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#185986 You Shot Me All Night Long. (bbbb Tank Extension And 3k Integ) Also, A

Posted by Foamfoot on 28 October 2008 - 12:24 AM in Modifications

The effectiveness of a tank expansion is greatly effected by the size of the passageway that is connecting them. If it's too restrictive hen the expansion will not add a noticeable improvement to the output because of the restriction of the connection that leads to the expansion.

Just something to keep in mind and o explain why I put mine closer to the big blast trigger valve and connected it with a 1/4 brass pipe nipple.

Thanks for the input, I have noticed that the tubing is a little small, but the range is still increased from the original. I may put wider tubing in it from my old fish tank. Note to anyone doing this: Like sluggy said use bigger tubing than I did if avalible and get as close to the air tank as possible.

#185984 Frost King Foam

Posted by Foamfoot on 28 October 2008 - 12:12 AM in General Nerf

On a side note, only get the 100 foot black rolls that amazon sells if you want a whole bunch of test darts (they get pretty limp).

#185983 The Hereticorp Assault Rifle Mk. 2

Posted by Foamfoot on 28 October 2008 - 12:09 AM in Modifications

Nice, I know the laser is just for fun and all (the laser is sweet by the way), but a flashlight might have a much more functional use, at least I've found that to be true.

#185982 You Shot Me All Night Long. (bbbb Tank Extension And 3k Integ) Also, A

Posted by Foamfoot on 27 October 2008 - 11:55 PM in Modifications

Put a valve between the BBBB tank and the 3ks so when you want to use a separate gun, you close that valve and it stops from draining air from the BBBBs. Then if you want to use it as an extension, you open the valve. When I get a nother' bbbb I will try this.

Glad to hear you like it, I actually had plans for a second check valve, but decided I would rather have range over 2 smaller shots, as I can pump pretty quickly.

I wasn't going for multiple shots, just not having to load another dart in. Shotgun spreads in nerf are like nipples on a man, practically useless.

#185979 You Shot Me All Night Long. (bbbb Tank Extension And 3k Integ) Also, A

Posted by Foamfoot on 27 October 2008 - 11:53 PM in Modifications

Okay, explain this to me please. Are you trying to use it as a tank expansion or a second shot of of one tank, because if thats the case, I don't quite follow...

Sorry, I was pressure washing today (7 hours, WOOT!) and I'm a bit tired, so my writing may not come through very well. It is a tank expansion, but it has two release valves , so you can pump it up and shoot one dart from one valve, then pump and shoot another one from the next. The 3k also works as a tank extension too, because air releases from both air tanks.

#185965 You Shot Me All Night Long. (bbbb Tank Extension And 3k Integ) Also, A

Posted by Foamfoot on 27 October 2008 - 10:59 PM in Modifications

First of all, I would like to thank the site owners, for validating my noober account. I have been waiting two months, but I am glad we don't auto-validate people. It keeps down the airsoft kids that come in here and try to breakdance on our lawn. As for a suggestion, maybe have a test regarding the CoC that all new members have to pass.

Anyhoo, my name is Foamfoot, I named it that because my foot is prosthetic. I have a few heart conditions (multiple murmurs, coarctation of the aorta) so if you see me at a war, don't be surprised if I slow down a little bit. I am against real guns and I play with teh nerf blasters, here is my mod.

Don't flame me too hard.

(sorry, accidentally posted it before writeup was finished, wait for a few mins for my mod)

I recently saw CS's tank extension mod for the Buzz Bee Big Blast, I already kinda had an idea but this solidified it. I looked at my 3k, and my bbbb and went to work.

Cut your 3k down like this, kill all the rotation crap.

Posted Image

This will go against everything you've learned, but drill a hole in Mr.BBBB's Air tank

Posted Image

My hole wasn't big enough, I had to use the dremel in the end.

Posted Image

Now in my first pic, the 3k still has some stuff on it, cut that off. I tried to do it like this, but the seal sucked:

Posted Image

Now after everything but the air tank is removed, insert some tubing from the 3k and super glue and hot glue it in (Note: I only have hot glue, epoxy would work much better.)

Posted Image

Then, insert tubing into drilled hole and glue/epoxy it in there (for hot glue, use low heat setting and unplug it as soon as you can actually melt the hot glue, otherwise hot glue will drip into the tank.)

Posted Image

Posted Image

Now for the barrel, I plan on ordering some PETG soon from OMC, but I only have Crayola markers, and the bbbb needs a longer barrel than one marker, so I made somewhat of a breakthrough

Cut down a Buzz Bee (RFR, Double Shot, Mustang Six) Shell to the wide part only:

Posted Image

Then, simply put hot glue on the OUTSIDE[u] of the marker and stick it in half of the shell piece, do the same with the other hollowed out marker on the other side.

Posted Image

There you have it, a crayola marker barrel that doesn't suck.

now put the DMB (double marker barrel) or any other barrel on either the BBBB or the AT3K. Put a barrel on each preferably (I only had 2 markers though)

Posted Image

Now, because there is only one check valve, the 3k serves as both a second barrel (that while you do have to pump, you don't need to put another dart in for two shots) and a tank extension. So, load, pump, shoot, pump , shoot, reload pump shoot pump... you get the idea.

Here is the gun closed up, you do need to dremel or hacksaw to make way for it, but not a whole lot.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

No ranges and until I get some better barrel material. I'm guessing with DMB, the 3k gets about 100 feet. But thats just pacing

I do NOT apologize for the crappy phone pictures in any way, it's not my fault, getting a 8-10 MP Camera in a couple of days,

Oh and first post is a writeup, WOOT!


Disclaimer: Do this mod at own risk, and don't sue me.

Oh and as for thank yous, thank my friend who loaned me two bbbbs (one of which is completely destroyed by trying to integ a spring gun into a air gun and have it be semi auto.). Thanks to the admin that validated me. Thanks to FA24, he's inspired me to do different things with my Nerf guns and I was about to mail himon youboob yesterday to post my mod because my account was still not validated, but decided I didn't want to make him do something that might harm his reputation. Also thanks nerfer9 for having different beliefs but not starting an argument.