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#31869 My New Friend

Posted by neonerfer on 20 July 2004 - 10:31 PM in Off Topic

I used to love mister caffeine back in the day (I had the binder decked out with a 3D caffeine molecule and everything!) but I wasn't digging the insomnia, jitteryness, and tendency to over analyze everything. This was good for classroom discussions and math tests but I imagine it made me pretty annoying to my friends. Caffeine has a metabolic half life of about three hours so if you drink 20 oz of drip brew coffee(460 Mg of caffeine)at 8 AM, you've still got 28.75 Mg left in your system twelve hours later. I think I'm pretty sensative to caffeine and sometimes I have trouble sleeping anways so I was only getting around 6 hours of sleep a night. And when you do get to sleep, caffeine usually doesn't allow you to enter a deep, restful sleep. It was very difficult to kick at first but now that I dont rely on it to wake up I'm actually sleeping and much happier and probably easier to be around. And I don't have to pee every five minutes which is nice too. That being said, I'll still occassionally have a bit of caffeine as long as I'm very well hyrdrated before a cross country meet because it's been shown to improve endurance and muslce-fatigue.

My name is Steve and I'm a recovered caffeine addict. :rolleyes:

#31529 George Petty Pinup Cosmetic Mod

Posted by neonerfer on 17 July 2004 - 01:06 PM in Modifications

That looks great, and yeah it's classier with some clothes on. Such style!

#31321 George Petty Pinup Cosmetic Mod

Posted by neonerfer on 15 July 2004 - 07:19 PM in Modifications

Damn that is fucking hot. Great idea, making her topless might be a better one. Topless with a thong, and you've got a winning pair. Nice War Hammer figure by the way.

#30212 Aim Hacks

Posted by neonerfer on 02 July 2004 - 02:59 PM in Off Topic

Plenty of programs like that at Aim Filez.

They won't know he's a script kiddie, they'll probably thing he's tres l33t.

Then again, you could always just tell them you don't want to talk to them...

#30046 Seattle Nerf War

Posted by neonerfer on 01 July 2004 - 12:23 PM in Nerf Wars

You'd probably be more successful if you don't create four identical threads.

#29964 Yeah, Another Modded Crossbow...

Posted by neonerfer on 30 June 2004 - 12:25 PM in Modifications

Nested telescoped brass barrel with stefans all the way. Better ranges and much more accurate. That thing's pretty badass though, nice work. How exactly did you make the plunger, an internal picture would be nice.

#29884 Anyone In A Band?

Posted by neonerfer on 29 June 2004 - 01:27 PM in Off Topic

NinjZ, I'm diggin your music. It seems almost post punk, reminds me alot of Joy Division. I like how everything chuggs along, seems like it would be good driving music. What will the vocals be like?

#29545 Bandwidth Test

Posted by neonerfer on 25 June 2004 - 01:12 PM in News

That is simply badass. Ah my first major nerf war, being known as "that super soaker kid," those were the days. Too bad I could only stay for one war, that is still probably one of the best battles ( and hands down the best group of nerfers) I've ever been in. I like when you see the baby run out screaming, what ever happened to him? That super soaker was fun, too bad it took forever to prime. I think my first good shot was ShortShit asking for a range test, then proceeding to nail Paul (he who has afro) in the chin from an opposite side of the urban area. Slow motion definitely works for nerf vids, I like when I'm pumping and get owned by the wildfire. Good times.

#29248 New Gallery Goodness

Posted by neonerfer on 23 June 2004 - 11:51 AM in News


Where'd you get the A2k1 video?

#29053 Pussies! (now Completely Dolphin Safe)

Posted by neonerfer on 21 June 2004 - 04:20 PM in Modifications


#28939 Armageddon '04 Wrapup Thread

Posted by neonerfer on 20 June 2004 - 01:16 PM in Nerf Wars

Which is kinda funny, considering that we were shouting it at you the entire time. Maybe your stealth is just in your brain, and you assume that no one is talking so you can't hear anything! But it was a good thing, too; if you didn't get that flag, we'd probably still be playing right now.

No hard feelings, a'ight?

I love my Maxshot.

Jesus you don't have to be so dick about it after the fact. As defence it's your responsibility to let the offense know if you saw something hit them. Not heard something, but infact saw a dart hit them or their gun and change direction. If you had rushed the flag you would have known how confusing shit gets with everyone shooting at you, trying to dodge their shots, shoot them, and take the flag simultaneously. The flag's the only thing you focus on and with that much adrenaline you often don't feel shots and apparently in my case can't hear much either because I didn't hear you or anyone else say anything. If Zach knew that I was hit why would he have kept chasing and shooting at someone who was already dead? Why didn't you approach me and let me know that I had infact been hit once the war was over or even later in the day? The fact that you or whoever saw me get hit neglected to take care of that means that you gave my team the victory so you can't bitch about it now.

#28933 Armageddon '04 Wrapup Thread

Posted by neonerfer on 20 June 2004 - 12:24 PM in Nerf Wars

Steve, I fucking swear that when you stole our flag (stealthily), I heard darts hitting plastic. Twice. As did everyone else. Oh well, it was worth it seeing Shortshit chase you through all the trees.

Shit you should have told me. Now my stealth is worthless. Poo.

#28914 Armageddon '04 Wrapup Thread

Posted by neonerfer on 19 June 2004 - 11:45 PM in Nerf Wars

Actually the best darts were the luscious lavender ones.

Anyone like my kamikazi run on my last life where I took out four people with a powerclip?

#28909 Armageddon '04 Wrapup Thread

Posted by neonerfer on 19 June 2004 - 11:27 PM in Nerf Wars

Well I just got back from Toj's and Armageddon was fucking awesome. The location was sweet, even if we did have to hike to the good locations. It was great to see all old timers and the new faces I saw got in the swing of things really quickly. I was stoked that I finally got my crossbow working up to par with micro stefans, can't wait for the next war.


-A two hour game of fucking rapture the fag. After tons of attempts on both flags we finally got it together and ended it.
-The second short game of CTF where I got sneaky and most people didn't even know I had captured it.
-Zach's adaptation of 3DBBQ's M&M system. He was workin' me up with it until his guns started "mysteriously" breaking.
-Me getting consistently owned by Paul. Paul is half my height. Not fair.
-Zach getting hit in the nuts six times, in the ass three times and once in the earlobe by me.
-Who needs nerf grenades when you have an endless supply of lemons?
-Hubbard's beast of a combogun/space ship, the S.S. Nerfstar. Seeing him fly home to planet Nerflactica was quite a beautiful sight. The crash immediately following wasn't, however.
- Steph #2 owning Spoon with dual powerclips.
-Our excellent nerf duels that weren't staged at all.
-Ray dodging just about every fucking shot I threw his way.
-That angsty, aggressive lounge music Toj had on in the garage. That really got the testosterone going.
-Meeting DXWQ (Kev's brother) who looked and acted just like Kevin, kicked ass for his first war.
-No one bothering us, no stupid yoga people, no tennis players, no soccer children getting picked off, no one calling the cops. Rural locations have their advantages!

Great group of nerfers and a great location. Total success.

#27651 Guitars

Posted by neonerfer on 03 June 2004 - 05:41 PM in Off Topic

I've got a Fender Squier Affinity Strat that came in a bundle with a 15g amp, gig bag, book, cables, picks, electric tuner, extra strings, etc. It was $180 at guitar center and has been a great set up for me. The only difference between it is slightly lesser quality pick ups and it's made in Indonesia. Most people can't tell the difference between a Strat and a Squier Strat, I barely notice a difference. I'd reccomend the Strat Pack to begginers who want to make sure they like guitar but plan on buying a better one if you like it. I love my guitar to death and it still works great for my situation. I'm going to get lessons pretty soon but I'm progressing pretty well on my own and I play everyday just because I love playing so much.

#27259 Armageddon '04 Planning Thread

Posted by neonerfer on 30 May 2004 - 11:51 AM in Nerf Wars

As of now it's definately me, toj, and jon. I assume sam, brendan, mark, and maybe drew will come. Expect around at least 5 from us but as many as 10.

#26317 M6d Psitol

Posted by neonerfer on 16 May 2004 - 03:38 PM in Off Topic

Grinch that thing is fucking sick. Nice work. Have any real pics of it?

#26267 Who Hunts?

Posted by neonerfer on 15 May 2004 - 06:37 PM in Off Topic

My property is overrun with crows. They have a huge nest with 100+ crows in my neighbors grove of enormous overgrown avocado trees. Our 6 acres is full of avo's as well so there's a good 10 acres where the crows dominate. I've taking quite a liking to picking them off with my pellet gun but I've heard of people taking out 200 crows or more in one morning's hunt with a shotgun. I'm not much of a killer but they're so damn annoying that I can't help but take a few out every now and then. It would be nice if I had something like Groove's AR-15. Crows are really fucking smart though, they have sentries and really advanced communication. They even use tools and sometimes even dig up seeds after farmer's plant them. They know the difference between a farmer with a pitchfork and a farmer with a shotgun. They're pretty sneaky fucks but they're fun to hunt. You don't need a liscense either and amazingly there's even crow hunting websites. They're smart enough where I heard you can train them. If I ever tire of hunting them I'm definately raising an army of super-intelligent attack crows.

#25901 Bbb Full Potential?

Posted by neonerfer on 11 May 2004 - 09:18 PM in Modifications

My experience with the BBB is that it's picky. With the right barrel, seals, and ammo that thing kicks ass. I've got it up to 110'+ with airjet micros and a pvc barrel. However, I've showed up to nerf wars where for whatever reason it didn't shoot past 50' and was shooting twice that once I messed with it. Make sure you have all the seals completely air tight and are using the right ammo for the barrel you have. A telescoping brass barrel with micro stefans would be a good combination but you'll really just have to tweak with it and see what works best.

#25815 Nerf In The News

Posted by neonerfer on 10 May 2004 - 08:59 PM in General Nerf

I'm not sure if this is Assasins though. I've read about that and it sounds awesome but I think this is more a mutli-team deathmatch. It sounds like theres tons of kids in it so it takes a while for them to complete the entire game but I don't think they draw names and only try to assassinate that one person or team. Sounds fucking fun though, I wish it went down in my town.

#25722 Jspb-blue Streal3 , My Best Gun

Posted by neonerfer on 09 May 2004 - 10:33 AM in Homemades

That's awesome 3DBBQ, thanks for taking the time to do that! That loading mechanism is one of the most innovative that I've seen, good thinking. Nice flash, thanks for putting the plans up too!

#25211 Political Debate

Posted by neonerfer on 30 April 2004 - 12:07 AM in Off Topic

I hope that this isn't turning into more of a political argument. I'll watch this thread a bit more before I become involved, but just keep a few things in mind.

Present your facts, don't neccessarily try to change people's minds. The two worst things to argue about are religion and politics. Debating is great when it's constructive but in my experience it usually turns into an argument. Arguing about these things is for the most part a waste of time because religion and politics are for the most part just a matter of morals for most people. Religion in particular, is taught to children while they're still very impressionable, if they can believe in the easter bunny, why not God? They think their parents are the smartest people in the world so they naturally take a side with their parents on politics a bit later in life. If you're going to argue about something that they've had more or less shoved down their throat their entire lives(in the sense that the parent's views are presented to the child without the child's consent) you're just not going to get anywhere.

Lots of very good points from both sides here, but no matter your political/religious/moral standings, try to keep an open mind and keep the discussion productive. I think Merlinski made this topic to debate and not argue, so keep it at that.

#24637 Armageddon '04 Planning Thread

Posted by neonerfer on 21 April 2004 - 11:19 PM in Nerf Wars

This is the coolest fucking thing in the history of nerf for me(and probably Toj too). Toj and I were talking about the idea of baricades that we could make and set up in the open areas, we could even set up an outdoor arena for a "speed ball" type scenario. Oh, and I will bother to show up at this war, no matter what. I'm fucking stoked.

#24576 Building A Custom Pc

Posted by neonerfer on 20 April 2004 - 06:09 PM in Off Topic

Make sure that the part that advances the clip up functions properly. Also, make sure the screws around the orange clip itself aren't too tight or too loose. Take out the restrictors if you want. Unless there's some air leakage, you'll find you have a decent PC with minimal customization.

Did you even read his post or are you just fucking retarded? He's talking about a computer.

Superintendent, www.newegg.com has pretty good prices and selection, I was gonna order my PC from there.

#24518 Actual Working Spring Home-made!

Posted by neonerfer on 19 April 2004 - 05:31 PM in Homemades

So it's just a pull and release? Frost Vectron (I believe it was him) made and posted instructions for alot of those, including a multishot one. Someone else made a spring homemade with a trigger as well. Nice work, just letting you know that it's been done before.

#23777 April YANO Planning Thread

Posted by neonerfer on 08 April 2004 - 12:17 AM in Nerf Wars

And to think I was just kidding about Toj's house. It could work though, it's a fun place to war at. If Zero was in town, I'd definately show up to that war, I don't think I'll be able to make it on 4/18 though.

#23625 Haha Funny

Posted by neonerfer on 05 April 2004 - 11:49 PM in General Nerf

Some of the noobs are pretty bad but this guy is off the fucking charts. He's so horribly noobish that I'm wondering whether he's really a noob at all or just a vet fucking around with us. I mean, no one can be this stupid. Keep him around for our entertainment then ban him once his threads turn into ebaumsworld picture orgies or american-canadian-uber-nationalism-threads.

#23623 Ehem...

Posted by neonerfer on 05 April 2004 - 11:40 PM in News

Noobs, take heed! This is possibly the most valuable peice of information that anyone at Nerf Haven has ever told you. Vacc obviously derives some sort of sick pleasure from posting something purposefully vague and often of a homoerotic nature then cutting anyone down who attempts to hijack it. Just look at any of his threads. If you're going to get pissed at someone for poking fun at either of your rectal sphincters, at least pick your fucking battles. This man is very defensive over his "turf" and you're just asking to be dominated.

#23492 Sniper

Posted by neonerfer on 04 April 2004 - 11:22 PM in General Nerf

Now this is what nerf is all about. Everyone gets all excited when a noob makes a useless post and prepares their barrage of cliché pictures from various "internet humor" sites. Wolf has to be one of the best so far.

#23491 Trigger Happy Noobs

Posted by neonerfer on 04 April 2004 - 11:16 PM in Off Topic

I'm going to have to insist that you all stop using the word "nooblet" on this site. For after nooblet comes cookies and trout and all manner of emotes and general mayhem ensues as NH becomes NC.

yO KeVin!!!111one

cAn wE plz plz plz have a nerf RPG?!!! OMG tAhT WULD BE SOOOOO FREICKEN SWEET!!! wE CuLd hAve likee mAdE up sup3r gunz and flYinG skooterz and bAseS and stuff!

#23489 I Need Help

Posted by neonerfer on 04 April 2004 - 11:03 PM in General Nerf

Awwww a brand new noob. He's so cute and defenseless.

There should be air restrictors that look like (II) on the ends of the pegs that the darts go on. Cut those off and file them down so they look like (O). That'll improve airflow. Use red nerf brand micros instead of the missiles the probably provided you, they'll go alot farther and are much more accurate. I prefer the nerf brand multi barreled pistols just because they seem to be more reliable and shoot better for indoor wars. I wouldn't try to open it up because you'll probably just fuck it up and not be able to get it back together.

You're probably just better off getting an Airtech 3000, Powerclip, or Maxx Shot, and you can find out how to modify them here. They're much better guns. If you don't try to type less like a retarded :w00t: raised on AOL, you'll probably just be banned.

#23483 Ehem...

Posted by neonerfer on 04 April 2004 - 10:39 PM in News

It's perfectly normal for a boy's anus to bleed as he reaches adult hood. It's just part of becoming a man. Try icy hot VACC.

#23281 April YANO Planning Thread

Posted by neonerfer on 03 April 2004 - 11:49 AM in Nerf Wars

We could always just war at Toj's house. Toj's parents are really weird...er...cool like that. Free booze too, they got Toj drunk at 4. Okay, okay, I'll get off my lazy ass and fix my crossbow. I'm going to be in Maui from the 9th - 16th, so I should have enough time to recover and get my shit together. We're going to be at the beach everyweekend in April, unless the weather is terrible, so I don't know what the driving situation will be, I'll have to talk to her. If worst comes to worst, we'll just organize a massive-day-long-nerf-arena-blast-pwn-a-thon. <g>

#23206 April Fools

Posted by neonerfer on 01 April 2004 - 09:56 PM in Off Topic

...rubberbanded the hose spray nozle on our sink down so it squirted people. Immature, but fun! :D

Ha ha, been watching beer commercials recently?

I had a bad April Fools day, a kid in grade ten at my school was found in 20 pieces in a dumpster an hour away. He was missing since Christmas Eve this year. Obviously dead for some time, they had to identify him with his dental records.

It was the crappiest April 1st I've ever had... my whole school was mourning for him, so there were no real jokes, or pranks played. The mood was just too serious.

If you're fucking with us, well played because I believed you at first but if you're serious then that's fucking sad.

#23062 NerfHaven: Tribal Council

Posted by neonerfer on 31 March 2004 - 06:45 PM in Site Feedback

Right, but I "have been arond" since nerfhaven began. I never signed up until..sometime later. No offence, but I dont remember any mods or anything from you. Maybe my memory sucks.


Awsome, I have my own era. Ill call it... "Time THIRST and BlackWraith were around era"

I've been around since a bit before Nerf Online recovered from it's down time, about three years. I was alot more active at Nerf Online and hung around at Nerf Center before that.

#23057 666 Members

Posted by neonerfer on 31 March 2004 - 06:22 PM in Off Topic

Blaster, noobs like you really piss people off

Sorry. On the plus side I am taking a short break from the forums. Sorry to anyone I pissed off.

You don't have to leave, just try to correct the things that annoy us. Other than that, you're fine.

Didn't say I was leaving, I'm just saying I'm taking a break. I actually do have a lot of school work that's got to be done. Tomorrow we're going to be assigned a mess load of projects and in between that I'm going to make a stab at a Contribution. However I will try to correct the annoying things in the meantime.

Glad to hear it.

#23056 NerfHaven: Tribal Council

Posted by neonerfer on 31 March 2004 - 06:20 PM in Site Feedback

In terms of contributions in the time that Thirst and Black Wrath have been around, Black Wrath would probably win but when I was actually contributing I did quite a bit more. I don't really nerf all that much anymore but I hang around because I've got a few friends here.

#23054 666 Members

Posted by neonerfer on 31 March 2004 - 06:15 PM in Off Topic

Blaster, noobs like you really piss people off

Sorry. On the plus side I am taking a short break from the forums. Sorry to anyone I pissed off.

You don't have to leave, just try to correct the things that annoy us. Other than that, you're fine.

#23006 666 Members

Posted by neonerfer on 31 March 2004 - 12:14 AM in Off Topic

Thanks for clearing that up about the femininity. Would the fact that it's inverted alter the meaning at all though? It's also a symbol of peace and equality, a symbol of spring and summer(one point skyward), and a symbol of fall and winter(two points skyward). For the religious zealots in here, it was originally a christian symbol and was only recently adopted for use by the Church of Satan.

Blaster, noobs like you really piss people off because you see everyone posting intelligent comments and you think you can somehow do the same by bending over and letting loose all over the computer. If you don't think you know much about Satanism and the occult then don't fucking try to correct us. The same applies for everything else. Don't speak unless you feel you have beneficial knowledge on the subject, we don't want your opinion on every little thing.

DoubleLNL, some of us have open minds. We don't accept everything that is shoved down our throats. The occult is interesting yes, but if I was a Christian, I would want to research Satanism to see both sides instead of just one. You are no longer allowed to post unless you check with me first. Open your eyes, open your ears, open your mind and shut your fucking mouth. We don't disrespect your beliefs or interests, we expect the same from you.

Moosenukem, one person has kept your little religion alive for the past 2000 years. I'll give you a clue, his name isn't Jesus.

I'm not Satanist, for the record, nor anti Christ. I'm anti ignorance.

Edit: If I may correct, I believe that Pagans worship the earth. Not to be confused with Wiccans and Satanists.

#22941 666 Members

Posted by neonerfer on 30 March 2004 - 06:57 PM in Off Topic

I'm rather confused as to what Satanists believe and what sort of afterlife Satanists believe in.

They support a self indulgent lifestyle and disreguard any moral or ethical foundation. They support the rejection of Christianity in all forms and believe in doing what makes you happy. Not many believe in Satan as people believe in God but most use Satan in a symbolic way, supporting the lifestyle I just described. They don't sacrafice virgins and most don't think that they're going anywhere when they die. Magic of many forms is incorperated into daily life and there's a large ritual and ceremonial side to Satanism. Some people take it to more extremes and those are the ones you hear about on the news with their Satanic cults and such. The Satanist Bible by Anton LaVey is an interesting read to say the least, but it shouldn't be taken too seriously just as the Bible shouldn't be taken too seriously.