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#1741 Favorite Yano Moment

Posted by neonerfer on 23 February 2003 - 03:47 PM in Nerf Wars

Yeah, that one was great. We had like three rushers and Kevin was kicking ass on support. Support held off long enough for me to get the flag out of the base and run it a few yards before I got hit. It was just as we had planned it. I think Mark grabbed it after me and support took out most of the enemy's defense. And yes, Sam was impaled by many a dart at once. The CTF grassy hill wars were great. It's been said before but the last war was just beautiful. Spoon was shooting from behind a bush and I snuck up behind him and tagged him with a Lock 'n' Load a point blank. Kevin asked Spoon if he was in and he wasn't, and I shouted to Ray and he wasn't in either. Then blue team just exchanged glances and Kevin shouted, "Blue Team, CHAAAAAAARGE!" I took out one man at the base and grabbed the flag. Blue team took out just about everyone else. I ran it to about 10 feet from our base and somehow got hit but the rest of my team was mostly in and near. Toj grabbed the flag as soon as I dropped it and capped it. Hey, what are useless clan members for, eh?

Another memorable moment was when Toj went akimbo in the grassy hilly CTF with dual LnL's. He ran up to a smaller hill and was flanked by two orange. He dove, LNL's ready in almost a swan dive and dodged both their shots. He shot at both of them, and I think got them both. I saw the whole thing and it looked
really damn cool.

#1740 Hey Ladies!

Posted by neonerfer on 23 February 2003 - 03:16 PM in General Nerf

In responce to the models with the nerf guns...
It's pretty novel that they have nerf guns and everything, but I think they're slightly lacking in the attractiveness dept. Unless this "Ann" is super hot, which I'm sure she is, seeing her nude with nerf guns might just crush our hopes that there's hot naked chicks with toy guns out there.

#1728 New Nerf Gun!

Posted by neonerfer on 22 February 2003 - 07:10 PM in General Nerf

It's so sleek and small. If you could strip it down maybe it would be cool to attach to another gun. I just saw that DJ Hurley has it at his site and it's a cocking gun. He claims that it shoots as far as a pocket blaster though. It's only fired when it's in the "gun shape," meaning it's moved to the L shape. If you could cut the "pen" part off and slap a brass or PETG barrel on there. Nerf Saturday Night special. I want one in any case.

:edit: I just noticed that those darts are smaller than regular ones. With another barrel you'd probably just use stefans anyways.

#1726 New Nerf Gun!

Posted by neonerfer on 22 February 2003 - 07:07 PM in General Nerf

Well Nerf sure has gotten creative on us...



#1634 Gallery Section Is Alive!

Posted by neonerfer on 19 February 2003 - 09:22 PM in Site Feedback

Mark Kopitzke. And yes, he was defying gravity. He tends to do that. His agility and speed combined with his deadly shot make him well...just kick ass. I'm the cool cat in the back of that pic with the longish hair, snipin' it out old school style.

#1452 Kick Ass Yano

Posted by neonerfer on 17 February 2003 - 03:14 AM in Nerf Wars

Oh god that was fucking fun. The CTF wars were awesome. My guns were alright, they were about where they should be. I wasn't as prepared as I would liked to have been but I still had a blast. I was so tired when I got home I took a long ass shower, but now I'm like overtired and adrenalized. 16 people is perfect, no exceptions. We should have done a John Woo, we would have had so much fucking fun with that. I'm gonna PETG mod my 3000 soon, it's gonna be pretty swell. Anyways, great YANO Kevin, hope to do it again soon.

#1420 Nerf History

Posted by neonerfer on 15 February 2003 - 08:10 PM in General Nerf

I wouldn't have minded the wild, promiscuous sex and all the wonderful hallucinogens of the 60's. It would be so awesome to have the music of then along with the technology of today.

#1402 Socal War In Feb

Posted by neonerfer on 15 February 2003 - 12:50 AM in Nerf Wars

Alright, Jon isn't coming, so as of now I'm bringing 3 people. Carlo, Sam(without the little brother), and Toj. They've been to a bunch of LANO's with me, and they were all at armageddon. They're cool guys and most of you have met them. So out of my crew, we'll have 4 people. Yazoo.

#1377 Nerf Guns

Posted by neonerfer on 14 February 2003 - 02:24 AM in General Nerf

No, just effects. There's nothing special about throwing darts around.

#1072 Armageddon Video

Posted by neonerfer on 01 February 2003 - 07:51 PM in Off Topic

I believe the Armageddon 2k and April LANO videos are done, Hal just isn't hosting them. I'm sure if nerfhaven were too offer hosting for the videos, he'd be happy to have you guys. I would really like to see them, so maybe the NH staff could ask Hal about it sometime.

#929 Matrix: Reloaded - Superbowl Trailer

Posted by neonerfer on 27 January 2003 - 01:16 AM in Off Topic

Shit, I missed it. Off to apple.com...

#715 Side Arms

Posted by neonerfer on 19 January 2003 - 01:51 AM in General Nerf

My LNL, BBB combo is deadly. I couldn't go into battle without the LNL plus it makes me look cool.

#692 Socal War In Feb

Posted by neonerfer on 18 January 2003 - 02:08 AM in Nerf Wars

Alrighty...I included Jon in the count for my crew. I've talked to the group, and it'll probably be around eight people or so. I didn't bring that little twirp, but he's my friend's younger brother. I don't know, I didn't want him to come, but my friend's mom was driving us, so there wasn't much I could do. He's not coming to any wars, anytime soon though, I'll make sure of that. I've got about 30 micros or so...I lost a few at a nerf war a while ago. I'll see if I can get my BBB brassed, then whip up some nice micros. If not, I'll just stick with my pvc-crayola with airjets. If I'm feelin' really cool, I'll finalize my grenade, I've developed a way to not use airsoft BB's, but you get the same effect, nerf-wise. I'll try to get my landmine done, it's basically just a stationary homemade with a remote, but I think it's gonna be pretty cool. Mmmmmm, foamy.

#585 Socal War In Feb

Posted by neonerfer on 14 January 2003 - 12:33 AM in Nerf Wars

You'd better believe our lousy asses are gonna be there. Probably the regular 8 guys, give or take. Jeeze, it's great to hear from you guys again. I heard about it at school today and word got around fast. I'm stoked. My BBB is better than ever, I had it measured at around 100' last time I used it. And about the SDNO, I'd be cool with Spring Break. The location is simply amazing, wooded with a big rock formation in the middle, a dry/running river running two of the sides and tons of trees and cover. I'd be more than willing to organize the thing. I can't wait for the YANO.

#45 Pants

Posted by neonerfer on 15 December 2002 - 02:49 PM in Off Topic

Pffftttt. Who needs 'em?! I've personally never liked them. As a kid, I'd run around in my underwear. And cowboy boots...but that doesn't matter. Pants are too...restraining! I need to be free. Pajama pants are fine though. As long as I have good circulation and a nice breeze, one way or another, I'm happy.

#44 The New Nerf

Posted by neonerfer on 15 December 2002 - 02:35 PM in General Nerf

*sigh of relief*
It's good to be back. I picked up an AT3k during the summer. It's a pretty good gun. Unmodded, it kicks the shit out of anything as an indoor gun. With red micros, I get about 50 feet from it. If the mods are worked out, this gun has a lot of potential.