awesome. Thus are the reasons that a Mav will provide the base of the Viper

#106076 The Viper

Posted by jwasko on 17 May 2007 - 12:24 AM in Homemades

Oh, semi-auto, like the A.B.P. Consider looking at that design, so far the most plausible semi-auto homemade.

Holy crap! I never mentioned that this thing was semi-auto in my original post! I'll need to fix that.

Anyway, I don't even understand how the A.B.P. works, let alone know how to adapt the design to this. That is in fact why I'm going with a simple, mechanically rotated turret rather than a box magazine and bolt.

#106725 Ls Clip Mod For Faster Reloading

Posted by jwasko on 20 May 2007 - 01:21 PM in Modifications

First, addressing the topic of the original post:
I like it. Also, I like it a lot better than the one-upside-down form of conjoined mags that is more common

Somewhat related to the original topic:
I don't see what's so unnatural about pulling a mag out of the stock; but, maybe it's just me.

On the topic of clips and mags:
The clips use in the M1 Garand are called en bloc clips. Also, they are not (completely) necessary to fire the rifle. You can load and fire a single round without using a clip (I've done it myself); on the other hand, if you want it to be semi-auto, you of course do need a clip.

Also, another type of clip are the moon clips, used for quickly reloading revolvers. Strangely enough, the first time I ever heard of them was here on Nerfhaven. Revolvers also have speedloaders, which do not work in the same way as moon clips but serve a similar purpose.

Somewhat related to clips and mags:
The rotating thing on a revolver is a cylinder, not a turret. So, I'd say a Mav has a cylinder. On the other hand, I'd still say that the AT3k, DTG, etc have turrets.

#107511 The Snap-m

Posted by jwasko on 24 May 2007 - 11:03 PM in Homemades

Good job, and definitely worth the work to improve it a little. Is it annoying and/or difficult having to hold the trigger down to cock it?

Also, sorry for this slightly off-topic question, but I've been looking for those handyman springs (mentioned a few posts above) for forever. The only springs I can find at the Home Depot nearest me are extension springs, in the hardware aisle. I even asked a couple of employees, and they had no idea where compression springs might be.

So, any help in pointing me to the right section of Home Depot would be most appreciated.

#110368 One Of My More "interesting" Highly Experemental Mods.

Posted by jwasko on 09 June 2007 - 11:49 PM in Modifications

I'm sure that the bad turret seal is a large factor, but it could also be that the barrels are too short to take advantage of the LBB's power.

Also, did you do Captain Slug's first Mav mod to it? The "swappable front-end clip," I believe it was called.

#110502 Paintball Tanks With Nerf

Posted by jwasko on 10 June 2007 - 05:18 PM in Homemades

Firstly, I would like to applaud your ingenuity. As others have said, this is truly amazing.

Otherwise, I also had a question about those push-button valves that you used. Are they such that they could be used as the valve that fires a homemade, or is the speed of the air output just way too slow for such an application?

#110573 Solenoid/sprinkler Valve Problems

Posted by jwasko on 10 June 2007 - 07:27 PM in Homemades

I recently purchased a 3/4" solenoid-operated sprinkler valve, and I'm having some problems.

I plan to use the sprinkler valve in a multishot homemade, similar to a gun that has two ball valves and two air tanks. In my homemade, the first (rearmost) valve is a ball valve and the front valve (directly connected to the barrel) is an unmodified sprinkler valve. The procedure that I want to have is:

1. Open the ballvalve anf fill both chambers to approximately 70-80 psi

2. Close the ball valve and fire the first shot.

3. Load a new dart and open then close ball valve, thus providing pressure for the second shot.

4. Fire the new dart.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until pressure there isan't enough pressure left for another shot

The problem that I am having is that, when I open the ball valve, the sprinkler valve just lets all of the air out, instead of allowing the firing chamber to be re-pressurized. I have tried opening the ball valve both quickly and slowly/partially, but it makes no difference.

So, do all sprinkler valves have this problem, or is mine broken?

Possible fixes that I have thought of are as follows:

1. Replace the spring in the valve with one that is stronger, thus placing more force on the diaphragm.

2. Modify the sprinkler valve as per the usual means. However, I'd prefer to not do this because I prefer the electrical method of opening the valve as opposed to a blow gun or ball valve.

So, will either of these work? Does anyone have other suggestions? Also, could someone provide a link to a sprinkler valve mod? I've searched through Google and Spudfiles but to no avail.

#110582 Top 5 All Time Best Movies

Posted by jwasko on 10 June 2007 - 07:56 PM in Off Topic

1.) Star Wars: The Original Trilogy
2.) Ocean's Eleven (The remake)
3.) Star Wars: The Prequels
4.) The Count Of Monte Cristo (the newer one, never saw the old one)
5 [Tie].) V for Vendetta, & Transformers: The Movie (the first one)

Also, as far as major awards making somethoing a good movie, that's just not the case for me. I find that many of the movies I love get mediocre to bad reviews, and no awards, while many that I don't like get praise and tones of Oscars, Academy Awards, etc.

Which is not to say that none of the above movies got any awards. In fact, I know that at least Star Wars: Episode IV did. But many other movies in my top 10 (or 15 or 20, etc.), have received no awards or are even regarded as bad movies by many people.