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#47863 All Purpose Movie Topic

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 23 February 2005 - 05:45 PM in Off Topic

Star Wars episodes IV-VI are very good, the dvd trilogy is a very nice package. Under the comedy section: Three Amigos and Pee Wee's Big Adventure are definitely in my top ten. If you can consider Snatch a comedy, that is one sweet movie as well. I really like the old Alec Guinness movies like Lavender Hill Mob and Lady Killers; any movie with Guinness in it is good. Gandhi is a great movie. I had to watch it for my history through film class and I was very moved by Kingsley's performance. A very powerful movie.

And about the Revenge of the Sith, I think its going to kick ass. This is the episode I've been waiting for: all the bad mofo's on the dark-side wipe out almost all the jedi and other people in the rebel alliance. I admit that the other two movies were a little, well, messed. Qwert if you will. All that crap with pod racing for twenty minutes and Yoda actually using a lightsaber pissed me off. But I don't think the storyline is pure crap, I mean, its got some good things going on. And as far as the cinematography and action scenes go in episode 1 & 2, I think Lucas is doing a great job. The Maul scene and battle at the end of episode 2 were amazing. I think now that a lot of people are going to die, the fact that there's going to be an army of wookies, and it happens to be the last Star Wars movie to be made (I sure hope Lucas doesn't make another), I think that Revenge of the Sith will do justice to its older trilogy. That's all I'm going to say because a bunch of people probably don't give a crap about Star Wars.

#47353 Fast Food

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 16 February 2005 - 06:48 PM in Off Topic

I've gotten a small piece of metal (about an inch long) in a taco from taco bell once. The metal was flat on one end, but pointed on the other. If I would have cut my mouth, I would of sued like there was no tomorrow. But I still love the bell, and I always will.

#47291 Brit Tv?

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 15 February 2005 - 12:47 AM in Off Topic

Since Futurama got cut there hasn't been anything at all on TV that I enjoy.

Did you forget that Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's re-runs are on Nick at Night?

#47171 Lock N Load M4?

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 13 February 2005 - 03:46 PM in Modifications

Also, If you bought a big enough m4, you could make it auto by putting in a pc's internals!

You could, but it would be clunky as hell, large marge, and also would only get 30'-40'. Plus, you would have no barrel, so it would basically be a M4 cut in half.

As for the LnL, if you want it to look like a real gun, then make your own custom slide for it and do some work on the handle. Of course, follow it up with a black paintjob and leave the barrel tip orange.

#47093 Ipod Shuffle Question

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 10 February 2005 - 09:20 PM in Off Topic

All iPods are specifically designed for iTunes, and nothing else. But, there is a program called ephPod that will allow you to download songs without the requiremnet of iTunes.

As for the iPod shuffle, it sounds perfect for your needs. Apple is a great company and their products are pretty damn sweet.

#47021 Air Tech 3000 Re-released; Toys R Us Exclusive

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 08 February 2005 - 07:44 PM in General Nerf

they're only selling the 3k twin packs at TRU, the 2k twin packs at target, and the 1k twin packs at (I Think) Wall Mart.

Each packs are store exclusives, look at the box of the 3k's in the top right hand corner. Just a promotional thing.

#46901 Air Tech 3000 Re-released; Toys R Us Exclusive

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 04 February 2005 - 11:51 PM in General Nerf

Crap, just when I'm about done with nerf. I need to pick one of those fellas up in the near future. That blue version is quite nice, it doesn't even need a paintjob now. Thanks for the info Captain.

#46478 2005 Deathpool

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 24 January 2005 - 06:15 PM in Off Topic

This is a pretty sick topic. Anyway, long live Bill Cosby; he is innocent and he will never die.

#45637 Nerf Gun In Toy M16 Case?

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 07 January 2005 - 05:58 PM in Modifications

Ah, the ol' toy m16 and m4's. I tried to put the internals of a nitefinder into an M4 casing similar to the one you purchased and I'm being generous when I say it was a bitch to do. The only thing that sucks about these toy guns it that they are made out of cheap plastic and it is much more breakable than other nerf plastic casings. When I was putting the internals in, I had to do very extensive dremelling to sand down pieces and extract a lot of crap just to get the parts to fit comfortably. In the end, I wasn't able to keep the cocking mechanism to stay in place and other various complications.

But anyway, good luck putting some nerf internals inside that bad boy. I'm not the only one that has tried/planned this project. I believe DJ Hurley was working on putting a nitefinder in a m4 or m16 casing also, but I'm not sure if he ever got around to it.

#45423 My Own Internet Radio Station!

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 03 January 2005 - 09:26 PM in Off Topic

Sounds pretty cool, I'll check it out when I download some goodies. What kind of music are you playing? A mix of varities of music or just one genre?

#44270 Your Mission, If You Choose To Accept It.

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 18 December 2004 - 12:51 PM in Homemades

That would be pretty damn sweet to make a gun that took pez dispensers for magazines. Good thinking. Now just to find out hold to make a gun based around the mags.

And bolt, do you think you could fit a regular 1/2 stefan in that giant pez dispenser? It looks like you can fit a 2" stefan in there, but I don't if width of the dispenser would force a very tight fit for the dart, not allowing it a good feed to the gun.

#41949 Virgin Mary In Grilled Cheese Sandwich!

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 17 November 2004 - 09:08 PM in Off Topic

I couldn't believe it when I saw it on the news. That's by far the best thing I've seen on ebay, I mean, the lady says that the bread was preserved for over ten years because of a mircale. Oh snap.

#41942 Art

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 17 November 2004 - 08:19 PM in Off Topic

I'm getting interested into photography, but all my shots are really ameture. Other than that, my ceramics class rocks hard. Here's some of my good photos (had to throw in my darts):
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

#41834 Ompa's Title

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 16 November 2004 - 10:26 PM in Site Feedback

Introductor? Welcomer? Greeter? N00B helper? Assistant?

Those titles make Ompa seem like a guy that likes noobs. He needs something more like "Anti-Jackass Instructor".

#41006 Halo 2

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 06 November 2004 - 07:02 PM in Off Topic

EGM Magazine just gave halo 2 a platinum rating, 10 out of 10. I'm going to do some pre-ordering at best but tomorrow.

#40947 Revenge Of The Sith

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 05 November 2004 - 07:56 PM in Off Topic

HOLY CRAP! I can't wait for this one. I didn't mind episode I and II, but they just didn't seem to compare to the classic star wars trilogy. But episode three looks fantastic. I mean, the sith comes and kills everyone with a few exceptions. It looks like non-stop battles throughout the whole thing, which is awesome. And the best of all, Lucas finally puts the release date on a saturday, which just happens to be my birthday. Can't get any better than that right there.

By the way, here is a link to the trailer.

EDIT: DAMMIT, it's on a thursday! Noooooooooo!

#40508 Puzzle

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 01 November 2004 - 07:28 PM in Off Topic

HOLY CRAP!!! Oh my freakin' goodness. I just crapped my pants. I would like to see if anyone else can figure that out.


I hate you. HOLY CRAP.

#40209 Cpvc Based Ball Valve Gun

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 29 October 2004 - 06:15 PM in Homemades

I made this ball valve gun about nine months ago, but it was nothing really special. It was just your average b.v.g. So, I recently upgraded it. First off, the whole base of the gun is made out of cpvc because I wanted a compact and more comfortable gun. I used a brass valve with a 19 inch barrel of sch 80. I put another peice of sch 80 underneath just for looks, but maybe I'll put more ammo inside. I slapped on a wrench force bicycle pump on the bottom, which is a very nice pump.

Now for the ranges. I have two different methods of firing the gun. The first and more accurate way to fire the gun is to push the handle half way back. This way, I have total control of the gun and there is no kick back from firing. I installed a second vertical post right by the handle, so I can stablize my right hand while holding the barrel of the gun with my left. This way, I can hit a 4'x5' dumpster from a distance of 100' everytime. It's a little more difficult to hit a man sized target (unless he is very fat), but not impossible. By just releasing the air pressure as fast as possible, I can achieve distances of 150 feet, 160+ angled. I'm going to get better ranges once I make a few more darts. Here she is:
Posted Image

#40025 My First Homemade

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 27 October 2004 - 05:10 PM in Homemades

That's a nice looking homemade. It looks like a loser rifle and very comfortable to hold. I also like how you used part of a sm5k shell. Great job.

#39960 Lions And Tigers And Ghouls,

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 26 October 2004 - 09:59 PM in Off Topic

Custom, you're a boy, going as a girl. Crossdresser? Alright, I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion... I'd just go as Neo if I were you, as you're a guy. Yeah. Just my 2 cents, no need to heed my advice or to listen to me.

I totally understand Ompa. I was thinking Neo, but then I was like "Neo's costume is just some plain ol' cotton trench coat" and I saw that Trinity's costume was that sweet shinny (fake) leather. So I decided to go Trinity. Besides the breasts, which will be taken care of, it really isn't a feminine costume if you ask me. So I really don't care about it and I am not a crossdresser. Just to clear things up.

#39953 Lions And Tigers And Ghouls,

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 26 October 2004 - 09:26 PM in Off Topic

I'm going to be Trinity this year. I'm so freaking glad I finally got this costume:
Posted Image
The only thing I have do is tape down a couple areas because I don't have a breast to fill the dangling cups. This is the best costume I've ever thought up.

#39634 Ridiculous Question

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 23 October 2004 - 02:28 PM in General Nerf

we go out shooting rabbits with Max Shots... I got up so close to one by sneaking in bushes I nailed him right in the side from like less then 2 feet away... awesome

Shooting rabbits is not cool. That's gotta hurt with a maxshot.

#39481 What Are These?

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 21 October 2004 - 05:13 PM in General Nerf

Am I the only one to notice that that product does not have "nerf" written anywhere on it? I just took a second look and I didn't see it. If you look on the blue plunger shaft, it says "999". That's pretty weird. Just seems like a rip off of the monoblast, except everything is identical but the company label.

#39233 Titan Lite...

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 18 October 2004 - 10:35 PM in Modifications

Awesome job cutting all that other crap off the titan. I don't mind the original size for a rocket launcher, but it is very bulky for a loser. The thing I really hate is the freaking huge pump that you could fit baby kittens in. Anyhow, nice mod once again.

#38665 My Modded Nite Finder

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 09 October 2004 - 12:20 PM in Modifications

It looks pretty good. Do you get the same ranges with the silencers on? It looks like those silencers add about nine more inches to each barrel, and I would think the dart would rattle around a little before exiting the barrel. I think the second phase of your NF mod looks the best. Great idea with the NitroQuad.

#38143 Armageddon 2k4 Video

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 02 October 2004 - 11:07 AM in News

Very nice video Cx. Also thanks goes out to Julie for an awesome editing job. I can't believe how nice it looks and there was only about twenty to thirty minutes of actual footage. I remember the war very well now. I miss my haircut.

And Ice Nine, if you just download the newest version of windows media player for mac, the video should work just dandy.

#38019 Future Video Game Poll

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 30 September 2004 - 08:44 AM in Off Topic

Halo 2 is at the top of my list right now, and Ghost Recon 2 is at a close second. I played the crap out of GR and GR Island thunder on Xbox live. This new version looks so sweet with better looking soldiers, a more interactive surrounding, and just all together a lot better. So, I would actually play Ghost Recon 2 more than Halo 2 just because I love the online play so much.

But also like ice nine said, there are some nice gamecube games coming out. I've read reviews on paper mario 2 and people say it is incredible. That game might be the reason I dust off my gamecube this year.

#37378 Best Airsoft Pistol?

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 17 September 2004 - 05:53 PM in Off Topic

You want a nice springer?
Posted Image
BEHOLD. The Toystar SR-16 M4. I believe it to be one of, if not the best spring action rifles out there. Shoots .20 bb's at about 300 fps. You really can't go wrong with Toystar. Most of their rifles are even known to out shoot the Tokyo Marui springers such as the XM-117 or the M16-A2. With shipping and handling, most of the Toystar rifles cost a little over a hundred, but they are incredibly great guns and are built to last.

As for the sweet spring pistols, stick with Tokyo Marui. Most of them use .20 bb's and are included with hop up. The Socom is a very popular one. I always loved the usp design though.

Go here for a nice guide to spring pistols.

Go here for a nice guide to spring rifles.

And here to check out Modelmarts.com for some sweet spring rifles.

#37088 Eagle Eye/backlas Integration

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 12 September 2004 - 08:44 PM in Modifications

Nice intergration. If you have a tiny plunger gun like that, you might as well put it on another gun. It works as a nice backup in case you are rushed while reloading. That reminds me of my SS2/Blasthammer intergration.

EDIT: Link fixed.

#37070 Nitefinder M4

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 12 September 2004 - 06:54 PM in Modifications

Basically if you have something to add to the topic that is germane to the subject at hand or gives a person advice about something, then I really don't see reviving a topic as being a bad thing. Anyway, I'm going to paint the cocking handle and maybe the trigger black. I also have a few other nice add ons that should be glued on shortly. I may post some pics soon.

#37052 Eab Breech Mod

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 12 September 2004 - 05:20 PM in Modifications

Here's the Unknown Breach

Take a look at the mods and homemades section on the site to get a jist of what nerfers are working with today. You should also take a look at the articles, especially ones that deal with stefan darts.

#36940 My Return To Nerf!

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 11 September 2004 - 08:25 PM in Off Topic

Your name doesn't ring a bell. I can't remember most people from NO unless I see their avatar. But anyway, welcome to Nerf Haven! Glad to see yet another person return to the world of nerf. Spoon is still here too. He wanders onto the forum every now and then.

#36817 Impressive Paint Jobs?

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 09 September 2004 - 09:19 PM in General Nerf

Nice guns Wrath. Is your favorite color black? I just have a funny feeling that it is.

And BoltmasterZero, I EVNY your SS2 as well. Such a nice silencer and paintjob. I would put a freaking fore grip and red dot on that mofo. Man, I miss my SS2 so much!

#36732 Impressive Paint Jobs?

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 08 September 2004 - 09:28 PM in General Nerf

That's one fine looking scout. I like how it is unmodded. It really preforms well stock and modding it for a slight improvement is not very appealing to me. You always seem to do great paint jobs Hunter, keep it up. Like I said before, I prefer hand painting my guns, just becuase it's a lot more fun in my opinion and it still comes out pretty good. However, I have not yet tried to spraypaint my guns. I may try that some day...

#36617 Motion Sensors

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 07 September 2004 - 08:05 PM in Off Topic

Gamefreak posted a topic about this a while back. It shows you how to do it.

#36596 Nitefinder

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 07 September 2004 - 05:04 PM in General Nerf

Very nice. Is that some sort of garrity flashlight above the laser?

#36533 The Google Challenge - A Redux

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 06 September 2004 - 12:20 PM in Off Topic

Ok, here's my REAL entry/ new favorite picture. I looked under "Custom Snake". If you look closely, you can see the baby is actually giving that snake a bath. Don't forget to get behind the ea...well....oh forget it.
Posted Image

#36418 The Google Challenge - A Redux

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 04 September 2004 - 07:31 PM in Off Topic

EDIT: I took out the picture I previously posted. I don't know why I did, must of been that old banana.

#36238 The New G5 From Apple

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 02 September 2004 - 05:09 PM in Off Topic

Uhgg apples, why not just use Windows?

Cause windows sucks. I'm not really going to go on again about apple vs mac. And I really don't see why people hate mac so freakin much. I don't like windows, but I'll use it if I have to for school or whatnot. I guess they just don't like the simplicity or interface. Or could it be because there's not too many games or programs for mac? Who knows. It's all about your personality and what you will use your computer for. Like Vintage said, macs are awesome for animation and design. The resolution on those puppies are also pretty sweet.

As for the new iMac, I think it looks pretty good. I still can't get over how skinny it is. But, I think I'm gonna use my old Mac for a while; we've been through four years of quality time *Pats his iMac*.

#35649 Hornet

Posted by CustomSnake202 on 28 August 2004 - 06:17 PM in General Nerf

I didn't want to revive this old topic, but I think I may have discovered something about the N-Strike. I recently purchased the N-Strike at my local TRU and was disappointed when my hornet didn't hold any air pressure. I promptly returned and exchanged it for another one. When I got home, I looked at the back of the box and noticed that the box art was different. Unfortuantely, I can't remember what was on the back, but there was definately not a picture of "nerf warriors" holding the nerf guns in the middle:
Posted Image
So NerfMonkey, can you remember what the back of your box looked like? Or if you still have it check. So if your gonna by an N-Strike and the back of the box does not look like the one shown above, it might have a defective hornet in it.