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#242 General Suggestions, Questions

Posted by Cadmond on 01 January 2003 - 06:48 AM in Site Feedback

I'm wondering - if I wasn't invited to the beta test, and I submit 5 good, high quality mods/pics/r and d, is there another prize, or like a "pick one" choice? Or is there no incentive except for imaginary stickers and the such.... and helping out a new site.. and recognition.. ect.
Just wondering.

man, what a horrible first post.

#254 Approach To Modification

Posted by Cadmond on 01 January 2003 - 02:07 PM in Modifications

I almost always try to work around the internals when I mod, and just take out one piece, work on it, and put it back in... unless it's all IN one piece, like the ss2. I've lost way too many guns just yanking stuff out after trying to memorize where everything goes.

#359 Fps Games

Posted by Cadmond on 06 January 2003 - 05:50 PM in Off Topic

I've been playing Cs a tad.. but frankly, I think FA is a much better game. It's probably because I can get more kills than deaths in FA.. unlike CS...

I mostly just play FA.

#581 Anime

Posted by Cadmond on 13 January 2003 - 10:47 PM in Off Topic

Good list, however.. I must think of one too add...
could say
lemme see, another would be good.. ummmm
super atragon
that was pretty cool.. all my others, you've already listed.

#686 Anime

Posted by Cadmond on 17 January 2003 - 10:36 PM in Off Topic

Metropolis was just.. too weird for me.. not very violent, and too quiet. That was the problem I had with it.

#853 Counter-strike And Other Hl Mod Players Here!

Posted by Cadmond on 24 January 2003 - 02:05 AM in Off Topic

*points a pelvic thrust in sancaputas's direction*
NS is incredibly fun when you get a good game (no lag.. even-ness)
Other than that, I play FA ALOT these days, probably 1-4 hours a day (addicted :blink: .) ... yeah.. I need to get up and go outside. If anyone gets FA, and wants to play me, I'll most likely be at The Downward Spiral, The Armory, or Fluffy's Clan Server. I really like the variety of weapons in the game, and the reduction of whorage, though it's still there (stupid freaking accurate famas)
Oh, and I go by Cadmond in any mod I play.

#901 Counter-strike And Other Hl Mod Players Here!

Posted by Cadmond on 26 January 2003 - 02:15 AM in Off Topic

eh, I just don't like the fact that everyone seems to use the same gun in CS (that not being the awp, even though that is commonly used.) Strategy is never in CS for me.. so I must have missed something. Ugh, I'm having bad flashbacks of that psojb_thanatos map for FA.. map.. so.. slow...

#1470 Fps Games

Posted by Cadmond on 17 February 2003 - 03:10 PM in Off Topic

God.. I remember tribes.. I loved that game. Hey, how many people still play it? I might go buy it .. with my.. MONEY! hooha.

Jesus christ, they don't even make it anymore, do they.. grrr.. anger rising, I need to bash flimsy cardboard boxes with my foot.

#1815 Graphic Design Programs...

Posted by Cadmond on 26 February 2003 - 01:05 AM in Off Topic

vector graphics.. hooohhh!!! I use illustrator for the most part while making vector graphics, but if you're looking for those *cough*ugly*cough* pixels, yes, photoshop is the best.. but also pricey, unless you're a software pirate...... I've heard good things about GIMP, might want to give that a try.

#2038 Shotgunners Rejoyce!

Posted by Cadmond on 06 March 2003 - 09:21 PM in Modifications

What happens when only one slice gets pushed out and the other ones are stuck in the barrel?

WAKARIMASEN! BWAHAHAH! take the japanese skills.. actually.. that should have been shirimasen.. damn. I don't understand.. I don't know. same thing.. .. . ...

Good job on the shotgun, I think I'm going to take advantage of it ... anyways, ... sugoi desune!

#2050 Shotgunners Rejoyce!

Posted by Cadmond on 07 March 2003 - 12:25 AM in Modifications

Noooo, Youuuuu stop it... suckers.


#2087 Bull Pup Rifle In The Design Stage

Posted by Cadmond on 09 March 2003 - 03:08 AM in Homemades

I'm going to go with zero on this, and say that a 2 stage trigger that inserts hairspray then ignites would make much more sense, but I see why you're doing it.. or I hope I do. The fact that you can't get the hairspray to ignite right away is pretty odd... I dunno.. the only thing I can think of is add some air, but that doesn't make sense because it combusts later on.. I'm also fairly suprised that the dart showed no sign of being exposed to flame, but I guess it makes sense that with such a small combustion chamber, the dart wouldn't have much time to do so. I'm not really seeing the lighter sparker, do you have to hook it up to each shell individually, or .. something else? Hm.. if you did go with a 2 stage trigger, the gun might not have as much range, unless you seal the dart into the chamber, or seal a shell to the chamber. Anyways, good luck

#2088 Base Defense Cannons, And You

Posted by Cadmond on 09 March 2003 - 03:10 AM in Nerf Wars

'tis pug fugly.. and yeah, short clip. and does air have to travel down that tube? the long one? to get to the barrel that is? if so, . ..uh.. might not be as great.

#2099 Bull Pup Rifle In The Design Stage

Posted by Cadmond on 09 March 2003 - 12:51 PM in Homemades

um.. hooray! Did I get it?

And yeah zero.. the charged shell would be simpler for 1 shot, but for multiples, it would probably be the same difference for shooting multiple darts out of a 2 stage chamber. Erm... maybe not..

#2143 Bull Pup Rifle In The Design Stage

Posted by Cadmond on 10 March 2003 - 08:17 PM in Homemades

Like zero said, there would have to be a larger spring than in airsoft, therfor requiring more reinforcement. Plus, this is still a plunger gun, and although they can get good ranges, 100-ish feet for some, they're still inferior to air powered, or combustion powered, propulsion. IF we're designing a system with shells and bits, because spring powered guns only had the advantage in ROF, for the most part. That's just in wars, not actually making them, because spring guns are usually less complex than air ones. Except, you're complexifying this one, so they'd probably be the same.

I wonder if complexifying is a word....

#2797 Help With My Chainblazer

Posted by Cadmond on 30 March 2003 - 11:25 PM in Modifications

looks fine to me.. if it was broken (non-rotating) I could let you in a mod.. but it's not.. so I wont :alien:

but! you can, and this should work, make it "speed-loadable" by cutting the grey down a bit, sticking 1/2 cpvc in there, and then adding couplers onto the ends of the cpvc (making it all verrryy short, but still stable) then you just have to .. find some way.. to .. hmm.. how would you space 4 cpvc barrels properly? or would you even have to? Meh, I'm just throwing ideas out there.

#2860 Help With My Chainblazer

Posted by Cadmond on 01 April 2003 - 01:47 AM in Modifications

indeed there is waxy! talk to sandman about cadmonds super spiff chainblazer ***. That way, he does all the labor, and you still get to see it! It's a single barrel ***, but it's better than nothing.

*** *** *** ***! heehee, m-o-d is edited? whats with that? THIS IS A **** FORUM FOR GODS SAKE!

it reeks of forum-125 in here.

#2957 CS Or DoD?

Posted by Cadmond on 04 April 2003 - 01:41 AM in Off Topic

Woot! FA!

As to the poll, DoD. I played CS during the earlier parts of my life (like back when the colt had a scope) and enjoyed it then, but when I came back to it, I saw everything was different, and I .. well, hated it. I've only played DoD a bit, but I loved what I played. MGs are funn..

#4065 Life...

Posted by Cadmond on 27 April 2003 - 11:49 PM in Modifications

Tasty topic. I myself, mod very little. But it's there! it's there alright!

Oh, and I stay the hell away from modding electronics.. I don't know enough about them. Wish I did.

To tell you the truth, I can't think of a bloody thing I've actually modified, as in, in my definition, improved with the deduction and addition of material. I know I have, I just can't remember. It's either fixing, or scratch building that I do the most.

Usually scratch building.. and with me staying away from electronics, it's fairly easy. I gave my mother a garden shovel I built a day or 3 ago. It's shiney ;D

If it counts, I'm painting my cd case (medium hard plastic, round, opens like an accordian) black and white checkers. Zero, you know what I'm talking about... and yes, I have a lot of time on my hands.

Ughh, the fact that I haven't modified much is getting on my nerves! my nerves.. hmmmmm .... Yeah, I'm going to go give my sketchbooks some holders.

#4105 Life...

Posted by Cadmond on 28 April 2003 - 05:46 PM in Modifications

I am attempting to shove a flashlight into a chapstick tube. I have a migraine. Trust me, the wickety system is all.. wickety.

#4141 Life...

Posted by Cadmond on 29 April 2003 - 04:38 PM in Modifications

Oh, and the token on-topic note; While my dress shoes (also my walking, running, biking, dancing, and hiking shoes) are so conveniently separated from their soles, I'm going to either insert a steel plate in there (Nails are annoying), or install some kind of spring-loaded knife apparatus... For the sporatic monkey knife fights, of course. Anyone have some suggestions of stuff to work into there while they're apart? The soles are about an inch thick or so at the heel, and 2.5cm at the front, so I could fit something in there... It seems like a waste to just fix them.

You so crazy.. but if you are serious, I could make a simple diagram. Uh.. if you are.

You're not going to put some kind of poison that kills in 6 seconds on the tips of these knives, then work for some evil supervillian bent on taking over the world, are you?

#4880 Homophobia

Posted by Cadmond on 21 May 2003 - 11:41 PM in Site Feedback

Considering the sexual acts involved are about as "wrong" as masturbation

Don't worry, I saw the quotes :D .. . .where was I? .. ah.. I'm one of those that really gets turned off, so to speak, by homophobic actions. But, hell, whatever, not much I can do. Most people just hold onto their middle school vocabularys, and don't actually hate gay people. It's just annoying how they openly use a word as if the thing it's supposed to recognize with doesn't exist.

I came too late to explain anything incredibly well.. And yes zero, technology undermines alot of our habits that have been formed, or rather, programmed, over thousands of years. Damn that trojan man.

#4913 Homophobia

Posted by Cadmond on 22 May 2003 - 10:32 PM in Site Feedback

Oh, how I despise my middle school mentality. That and the social ignorance many kids had.

Vacc, you have a point. But, if you don't want someone to tell you how to feel, don't tell them how to feel.

Uh oh! time for a human behavioral rant! *chimes bell*

Ok, so we have this

People are agressive towards others mainly because of symbolic differences between them, and another. IE : you are a nationalist. You see someone burning your country's flag. You then beat the crap out of them.

Is it you being burnt? Are they dumping gasoline onto your person and lighting a match? Nope. It's the flag, that represents your country, that represents you. So, your mind says "Beat the crap out of him! he's hurting us!" and everything just seems normal

Now, this can be applied to the current situation. I hate fred because he likes men. Does he like me? Not that I can tell. Is he desperately trying to get in my pants, or my freinds pants? Not really. Is he another human being? sure he is. But, there is a difference between us. He represents what I am not. And so me and my chums jump him in the alley and kick in his head for no good reason!

Now then, extra bits can be applied. Fred is now flamboyantly gay. He is making funny gay jokes around me. I feel uncomfortable, because I don't get them, and because my mother and father are heterosexuals, and I am a heterosexual, and jimmy, and tim, and lisa, and rodger are all heterosexuals as well. He is exuberant. He is happy. But because I choose to hate him, I am uncomfortable. His presence, makes me unhappy. His presence, leads me to anger. "HOW DARE YOU NOT LIKE WOMAN!" I suddenly shout at him. "HOW DARE YOU!!" Fred is offended. He tells me, it's his choice and it's his body..

And you know what? he's right. He can do whatever the hell he wants, as long as it doesn't involve me. If it does, then sure, that's sexual harrasement, beat him up, just like a woman would kick you in the groin for doing the same. But until then, our hate, is baseless. Just because we are made the way we are, doesn't mean we are static beings. We can be dynamic. We can change. There is no need for hate in this world. Hate has no purpose in furthering our lifes. It gets us nowhere but backwards. Hate leads to wars lead to deaths lead to sorrow. Die if you want to, but I'd rather not.

woooh, go hypothetical situations. They solve [I]everythinggg[I] ^_^

#5140 Homophobia

Posted by Cadmond on 31 May 2003 - 12:41 AM in Site Feedback

Examples fix everything Janga.. I liked the middle one.

Anywhooo. Lets just clear this up once again. You know.. with paint thinner, and matches.


Dan, it seems as if you express hate towards homosexuals. And it seems as if many people express hate towards you because of your hate. And I'm sure the midwest expresses hate towards these homosexual-likers. And many people dislike the midwest-erners for their conservative views on this issue.. ect.

here.. let me draw you all a nice diagram

copy and paste this

So lets say the stick figure on the top, drops the ball on the one below. The next one drops the ball down, the next one, the next one, ECT! till the world, or rather stairway, explodes. Sure, a loop would've been better, but if we continue to hate, it won't be infinite. The world would end. And yes, I graduated from crappy drawing school.

So, I'm betting your all saying "wuhh? I don't hate _________" but.. hey, dislike is just a lower intensity of hate. And I'm sure you're all full of dislike.

And where does this hate come from? Well.. basically, disrespect. It sure seems like it. I'm not saying you guys have to go ahead and sing in a big hand circle.. but for christ's sake. Respect each others opinions. This really means not trying to make everyone conform to yours, or not trying to belittle a person for theirs. Ect. Oh well. Not much else I can do. I tried to explain hate. And all of a sudden, up pops lots of hate. Hate.. hate.. hate is a horrible thing.

*note - if you don't think anyone hates anyone in here, just replace all the "hate/hates" with "dislike/dislikes" ..happy now?

#5208 Reggae

Posted by Cadmond on 01 June 2003 - 11:00 PM in Off Topic

The Specials are 2-tone ska you silly boy!... .. .. . ^_^
But they're good.. listening to them right now in fact.
(actually, I'm sure I'm wrong on the former point, and that they do go a bit reggae-ish on some songs..)

As for reggae, I'm sure I'd enjoy it if I listened to it more. The most I hear is the reggae that the pietasters play (which isn't really much.)

#5368 Reggae

Posted by Cadmond on 07 June 2003 - 08:51 PM in Off Topic

Wow! good summary ash.. most people don't even think about the up-beat thing. But eh, I have some dis-agreeances... and I'm sure a few people would like to disagree with them. Anyways

Ska and ska-influenced music are different. We all have to recognize this fact. I often say sublime isn't ska, and often, I mean it. Though, this is entirely opinon.

Anywho, due to this, defining the first wave, 2-tone, and 3rd wave is quite difficult. Well.. if you want to be precise that is. I don't really want to define them.. but, it's, in my opinion, not in the timeframe, like a few people think, but in the sound. Not that it matters much, as the former thought is usually a minority.

Anywho, I should probably disagree now. I don't really think the only thing seperating ska and punk are the up-beat/down-beat. I really think there is alot more to it. But I hate genres, and I'm tired.. so I'll edit this post when I feel like explaining.

oh wait! this thread is about reggae! oops..

#5655 Captain Simian And The Space Monkeys

Posted by Cadmond on 12 June 2003 - 08:36 PM in Off Topic

Obviously, none of you know what he's talking about.. making you all FOOLS!

It was by far the most fun ape-cartoon ever. It beat the crap out of grape ape, and magilla gorilla... and probably out of any animated ventures of donkey kong or king kong for that matter. I'm sure there are more, but Captain simian was far too clever to be defeated by them. I was always slightly disturbed by their re-occuring enemy's brain.. but, yeah. It was fun.

#5995 Music Choices

Posted by Cadmond on 24 June 2003 - 10:12 PM in Off Topic

I just packed all my cds away for a trip, but I'll try to do without

Pietasters, Aquabats, Mad Caddies, Hippos, Suburban Legends, Specials, Untouchables, The slackers, Ben Folds Five, The Chinkees (you just have to read along, makes the songs much better) Tilt, Bouncing Souls, and more!
exciting, isn't it?

#6880 Help!exploding Air Tanks!

Posted by Cadmond on 11 July 2003 - 12:49 PM in Homemades

Hah! I told you!
::pokes zero with a hot metal stick::

yeah.. that was pointless : /

Some word on the pvc shctuff..

For one, pvc cement welds it together to hold at 600+ (I'm sure theres a real number, but maybe the pipe goes first) So, start with a fresh cap and pvc end, and try it again, but remember

prime both
swab both with glue
and then stick em together while twisting 1/4 turn.. clockwise (or counter clockwise if you want to be a rebel)

Tubing also kinks with bends, if that happens to you.. basically ever, you can find a extension spring (I'm sure that's not what they are called, but the ones you pull on) and slide it over the tubing. Nerf seems to do that a bit, as do people who use tubing in odd bends. It should help.. I think.... can't quite remember

And as for power.... pretty sure zero is right. Unless, of course, your homemade has been probed by aliens recently.

#6971 Free Webhosting

Posted by Cadmond on 13 July 2003 - 09:12 PM in Off Topic

Agreed, the bandwith on brinkster sucks eggs. Maybe I should switch.. Hmm

#6995 Nerfchat

Posted by Cadmond on 14 July 2003 - 01:20 PM in Off Topic


Me and janga changed it to irc.ruin.net based on some inconveniences at austnet.

Right, and it's still #nerfchat

But, if wtrent doesn't comply, for SOME wierd reason, we'll have to burn his house down, and steal his favorite shoes. Lets hope it doesn't come to that ;)

*janga beat me to it

#7024 Sm1500 Repair

Posted by Cadmond on 14 July 2003 - 09:49 PM in Modifications

my useless, but horribly fun idea! involves .. wait a second, first I need to ask a question. Is the o-ring in a kind of well there, or is it fully exposed? if it's in a well (I haven't looked at an sm1500 for a lonnnnggg time) I think you'd have to go from small tubing, to washer/whatnot If it's exposed (like half) you can use a regular washer, like zero said. But!

I dunno how well the washer will stay with just plumber goo, and .. washer-ness. So! if you wanted to! you could use a support! system! (sorry :huh:)

alright folks, copy and paste. Like I said, I dunno.. 3 times, over-complication, but I like it!

#7033 Revolver

Posted by Cadmond on 15 July 2003 - 12:31 PM in Homemades

I'll revive this topic a bit, and give you my thoughts (s'not THAT old!)

I've tried making revolvers, sniperx (I think that was him) supposedly came close, or finished, can't remember, and he did it the way all revolvers are made. With ratcheting turning systems.. youuuu knowww. So anyways. I never saw the plans, nor did anyone else, but ratcheting turning systems are your best chance for automatic rotation. Well.. rotation with the trigger motion, I'm pretty sure there's a diagram on howstuffworks.com in revolvers that shows how this works. Might be able to bodge that up (bodge..)

As for the seal, that's a bit trickier if you want automatic rotation. You could have it spring loaded, and go in when the trigger is in to a point, then shoot back out, with way of a catch.. but that's really, bit complicated, unless you're actually motivated :huh: . There are other ways, this one comes to mind first. Oh, and use internal coupings if you're going to do it this way (like, brass-cpvc barrel makes the seal.)
And if you want an extra barrel.. like revolvers, well.. that can't be too hard. Just remember to bevel the inside edges so the dart goes in easy.


#7052 Nerfchat

Posted by Cadmond on 16 July 2003 - 12:08 AM in Off Topic

Box, it's at irc.ruin.net

Don't bother with wtrents, we've got at least 2 people in ours! (AT LEAST!)

#7401 Googlism Of Nerf

Posted by Cadmond on 27 July 2003 - 03:07 PM in General Nerf

"sandman is not a superhero"

Sorry sandman.. had to break it to you.

Plleeeaassee stop wearing spandex now. Please?

And apparently, Cadmond is too lazy to make a html page.

And it's so true!

#7840 [evolution] - Stage One

Posted by Cadmond on 08 August 2003 - 01:48 AM in General Nerf

Very good points, and yes, this site will be broken or force fed spinach depending on the user base. Which might suck.. Admittedly, I didn't join NHQ for a few months after it actually got popular. No way, I was keen with my nerf center.

Basically, what nerf evolved (which is really a more attracitve name then "nerf-farked.com") was created to do was to bring a mass of content, which some of us actually HID (this is where sandman is supposed to assassinate me) from the community for the last few months (or longer) and utilize forums to increase that amount beyond what our "all-star staff" could create. Not to say we don't want the forums used for other things.. such as apologizing to vacc for insulting his penis' tensile strength.

Anywho, yes, as sandman stated this content bit would be out faster if it weren't due to some technical issues. Hope for tommorow.

#7911 [evolution] - Stage One

Posted by Cadmond on 09 August 2003 - 12:15 AM in General Nerf

Why.. you all lack so much faith.

But, me saying this might lead to me eating something I don't really want to eat. So uh..



1) the NIC, or whatever you people want to call it (non-existent for example.. which would mean that I'm posting to a bunch of robots! OH GOD NO!) only really needs one set of forums. Only one. Non.

2) the NIC wants content. I say they're stupid, but I honestly need things to do such as make content.

3) Nerf Evolved has content. Original content infact, Most of which I'm assuming you've never seen spoon. Unless you've been hacking the ftp or something.

4) Nerf Evolved's main goal is to provide content. The forums are just another way. And sure, it may not work, but theres still a chance that it may. Is there really any reason for you to make assumptions on something you haven't even seen yet? That's like saying your chistmas present is going to be a kitten.. saying it in July.

This is just a site. This is just the internet. This is just information.
Oh no! it bit you!

I'll attempt to leave it at that.. and most likely fail due to someone quoting me and argueing all my nonsense.

#7949 [evolution] - Stage One

Posted by Cadmond on 09 August 2003 - 04:22 PM in General Nerf

Most of the people against NE are saying the same thing.
"put up, or shut up"
or maybe not against.. but the skeptics.

Agreed.. but instead, everyone shut up, until we put up.

Hopefully, this will be the last post until zatzai goes "Nerf evolved is released! *link"
And then we can all bicker based on facts, not assumptions.

Which probably won't work at all :blink:

#9085 Dude, Orange Juice Gas.

Posted by Cadmond on 02 September 2003 - 09:57 PM in Off Topic

You mean it began to vaporize with the addition of water? Neat... you should try to knock someone out with it :wacko:

#9161 My Latest And Greatest

Posted by Cadmond on 03 September 2003 - 08:22 PM in Modifications

The colors remind me of a sick bumblebee.. but aside from that, looks nice.

... and.. thirst.. seriously? His tooth?... yeesh.