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#66933 Alternative Barrel Material

Posted by ambushbug on 01 November 2005 - 03:48 PM in General Nerf

Those are generally too short for any kind of "effective" blaster.

I think JTS has a point in that it seems to be limited in its application (I think the longest tubes I've seen are 4"). And the tapered shape may make it difficult to use as a barrel stub (for nesting a longer, wider diameter barrel over it) without good support from surrounding couplers. But 3 - 4" is enough for for some of my muzzle loading blasters (e.g my NF) and for shooting stock darts (where longer barrels are not really an option).

#66890 Tru: Free Maverick

Posted by ambushbug on 31 October 2005 - 10:26 PM in General Nerf

...and they most certainly didn't give me anything free, other than some odd looks. I guess that's the price to pay when you buy toy guns at my age, huh?

I hear ya. I'm 30 years old and can frequently be found in the toy aisles of any department store or scouring the TRUs in my area. I'm always amused and a little embarrassed whenever I'm at the check out counter and they ask me if I need a gift receipt...

#66844 Alternative Barrel Material

Posted by ambushbug on 30 October 2005 - 10:59 PM in General Nerf

I just discovered that those floral tubes that come with freshly cut flowers (the plastic vials that are used to "feed" the flowers water during transport; in case you have no idea what I'm talking about, see http://www.floralsup...ain_aquapic.htm make decent barrels.

I was looking for a temporary barrel to range test my new 3B and I have a handful of these things around (I store BBs in them). The ones I have are tapered slightly towards the closed end. I simply hacked/sanded off the rounded closed end and a bit off the open end. I jammed the tube into the existing 3B barrel (cut down and air restrictors removed) until the tube got stuck - and voila.

The fit is tighter near the base (and depending on how much you cut off the closed end) but does a reasonable job for both stock darts and my stefans. I imagine a slightly tigher fit all the way through could add a bit more range (i.e. allow the compressed air to build up a split second longer) but he slightly wider front end means its a little easier to load darts.

If you happen to have these lying around, they might be an alternative to the PETG that you usually have to buy from the pet store (at least, that's where I got mine).

#66742 Angered Customer

Posted by ambushbug on 28 October 2005 - 09:15 PM in General Nerf

Who ever reported to this forum from Toronto tell me which TRU did u go to were is it?

assuming you meant me.....

the TRU in question was the one at Bathurst and Steeles. I also just got back from the TRU in Newmarket (Upper Canada Mall) and they had all of the ones I mentioned PLUS the 3B. So, if Illadar is correct (regarding the pattern of distribution form West to East), I guess the BIg Bad Bow has officially arrived in our neck of the woods.

#66542 Angered Customer

Posted by ambushbug on 24 October 2005 - 10:12 PM in General Nerf

Hahahahaha, that's cute.

Lot's of girls tell me I'm that.
to below: 10 posts in a day is enough? I'll try to edit, but for me that's less than 1 post an hour, well maybe 3 because I'm only on the net usually an hour, but today I went on a 4 hour rampage, I guess it got out of control. I have an average of 1.1 posts a day -_-

You talk back to an admin like that and it'll turn into 0.0, you understand me?

Relevant to the conversation, Canada sucks. You guys don't even know how to make a cheese burger.

Guns kick ass. I own three guns. I've never killed anyone. Even if I did I wouldn't use a gun. To begin with there is too much evidence. They'll just match up the bullet, case solved. Besides, guns aren't cheap. Neither is ammo. There are far more cost efficient ways to commit murder. Besides, I'd look funny shooting a guy with a 22.

Florida sucks. Half of it is back assed southern, half of it is New Isreal and all of it is under attack by hurricanes.

Past that, I just want you Canadians to understand that A. You're not really a country, B. You only exist because we like you and you have nothing and C. you don't know what bacon is.

God help you if you ever strike oil.


if Canada sucks then the US sucks more (ok, I'm being a bit juvenile).

But I mean George W? And I don't know what is more disturbing, the fact that the guy who lost the election became president OR the fact that after all he's done he gets re-elected (?)

#66475 Angered Customer

Posted by ambushbug on 24 October 2005 - 12:06 AM in General Nerf

OK I am Tired of people on this site that live in America I ENVY you guys so much all your stores are up to date with the finest firearms(nerf guns). Me I live in Toronto and I am tired of walking into a common toystore
(toys toys toys, Toys R us) And they don't have Jacksquat.
Is there anybody in Toronto or north york area that knows a good nerf retailer?

I'm in the TO area as well. Though I too get the impression we have less selection, I think there's still a wide range of stuff you can get around here. More than enough to keep me busy trying to mod stuff.

I have even recently seen some of the more elusive blasters at a few of my local TRUs. At one of the better stocked ones, I saw the Firefly, the Dart Tag and the AT3k (twin pack). Most of the TRUs in the TO area seem to have RF20, Mav, N-Strike Unity and NFs consistently in stock. Some also have the Lanard stuff (e.g. Blast Bazooka). I have yet to spot a BBB though.

How about Wal Marts? Though almost all seem to be devoid of NERF brand blasters except for the Tech Target, they typically have the whole line of Buzz Bee blasters and some of the Lanards (Max Shot and BB - no First shot or Triple Shot). Just by luck, I managed to find a couple of old AT2ks and a Lanard Speed Loader a few months ago.

Sears and Zellers often also carry the NF and the Mav.

And my take on living in Canada vs. the US of A:
- true, we do generally have a lower crime rate in Canada but also a way smaller population; and gun crime has been popping up an awful lot in Toronto in the past few years with no signs of slowing
- I don't know whether firearms in the US or Canada are the cause of crime or are merely the symptom - but I'm glad that most Canadians don't own them
- the safest part about living in this great country of ours is not the absence of guns, but rather the existence of FREE healthcare

#65989 4b - The Bacon Bow (semi-automatic Bbb)

Posted by ambushbug on 17 October 2005 - 09:33 AM in Modifications

Oh and maybe I can count or somthing, but my real quick estemate says 3 sentences, but what the hell do I know.

Clearly, you can count but perhaps you should work on spelling (as per the COC).

Better yet, try not to clog up a thread by adding purely pointless sarcasm. Your earlier post (describing the cocking action etc) was useful. The following one wasn't.

#65154 Performance Problems With Airtech 3k

Posted by ambushbug on 05 October 2005 - 10:42 PM in Modifications

It sounds unlikely that the problem would merely boil down to imperfect stefans. Sure, slight imperfections among stefans can result in varying flight path (e.g. random deviations from straight) but, I mean, if ALL of them are firing off in the same direction, it sounds like a problem that is affecting all stefans in the same way (e.g. airflow). Unless, I suppose, all the stefans are sytematically screwed up in exactly the same way (which doesn't seem to be the case as they are fine in your other blasters).

Sounds like the turret is misaligned causing the airflow to be uneven (e.g stronger on the left/weaker on the right side of any given turret barrel). That's just a guess, though.

#65005 Buzz Bee Rfr + At2k Integration

Posted by ambushbug on 04 October 2005 - 02:40 AM in Modifications

My goal was to improve the range of the Rapid Fire Rifle without losing the clip-loading feature. What I did was to integrate the air tank system of the Airtech2000 into the RFR.

the original RFR guts looked like this (note: I sawed off the barrel previously)
Posted Image

I hooked up the new airtank where the old spring and plunger used to be (ignore the trigger/valve mechanism on the left of the red goo-meter - I ended up changing that; see the next pic)
Posted Image

To fit the airtank in. I had to do some considerable hacking/sanding of the existing plunger/spring frame. I seriously need to invest in a Dremel kit.
Posted Image

On the other half of the rifle chassis, I drilled a hole to allow the "liquitron" goo meter protrude. Yeah I kept the goo, partly cause I was too lazy to reroute the airlines and partly for effect. I also drilled a hole for the airhose (between aritank and pump).
Posted Image

I also cut down the white plastic arm (that connected the lever to the spring) so as not to interfere with the airtank. To allow the shell-ejecting mechanism to work, I glued a small piece of plastic to extend the orange ejection trigger - this allows the sawed down lever arm to trip the ejection trigger. Thus, the lever/clip feeding system works as usual. (sorry - no pic)

After experimenting on a few different valve-trigger mechanisms, I settled on a low tech but reliable solution - steel wire (for hanging picture frames). I secure this to the end of the valve pin. Notice there's also an orange piece (scrap from amodded NF) glued to the airtank to support it against the old spring frame.
Posted Image

I drilled a hole in the existing RFR finger trigger to secure the other end of the wire
Posted Image

After ALOT of trial and error and troubleshooting, I put it back together. Assembled it looks like this.
Posted Image

I still haven't mounted the pump. I'll probably keep it (horizontally) on the right side of the blaster so I can cock the lever and pump with the same hand. I'll probably also change the pump handle.

Cosmetically the fit wasn't perfect as even after cutting out some space for the protruding airline, the airtank causes a bit of a bulge in the chassis and from above you can see a gap (even when the screws are tightened) - oh well.
Posted Image

Now for ranges:
After about 3 1/2 full pumps, it gets about 45-50 feet (stock darts). That's only about 10 feet more than the stock(springer) version with the same dart/shell. I figure, I can get even better range with an extra pump or two (I plugged the over-pressure release valve) but I'm a still little of a wuss when it comes to pumping the gun. After spending 2 days modding this thing, I didn't want to immediately bust the airtank.

In any case, the integration was moderately successful, it gets slightly better range than the stock RFR and is considerably quieter. It hasn't lost its clip-loading capability though its RoF is obviously a little lower because of the pumping. When I get around to it, I'll work on the pump handle and give it a new paintjob.

Again, I'm a nerf noob and this is my first attempt at an integration but I hope it gives you guys some ideas (maybe of what not to do :D ) for your own mods.

#65003 Micro Darts

Posted by ambushbug on 04 October 2005 - 01:31 AM in Modifications

although they don't fit exactly like NERF brand darts, Buzz Bee makes foam darts which work well in my nerf guns. At the Wal Marts around where I live (Ontario), you can find these refill packs (16 darts) for $1.97 CAD. Not as cheap as making your own (i.e. stefans) but if you suck at making stefans (like me), definitely better darts than the homemades. I just bought a butt-load of 'em on the weekend. I hope you don't live in my area, because I just might have cleaned out the WalMart of these refill packs.

#64641 Real Laser Pointer

Posted by ambushbug on 29 September 2005 - 10:23 PM in Modifications

I've thought a little about trying to wire a laser pointer to one of my blasters. It wasn't nearly as easy as I thought as the laser pointer I have has a metal (aluminum) casing making harder to get at some of the internals. I settled on putting the laser on the side of the blaster (max shot), on the grip parallel to the barrel. I just use my steadying hand to depress the laser button with my thumb. At about 40 feet, the laser does help (especially since I don't find the max shot intuitive to aim, given its shape). Although not as cool as wiring to the trigger, the benefit is that the laser can be put on only when you want it (I'm not sure about the FF but in the NF, the light can give you away).

Of course a laser pointer isn't all that useful unless you play in the dark but you're right, it is cool. Not to mention, I have used it for intimidation purposes. For example, some of my friends had to think twice before sticking their head/arm out of a hiding place when my laser said "I see you".

#64640 Post-mod Pics Of Ertl Blowdart Turret

Posted by ambushbug on 29 September 2005 - 10:09 PM in Modifications

in response to a request by another member, here are some pics of a turret I modded from the Ertl Rapid Fire FS 1100 (blow gun). Sorry, the pics were taken when most of it was already asembled.

this is what the original looked like:

ertl fs1100

it has a 5 shot manual turret for megas.

I chopped down the petg chambers to accommodate some buzz bee shells.
Posted Image

I removed the pegs and drilled larger holes in the back of each of the orange shells.
Posted Image

Some electrical tape and hotglue connected the existing PETG, shells and circular turret disc.
Posted Image

I had cut down the front portion of the turret frame a bit because the new chambers (for micros) are shorter than the original (for megas). The central axle (around which the turret rotates) was cut down a bit too - the tip is the screw-in point for the back half.
Posted Image

Here's the back half of the turret frame. Notice I added a custom cut piece of foam sheet (the black stuff) in an attempt to make a tighter seal. I also added some lubricant directly on the foam sheet.
Posted Image

Assembled, it looks like this.
Posted Image

I mounted it as a removable rig (using cpvc coupler) on my max shot.
Posted Image

I have to admit its range isn't as good as single barreled (with buzz bee shell barrel) - only about 35 feet (stock micros). Furthermore, even though the turret has built in notches to align the chamber with the barrel/plunger, proper alignment (on the modded version) isn't as obvious (doesn't click) as in let's say an AT2k so the RoF doesn't really increase substantially from muzzle-loading the single barrel. So why didn't I just use the turret At2k or my Lanard Speed Loader? I don't really know but I'd like to think this was a semi-successful venture. In any case, the turret was originally built for megas and I think their large gauge means it would be pretty easy to nest your own chamber materials inside (e.g. brass/pvc etc.) to allow it to shoot micros without even doing any cutting to the turret - just use e-tape.

#64427 Buzz Bee Question

Posted by ambushbug on 26 September 2005 - 11:17 PM in General Nerf

Does anyone know anything about the Triple Mech Blaster or the Rapid Fire Rifle by Buzz Bee? I found the Triple Mech Blaster, but no real helpful info (select ammo type or all at once); Can't find the Rapid Fire Rifle at all.

sorry, I don't know anything about the Triple Mech but as for the RFR, I recently posted some pics of the internals (sorry, no mod) in the modifications forum. And as pointed out by Jakethesnake, there's some more talk about this blaster on NHQ. Er- I'm assuming you were asking for info on the RFR - it wasn't totally clear whether you just wanted to know where to buy them.

#64425 New Nerf Guns

Posted by ambushbug on 26 September 2005 - 11:06 PM in General Nerf

Speaking about lanard guns where can I get a max shot? Is there any place I can get one I want to get one or two before they are outa stock. I hope they still sell them. Don't tell me they don't sell them anymore... The triple shot and single shot are shit but its big brother the max shot is a beast. I need one.

I've seen a few max shots (the newer blue/silver shell - not the red/blue) still hanging around some of the Wal Marts in my area (S. Ontario)- and I hope to pick them up for myself. Sorry- I'm not trying to gloat - I just want to point out that some stragglers are still out there and might still pop up by chance (e.g. if things get stuck in a corner of the storage warehouse or get returned - God bless Wal Mart for accepting returns under almost any conditions). For example, at another Wal-Mart, I picked up a Lanard Speed Loader (okay, maybe nothing to get too excited about but I never saw it before) and at a third walmart, (actually just last week), I found a pair of AT2Ks on the clearance aisle (7$ CAD each). The boxes were old and ratty (and one was missing all the stock darts) and the copyright on the back was 2002! So yeah, you kinda have to be lucky but if you search the WalMarts in your area (every now and then), there's still a chance that you'll find something good. Worst case, there's also the chance of re-release....

#64423 Winter Vs Nerf Guns

Posted by ambushbug on 26 September 2005 - 10:35 PM in General Nerf

Funny, I was just thinking about this same type of thing..... I don't know much about winter nerfing (or any outdoor nerfing at all for that matter) but after being informed by Blink182 about CFM, it seems almost like its the duty of us Canadian nerfers to "master" winter "warfare". C'mon, since when have Canadians (or Americans from the Northern states) let cold temperatures/snow stop them from having a good time. Sure there are some technical concerns but surely (and judging from some of the encouraging replies) nerf and winter are not mutually exclusive. You'd probably have to incorporate some extra rules (i.e. no snowballs, at least for the sake of the guns)

I say go for it, though from the sound of it you're already planning a war. Shit, just think of the possibilities: in addition to snow fortresses, you might be able to incorporate vehicles (e.g. toboggans, GT snow racers, tire tubes) into the war - depending on the terrain. Like the ultimate snowball fight. Hmmmm......you got me thinking this could be something REALLY good.

#64035 Your Armory

Posted by ambushbug on 21 September 2005 - 12:31 AM in General Nerf

here's mine (nothing spectacular).....

Buzz Bee RFR (2x)
Lanard Max Shot (modded with removable barrels - a single shot and a turret made from an Ertl rapid fire blowgun)
NF (modded)
Wookiee Bowcaster (modded)
Lanard Speed Loader
Ertl FS 1010 Rifle

plus, I managed to kill a Buzz Bee Air Bazooka and a Tek 6

Posted Image

#63906 Buzz Bee Rapid Fire Rifle Guts

Posted by ambushbug on 19 September 2005 - 02:46 AM in Modifications

Wait, did I miss something? How did you get that gun? I haven't seen anything about the rff (rapid fire rifle) being out posted.

the RFRs are pretty common at WalMarts in my area (Toronto) and have been out for a while (I think I got mine in early August).

#63811 Buzz Bee Rapid Fire Rifle Guts

Posted by ambushbug on 18 September 2005 - 02:30 AM in Modifications

as requested by flamebo388 (in an earlier thread), here are some pics of the internals of the clip-fed Buzz Bee blaster:

it uses ammo pre-loaded into these orange shells (same as Buzz Bee Double Shot). Stock clips hold six. But you can also load an extra round in "the pipe" (chamber) before inserting the clip.
Posted Image

here is the stock version (well, I sawed the barrel off this one). It went for 12 bucks CAD$ at Wal-Mart
Posted Image

for a basic view of the internals, you don't need to unscrew the barrel or bolt screws (on the yellow parts - on the current version of the blaster)
Posted Image

note that the plunger isn't very big. Nor is the airhose that runs from plunger tube to the chamber. The spring currently mounted (the silver one) is actually one I put in to try and increase the velocity. The original (the black one) is below the spring/plunger. Although the new spring is stronger, it hasn't made much of a difference in range. It only made the thing way louder. More importantly, it does not compress to the same extent as the original and thus, prevents the bolt from sliding back far enough to let the clip feed shells properly into the breech/chamber.
Posted Image

there are a few things going on in here. The blue lever cocks the spring while sliding the bolt back (to let the shell/cartridge move up into the breech).
Posted Image

When the lever is returned to the closed position, the bolt pushes the shell into the chamber and seals it (the black o rings). Also notice that between the O rings, there is a hole in the bolt. That hole allows airflow into the chamber when the trigger is pulled/the spring/plunger is released.
Posted Image

the orange thing on the right is part of the trigger. The orange thing on the left is part of the mechanism for ejecting spent shells (triggered when the white rod holding the spring is cocked back)
Posted Image

this is my blaster (without significant modification - only spraypaint). There are several velcro tabs on the blaster for attachments I've devised to catch spent shells. The velcro on the clips lets me stick two of them together (one upside down) for faster clip-changes.
Posted Image

This one only gets about 35-40 feet with stock micros but I'm trying to devise something (i.e. integrating a Lanard MaxShot plunger/spring and correspondingly larger gauge airhose) to increase its range. I wonder if even a nite-finder spring would do some good.

Also beware, if you don't use a smooth (though not necessarily slow) motion when cranking the lever, the ammo may jam. But after some practice, this blaster is pretty good for short/mid ranges (indoors).
I suppose length of a war is also an issue because unless you buy enough blasters (for extra clips), reloading shells and magazines is not as easy as groping for a dart and jamming it in a muzzle-loading blaster. I've tried to remedy this by buying a bunch of shell/dart refill packs and keeping them in an ammo bandolier (after Boltsniper). When the magazines are spent, shells can be directly loaded into the breech (without removing the magazine).
I figure it makes a decent (albeit, large) secondary. Not as compact as a Mav or Firefly but easier to reload (until you run out of clips). Again, you can decide for yourself.
I think I'm also gonna try to couple it with a modded maxshot. The rifle-style handle combined with the pistol-grip of the max shot should work well together. Not to mention, it gives the MS a stock.

Anyway, if I acquire any more "uncommon" blasters, I'll try to post more pics. Hopefully, others will do the same.

#63805 Internals Of Ertl Fs-1010

Posted by ambushbug on 18 September 2005 - 12:13 AM in Modifications

Nice job...

HEY...I am 5 minutes away from the Bass Pro Shop ambushbug. In Vaughan Mills right? Well if you’re interested, I and a bunch of other Canadian nerfers have our own little clan, CFM. We would love for you to stop by and join us for one of our wars...what do you think?

cool. I'm new to this, but it sounds like fun. I'll PM you.

#63775 Internals Of Ertl Fs-1010

Posted by ambushbug on 17 September 2005 - 12:07 PM in Modifications

This write up is not as much of a mod as it is one to let people see the internals of this blaster. I figure the blaster has some potential but most people have stayed away from it because it’s non-nerf gun and its overpriced ($34 Canadian). So I’m hoping that by showing the internals, anyone considering this blaster will know in advance what they’re getting themselves into (I personally, try to research in advance -via mod pages- the internals of a blaster before I buy one).

I originally picked up this gun from a Bass Pro Shop (in Vaughan, Ontario) for my nephew. It’s a ball gun and (stock) shoots only about 10 feet. However, the blaster has a realistic look and feel, plus I was optimistic of its potential for having a pretty large plunger (judging by the cylindrical shape of the front portion). So I bought one for myself.

Turns out the blaster does have a decent sized plunger and is very easy to barrel mod (the orange barrel for the balls easily removed by unscrewing two plainly visible screws) . Unfortunately, the pics I’ve attached are only the ‘after’ pics as I did a barrel mod (shoots micros) a few weeks ago. The barrel is actually one of those orange 'shotgun' shells Posted Image that come with the Buzz Bee rifles (the double shot and rapid fire). Not as tight as CPVC (which was my other alternative) which means a little less range but better accuracy and reloading times. With stock micros (yeah – I use stock because: 1) I play indoors with my nephews, and 2) I make the WORST stefans ever), I get about 50 feet and very good accuracy (obviously depending on how straight the dart is) - a little less range than my Lanard Max Shot (with the same barrel) but I’d bet a spring stretch/replacement would do wonders. In the future, I may try to brass mod this baby. What I like about this blaster is its feel. Aiming it is pretty intuitive (i.e. unlike my Max Shot, which I had to “learn” to aim). Well, you can decide for yourself if this is a potentially good primary weapon. Some of you mod geniuses out there could probably turn this into a nerfer favourite.

Anyway, I hope this helps anyone who has been considering this blaster (I did a search and recall seeing another member mention, but not necessarily buy, the blaster). If this was at all helpful, please let me know, because I can also show you pics of the guts of other, less familiar guns (e.g. the Buzz Bee Rapid Fire Rifle). pics below.....

the blaster (post-mod). The big orange thing was for holding up to three balls

Posted Image

opening 'er up is easy. Just remember to remove the screws in the pump first (to reveal more screws)

Posted Image

immediately below the plunger tube is the thingy (white silicon/nylon rod) that allows the pump to cock the spring

Posted Image

the catch and trigger are pretty simple

Posted Image

here are the plunger and spring. Hopefully, ths scale will give you an idea of their size

Posted Image

I tend to fill up dead space (here, the stock) with packing foam when modding my blasters

Posted Image