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#301674 Illinois Foam Fest Six: Part 2

Posted by Y-Brik on 16 July 2011 - 11:57 PM in Nerf Wars

I can't guarantee smooching, but I will have darts avaliable.

Unfortunate typo there buddy.
I'll be there, +2. I'm low on supplies! Need darts and only have 2 primaries (one of which is questionable) working right now

Also, Wicket, the LS is all yours, was it $10 we agreed on?

#301378 Illinois Foam Fest Six: Part 2

Posted by Y-Brik on 11 July 2011 - 10:31 PM in Nerf Wars

Pending work schedule I want to be there!
EDIT: I'm free, though I may be a bit late.

#300990 Titan Help

Posted by Y-Brik on 04 July 2011 - 12:20 PM in Modifications

Stuff is hard when you don't have a Dremall I use a hack saw.

Did I say anything about a Dremel? No- and hacksaws are the wrong tool for the job.

#300980 Titan Help

Posted by Y-Brik on 04 July 2011 - 12:45 AM in Modifications

Cutting it's the best way- a careful use of razor blade will give you the best finish. Meanwhile, we have an IRC which is great for asking those "I know it's stupid but I gotta know" questions without irritating the admin team.

#300921 Illinois Foam Fest Six

Posted by Y-Brik on 03 July 2011 - 12:45 AM in Nerf Wars

I'll be in Wisconsin then. Have fun dammit!

#300756 New Nerf Guns

Posted by Y-Brik on 29 June 2011 - 03:03 PM in News

Why does everyone think that these guns are going to use a familiar plunger or reverse plunger setup? How, exactly, would you propel AND put sufficient spin on a disc by blowing a bunch of compressed air at it from behind? I would be very surprised to see plungers in these blasters, and find it far more likely that it's a new propulsion system.

I'm a little bit bummed that we aren't going to see any new N-Strike guns this year, and that the stupid orange re-releases are of a bunch of blasters that nobody cares about. How many versions of the crappiest Nerf gun (Maverick) do we really need? Is that blaster really that popular, especially after the Spectre came out? Of all three retailer exclusive guns, the one that got a nod from Nerf is the battery-powered Barricade? And the Raider, really? Not the Long Strike?

I'm just hoping this isn't going to make the actually good blasters hard to find.

Agreed with your thoughts on propulsion, though Nerf has been known to, well, nerf their own designs ever since they came across their lovechild Recon design. I take issue with your view of the Nstrike lineup. The Maverick is consistently Nerf's best selling blaster, at a reasonable price point, cool functionality, and general reliability among stock blasters (It IS a piece of shit from a modders' perspective)- it's earned its 2 repaints a year. The spectre is an overengineered Mav- the less ammo capacity and increased price make it a far cry from the Mav's replacement. As for the LSk, if you really want one, there's one in the works for this year (I won't say too mich for fear of ruining the 'suprise'). And Raiders are one of my favorite ReClones, that and the Recon itself.
/end pointless rant about child's toys.
/begin more relevant rant about companies' promises to this community.
@Hasbro- you released this info on the Facebook page ages ago! Why just now let us know? If Hasbro can't keep up its send of supplying new information to the community, I fail to see why we're holding back from speculation threads (such fun little shitstorms those) and reporting the news when it crops up on the net instead of waiting an extra 2 months for a piss-poor release given secondhand!
Well, that's enough ranting. The disc-shooters look cool after all....

#300531 JSPB (3DBBQ/Taiwan-style) darts?

Posted by Y-Brik on 25 June 2011 - 11:07 PM in Darts and Barrels

I would also throw in Teflon tape for consideration. That should translate to less friction, but that is purely guess work.

You sir have never used Teflon Tape- 'tape' is used strongly with this stuff, it shreds like wet toilet paper and has no adhesion. Etape or PVC tape , if you look at the darts have a smaller final OD than the foam of the dart- no contact with the barrel means no friction already.
Meanwhile, I'm detecting a potential winner for the 'new dart' challenge- I love the concept of wrapping the weight around the outside of the dart instead of slapping it right on the intended contact point. Will watch this thread carefully....

#300369 Sonic Bazooka Knockoff + Buzz Bee Hunter

Posted by Y-Brik on 22 June 2011 - 04:23 PM in Modifications

I know I'm gonna regret this....
Talio, is the point of NH to only promote the Hereticorps, McNumbers, and Slugs of the community? I always thought it was a point to share knowledge and ideas- in this case the mod is defintely not beautiful, but far better than many I've seen in my time here. Carving the Hunter into an underslung integration is an interesting idea and novel to the site. For what it's worth, that idea alone is helpful, at least to me.

#300211 The SNAP/Revolution

Posted by Y-Brik on 20 June 2011 - 10:19 AM in Homemades

All i can say is this is amazing i have been watching nerfhaven for a while and i love this i am going to make it only thing wrong with the write-up is for someone who has never built a snap (such as my self)there is not materials list and you never say what size pvc the plunger TUBE is since im going to make this could you pm me or just reply to this with a materials list i found your other snap write ups on nerfhaven but i dont know if the sizes are still the same. Thanks alot and your awesome!

I caught most of your punctuation; it seems to have escaped your post. As with any SNAP the plunger tube is 1.25" PVC. I would suggest you build a basic SNAP before taking this one on.

#300189 Happy Birthday To WicketTheModder619

Posted by Y-Brik on 19 June 2011 - 11:53 PM in Off Topic

I'll bite. Happy birthday Wicket, may your cake not be a lie!

#299801 PumpSnap writeup.

Posted by Y-Brik on 13 June 2011 - 04:13 PM in Homemades

You never showed what your plunger rod ended up looking like, is it just a piece of CPVC with a huge slot in it for the priming bar? Wouldn't Nylon rob but much more sturdy?

I don't know about Rob, but nylon rod would definitely be sturdier--have fun carving a slot through it though. Also, since (common) nylon rod has a 1/8" smaller OD than CPVC, there's very little room for error. CPVC has been used in the past and I haven't heard of it failing on anybody, and it's much easier to make

tl;dr- nylon is stronger but it's not worth it. He likely used CPVC.

#298557 Rolling breech

Posted by Y-Brik on 25 May 2011 - 12:04 AM in Darts and Barrels

Increasing the diameter of the 2 pieces of brass making the seal should increase the relative surface area avalible
Posted Image
If we glue the 17/32" barrel into a stub of 9/16" into which the dart can drop, and sheath that in 5/8", in theory we can have it seal, use the minimum sized slot and still seal...somewhat.

Are we looking to use Nstrike clips? if this thing can gravity-feed, why not use it as a hopper clip a la Quick16 (Drop darts in and move on)

#298420 Grenade Launcher

Posted by Y-Brik on 22 May 2011 - 09:28 PM in Homemades

Cool story bro. FYI, we like pics over a wall of text.
EDIT: missed the 'PS'

#298414 Cataclysm 2 - Chicagoland War

Posted by Y-Brik on 22 May 2011 - 05:44 PM in Nerf Wars

Hooray for the beginning of nerfing weather!
+Everyone was awesome
+Meeting BrokenSVT and Kid Flash- both are cool dudes
+My RCP performed beautifully all day- now if only I could aim....
+Water and (almost) toads as alternative ammo
+2-minute 4B mod with a Leatherman
+Culvers- om nom nom
+Seeing some awesome blasters
+Getting some tacticool blasters
+Minimum rain- it turned into a nice day!
+Hanging out w/ Noodleownz on the trek south

-Double Headshot (what does it mean??)
-Sunburn, humidity
-Getting shot in the forehead 4 times throughout the war
-very overgrown field- killed dart recovery
-Nobody had enough bullets!!
-High RoF means high reload times
-Iron Man Magstrike
-Getting pinned down by an AT multiple times

Fantastic war!

#298055 The Bullpump

Posted by Y-Brik on 13 May 2011 - 11:00 PM in Homemades

Very nice. After messing around with some pump action designs, I think the vertical foregrip is something worth keeping. Have you considered a mashup of the 2 styles? A vertical foregrip with a bolt that connects to the 3/4" endcap?

#297406 MANO 4

Posted by Y-Brik on 21 April 2011 - 03:08 PM in Nerf Wars

I'll see what I can do- Are we nerfing in the new location? If all works out, I'll likely have at least 1 friend going.

#297318 A new style Pump-action SNAP

Posted by Y-Brik on 19 April 2011 - 04:22 PM in Homemades

Beautiful. May I ask where you happened to find 1 and 1/2" thinwall pvc? If I can get my hands on some of that, I will have to make one of these.

I got mine at Do It Best; they have online ordering with free shipping to your nearest store- go here. It's $4-ish for 10' with no shipping hassles or driving to numerous Ace's to search for the stuff.

#297317 Cataclysm 2 - Chicagoland War

Posted by Y-Brik on 19 April 2011 - 04:15 PM in Nerf Wars

hellz yeah! Will do my best to be there; likely with friends.

#296723 Homemades Picture Thread

Posted by Y-Brik on 27 March 2011 - 09:25 PM in Homemades

Made one of these things. I like Hippo's name of RingCatch Pump (RCP)
Posted Image
Uses [k26] over a nylon plunger rod, a skirt seal, Sch80 for the catch ring, and Ace#2 for the primary catch spring. It's held together with #6 wood screws, countersunk of course.
Posted Image
(Holes are drilled for a string stop; I have to get around to installing it)
I got my magic thinwall PVC at Do It Best- 10' for $4, you can order online and have it shipped to your local store free!

#296582 Nerf Dart Tag Speedload 6

Posted by Y-Brik on 25 March 2011 - 03:18 PM in Modifications

Ugh.... can't stand these guns. Barely better than a recon. Good job on the mod though.

But it's a recon with spring replacement potential (even if stock LS springs aren't that much of a boost- it's a start!). I'll be the moron who asks about ranges....

#296484 Awno 2.5 - War On The 26th Of March.

Posted by Y-Brik on 23 March 2011 - 10:20 AM in Nerf Wars

Looks like Cheerios fell through; Im still wheedling the powers that be to let me go. If I make it I'll be bringing at least 1 friend.
EDIT- I have the green light! I'm a definite with at least 1 friend, checking around to see if more want to go. I'm low on darts though...

#296387 Brocken Ls Plunger Tube

Posted by Y-Brik on 21 March 2011 - 09:22 PM in Modifications

I can sell you a LS PT; PM me

#295919 Awno 2.5 - War On The 26th Of March.

Posted by Y-Brik on 13 March 2011 - 12:14 AM in Nerf Wars

Ybrik what about me? I'm a maybe as of now.

Sure, long as you don't mind chipping in for gas.

EDIT: I can probably cram another nerfer or 2 in the car; put me down as definite/likely + guest(s)

#295894 Raider Spring

Posted by Y-Brik on 12 March 2011 - 04:56 PM in Modifications

Not sure which one's from a Raider, but I have plenty of ReClone springs (The're all the same anyway). Pm me.

#295890 Awno 2.5 - War On The 26th Of March.

Posted by Y-Brik on 12 March 2011 - 04:06 PM in Nerf Wars

OOH OOH OOOH! War! I'm in, possiblyy with guests. Noodle wantsa carpool?

#295884 Longstrike Marker Barrel Replacement

Posted by Y-Brik on 12 March 2011 - 02:11 PM in Modifications

Bullshit. Don't post angled ranges, they mean nothing. There's no way a stock-springed ReClone, rebarreled or not, would hit that range flat.

#295855 Longstrike Marker Barrel Replacement

Posted by Y-Brik on 12 March 2011 - 12:26 AM in Modifications

Unique mod, I suggest solvent welding the narrower 'tip' portion of the marker into the breech if you try again.
Writeup...needs a bit of love, you completely skipped the 'mounting the breech to the boltsled' question.
Friendly advice-Don't make excuses in writeups, your work will either speak for itself or you'll deserve it. Oh, and nobody uses polls.
So good, but with room for improvement.

#295819 The Ohio Revolution

Posted by Y-Brik on 11 March 2011 - 05:45 PM in Nerf Wars

And that iota went away. I'm out, have fun guys.

#295777 Japanese Earthquake/tsunami

Posted by Y-Brik on 11 March 2011 - 07:44 AM in Off Topic

Praying dude. How is Singapore, Australia, and California looking right now?

#295686 Mobile Version

Posted by Y-Brik on 09 March 2011 - 07:40 PM in Site Feedback

I have an idea, would it be possible to make a mobile version of the site? I use my phone and my iPod a lot to browse the forums, and this would make it relatively easier. I'm probably not the only one who feels that it is kind of difficult to view the site on mobile devices. Just a thought.

There's already an option to view in lo-res, perfect for mobile browsing. Making a system to handle mobile browsing on a site this large, with admins (as I understand) more interested in nerf than in HTML/Java/whatever from scratch is ridiculous.

Oh, and iPod sucks.

#295533 Dartsmithing Tips Archive

Posted by Y-Brik on 07 March 2011 - 09:09 PM in Darts and Barrels

I know my local Hobby Lobby sells craft foam in 2mm (standard) and 3mm(THICK) varieties (It's like a 12/18 sheet for $1) if you want more padding, though I feel the 2mm should suffice.
I love this idea, methinks we have a true evolution of the Slug (and homemade dart in general) here.

#295445 Speedloader Turret Tutorial

Posted by Y-Brik on 06 March 2011 - 10:12 AM in Modifications

Very...very...very thorough. Nice build though, props for giving tips on getting the barrels straight and consistent. FYI, it's much faster to ream out CPVC with a knife or scissors than to use a Dremel on it. Nice video writeup.

#295222 Lanard Shotgun Problems

Posted by Y-Brik on 01 March 2011 - 10:00 PM in Modifications

Hobby lobby, get a massive sheet of the stuff for like a dollar. I've had this problem too (Haven't managed to fix it and now own a singled Quadshot), so im interested to see how this pans out.

#295188 High Volume Springer, Easy To Make And Cheap Version Of +bows And Snap

Posted by Y-Brik on 01 March 2011 - 11:34 AM in Modifications

I like the use of aluminum U-channel for the plunger rod, though I have a sinking suspicion that what works in metric won't work in Imperial. Worth looking though. As for the rest of the plunger, props for creativity but I think buying a slab of 1.25" PVC with the appropriate bushing will end up cheaper than gutting an $8-10 ballpump.

EDIT: I've been doing too many homemades lately, Jaybo's right to use 1" thinwall or PETG. Nerfgeek, don't forget the U-channel ($8-ish) and spring in your costs tally. And try Petco for your PETG.

#295096 The Ohio Revolution

Posted by Y-Brik on 26 February 2011 - 01:42 PM in Nerf Wars

I just noticed the Rev falls on the first day of Spring Break, so there's an iota of hope I can go to this thing, assuming I have a place to crash 'over there', possibly with a handful more of the Chicago crew.
Again, this is a possibility, not a guarantee.

#295035 Where To Buy Modding Materials

Posted by Y-Brik on 23 February 2011 - 10:53 PM in Modifications

Credit to this tip goes to Hipponater- thanks man!
I got my thinwall from Do It Best. They ship it free to your local store and it's $4 for 10'!

#294841 Happy 17th!

Posted by Y-Brik on 21 February 2011 - 06:16 PM in Off Topic

Happy birthday Jake!

#294824 Dekalb Area War Of Nerf, July 23rd

Posted by Y-Brik on 21 February 2011 - 01:12 PM in Nerf Wars

Hooray for wars! I'm in as a likely

#294793 Pistol Splat Spring Replacement

Posted by Y-Brik on 20 February 2011 - 09:08 PM in Modifications

I don't know, the nut looks elegant enough to me. I always hated a stack of more than 3 washers as spacers for anything- always a pain to keep together. Using a nut means Venom has a 1-piece spring rest, not a spring rest and several washers.

#294777 Illinois Foam Fest Six

Posted by Y-Brik on 20 February 2011 - 03:36 PM in Nerf Wars

I like more wars. April and June work (Try to avoid Brickworld weekend- it's the last weekend in June- if possible). Lemme know when as soon as possible so I can get outta work!