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#76233 Who Are You?

Posted by N063425 on 15 March 2006 - 01:23 AM in General Nerf

There are 175 nerfers in this game, as of today, in my high school. There are also other high schools who have their own games of nerf assassins as well. Each of these particular sects are largely unaffiliated with each other. While existing (in my school's case) as a school-specific "club," nerf is not affiliated with the school. Rather, all nerfers in the game I play attend my school simply to make it easier for the (soon to be) hundreds of kids playing to figure out just who it is that they are allowed to kill.

#76222 Who Are You?

Posted by N063425 on 15 March 2006 - 12:34 AM in General Nerf

I'm an assassin.

In the 2 past high school games and 1 soon to start, interest has boomed. The games were played with teams all fighting on a free-for-all and eventually turning into a duel between the 2 top assassins. Player count jumped from 34 to 175 and with 3 or so other schools starting their own school-specific, yet still non-school-affiliated nerf assassin leagues. Everyone in school is talking about what sort of nerf shoot-outs went on the night before and when they can start playing. I think we are the largest "chapter" of nerfers in the region. There's even an interview with the local news in progress! The next game will be a war between juniors and seniors and I know my friends and I are getting very intense about it. I love camping out in some one's house or waiting after they get off of work to shoot them. Going out on hits and drive-by's are great fun. Even better is setting people up and watching them when they figure out its a trap!

I believe that the structure of game that we use to play is key to the local success we have had; If anyone would like to check out how we play, there's a web site (www.cdhnerf.cjb.net) we have with the rules we use and the current set up of the game. The rules on the site only reflect most of the rules we play by and are more extensive "in person," so to speak.

#74766 At3k Blue'n'yellow

Posted by N063425 on 28 February 2006 - 11:34 PM in Modifications

I think all this talk about what kind of nerfer you are is total crap. A good gun is a good gun, no matter who you are.

I single barreled my at3k, its not too hard to do.

1. open the gun (i had glue stuck to the frame and bad screws so this took awhile)

2. drain liquitron thing (unscrew, pour out, screw back in)

3. remove the rotating barrel turret (i ended up just tearing it right off)

4. totally ignore the mechanism for rotating the barrel turret

5. take a CPVC coupler and affix it around the air hole, then reinforce it somehow (you now have an easy way to reload with removable barrels filled with whatever you want)

6. plug the pump (this is difficult on an at3k and i don't know why. I put hot glue on what I thought was the air pressure release thing but it doesn't work)
I am currently in the process of using a pump from a different nerf gun; it should work out well. In either case, even with a bad pump I still get awesome power and can bruise the rib cage at close range. At further ranges it can cause immense stinging sensation in the buttocks for a couple minutes. There is no danger in pumping my at3k 45 times because of the leak, however around 10 pumps is when I reach max air pressure. I know this is bad, but i am hopeful that my new pump will alleviate this problem, I believe it came from a hornet.

7. reassemble

I believe that the at2k is a better buy because it is just as powerful as the at3k but is easier to mod, smaller, and cheaper. The best use for the air tech series is to make it into a shotgun with removable barrels already filled with stefans. This is so because of the enormous potential power with a pump gun as opposed to a spring/plunger gun. In addition, pump guns tend to release air unevenly, causing the projectile to veer off in a random direction. It is much easier to use a separate gun for losing/single shots, in addition to the fact that they are much easier to cock and reload.

Also, if anyone knows about using the DT3 spring in a BBB or something like that please tell me about it.

The Surefire X2 "Compound" Bow is a lot of fun and gets good range, to mod it, I believe replacing the "power cords" and "guiding cord" would be the best and easiest way to increase its power. I am at a loss for ammo though. I canot find any refill packs for the bow in America and will not make my own arrows. if you are familiar with this item I would love some info on it (it's made by monkey business sports)

P.S. I hear people around here hating on CPVC, but I think it is the best barrel material to use. It is not only cheap, light, useful, perfect size, but also fun to play with, and easy to cut. It is the only barrel material my friends and myself use on our guns.