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#74343 Scout Pistol Mods?

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 26 February 2006 - 02:20 AM in Modifications

While I've never modded the Scout, I can't really offer any help, but maybe be a little more specific (pictures?) in your query?

Otherwise, check the mod directory, I know for a fact that ompa's scout mod is sitting there.


#70739 Perfecting Ompas Titan Mod.

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 10 January 2006 - 05:51 PM in Modifications

It has been added! [to the directory]


#60771 My Cool And New At2k Air Tank. Check It Out!

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 01 August 2005 - 07:04 AM in Modifications

Well that's cool.

I think it's going to take a lot of pumps to prime such a large airtank, and that the benefits from having a large airtank will be wasted on such a light projectile as a nerf dart. BUT, maybe it'll be this amazing loser machine (cue "no losers in nerf" flaming)!


#80526 Mod Directory Notification Posts

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 21 April 2006 - 03:17 AM in Site Feedback


I'm trying to add a post to every topic I add to the directory that says, "Added to the directory," or something to that extent. Obviously, I'm not going to start posting on years-old posts, but I am going to post on topics within the month or so.

The reason for this topic is really just to tell everyone that I don't mean to incite any old-topic posting flames, but rather want to make it easy to know if a mod has been added to the directory without having to check the actual directory. The other reason is that at the moment of this topic, the first five (!) topics of the modifications forum have me as the newest poster... I wouldn't want people to get annoyed with "overposts" when many are just directory notifications.

If anyone disagrees with this method, just let me know, and I'll stop.


#60144 Sspb Question

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 25 July 2005 - 03:23 AM in Modifications

Really? I thought the only thing in the chamber was a back check valve as well as the actual valve (which seems to resemble a quick-exhaust potato cannon valve). I think the over-pressure valve is located only in the pump shaft. Please correct me if I'm wrong!


#80673 Mod Directory Notification Posts

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 23 April 2006 - 05:48 PM in Site Feedback

Why don't you just post multiple times and bump your own thread, citing "added___(insert mod here)______ to the directory". That way, your "Directory" post gets in on the current update box, and you won't have a half dozen ancient posts with your name as the last poster.

That sounds like an excellent idea. I'll do that from now on.


#60109 Sspb Question

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 24 July 2005 - 06:35 PM in Modifications

Um... I believe there are a lot of other post around here about that... if you would like to search.

Otherwise, just saw off the front of the pump tube, taking care not to saw through the actual pump shaft. Then pop some hot glue on the end of the pump shaft... And glue everything back up.

There are also barrel swap mods, and expansion mods as well, if you'd search.


#80522 Sharpshooter 1 Mod

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 21 April 2006 - 02:53 AM in Modifications

Nice mod, pal... and I'm sorry it took me so long to add it to the directory!

But first entries are always something special, eh?


#80809 Maverick Pvc Mod

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 26 April 2006 - 01:37 AM in Modifications

Rings said it, but just to hear it from the source:

I only put mods in the directory from THIS site. Once all the older mods are added, then I'll start branching out with an actual website to take on the NIC. Grinch and I talked a little about it awhile ago, but right now I just don't have time.


EDIT: I forgot to say thanks for the thoughts Spartan. If you'd like to contribute (by searching and sending me links and such) just let me know.

#70738 Cpvc/pvc Breech Writeup

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 10 January 2006 - 05:48 PM in Modifications

Added to mods directory...

Good Jorb!


#57314 Messing With A Sspb

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 12 June 2005 - 03:31 AM in Modifications

its tank is filled to the max with about 2-4 pumps (i havent plugged the pump tho).

How do you get yours to maximum power with 2-4 pumps without plugging the pump? The whole point of this mod really, is to make it one or two pumps, so that ROF is increased (since I believe it already has pretty good accuracy and such). And, if it gets some more power, then that's not bad either.

#57301 Messing With A Sspb

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 11 June 2005 - 11:39 PM in Modifications

Hiya folks! I'd like to thank all the people who tried to help me with my nitefinder, even though it still doesn't work like I'd like it too. But here's something new!

I really like the sspb. With the stock casing on it, it even fits in your hand like a derringer! But, I thought it would be cool to rework its components into a small pistol (mainly because of the trigger config).

I figured I'd change the barrel, add a small ball pump, and reinforce the "airtank". One of those pumps should be able to fill the air tank rather quickly (1-2 pumps).

My only snag is my lack of knowledge regarding the valve. Mainly, where does it end, and where does the airtank begin? I'd just crack it open, but I'd like to have a better idea first.

Posted Image

Excuse the crudeness of the pic...

A: PVC/CPVC barrel just like the standard mods (maybe something else?)
B: A hole the size of the old barrel stub is drilled in the side of the new barrel, and the two are joined. The air has to make a "uie".
C: Here's where it gets questionable. I'm assuming that the valve is completely contained in the other section of orange, and that this is simply more airtank. If so, the orange is cut to rotate the "airtank input" area to point downward, rather than point up.
D: New airtank, composed of PVC.
E: Standard ball pump found at most sporting goods stores. A bike pump would work as well. The specific pump I have in mind also comes with a short hose. The hose would be glued into the PVC.

I would keep the airtank relatively the same size, so that only one or two pumps would be needed. With nerf, I've found that low volume/high pressure does wonders. Same with paintball. But anywho.

As far as casing goes, I'll get to that when it comes.

So, any ideas on if this will work? Any improvements? Seriously... Anything. Oh, and if anybody wants to roll with this, rock on as well. (I know I will be)

#75535 To Those Who've Cpvc's Mavericks...

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 07 March 2006 - 11:19 PM in Modifications

Are those ranges an average or just single shots?

See what I mean though? It's hit or miss, brother.


#70737 Artemis Arms Bulldog (nf)

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 10 January 2006 - 05:41 PM in Modifications

Well this goes in the write-up directory... Nice write-up!

I also eagerly anticipate NerfMonkey's results of his experiment. I'd try it myself, but pretty much the entire town of Appleton, WI, is out of Nite Finders.


#75457 To Those Who've Cpvc's Mavericks...

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 07 March 2006 - 01:27 AM in Modifications

I also agree.

Also, without creating a better seal between the plunger and the turret, any range gained with using cpvc will probably be missed. I've done the cpvc mod, and the turret is in such an unhappy balance that it's tough to see any improvement.


#61102 Re: Spring Replacement

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 04 August 2005 - 01:05 PM in Modifications

Hey dude,

I found that my local Farm and Fleet sells the perfect spring! No cutting!

The measurements of the spring were:

7/8 x 4 x .080 in.

They came two to a pack, and are definitely stronger than even the original nitefinder. The packaging was a plastic bag, with the top of the bag being colored yellow where the measurements were listed. While these new springs are more powerful, I found that they were not so much larger as to cause structural damage or preventing the cocking mechanism from functioning. Rock it!


#78841 Modification Page

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 05 April 2006 - 07:20 AM in General Nerf

If people already have write-ups that don't appear in the directory, presumably, they can easily ask Kirby to add it.

YES! I may be slow, and I may be sick of searching and reading through 10 pages of results, but it WILL be complete at one point.

And then someone else will make another mod.

And thanks for the compliment, ambushbug!


#83208 Reinforcing Nf Internals

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 13 June 2006 - 03:04 PM in Modifications

My brother's NF did the same thing... I recently bought a brand new NF, but this time I epoxied the connection of the shaft to the plunger head. No problems yet...

#79781 The Yellow Jacket

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 12 April 2006 - 11:48 PM in Homemades

Vinyl tubing. You can get it in a variety of sizes...

Or, if you're trying to get to CPVC, then use some vinyl (they nest with a little bit of soapy water), and for the rest of the way, use a bicycle innertube.


Well, you cut the innertube into long strips, about a half inch wide. Then you wrap the inner-pipe with the tube in a candy-cane pattern, and thread the pipe into the larger pipe. It forms nearly an airtight seal.

If you have any other questions, let me know!


#80521 Big Bad Bow Re-release Basic Micro Dart Mod

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 21 April 2006 - 02:44 AM in Modifications

Pictures may be unneccessary if you own the gun, but for me, they're mandatory when it comes to adding mods to the directory. If you add pics, then this dealio will get added to the directory ASAP. Otherwise, no go...


#74123 Sspb

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 24 February 2006 - 08:16 AM in Modifications

Just to add my two cents...

In my experience with the Derringers of Nerf, I've found them to be finicky bastards when it comes to sealing those pistons. Even the slightest bit of plastic dust/shaving/fleck will cause the piston to fail to seal; if this happens, it works best for me to take a paper clip, bend it a bit, and scrape the piston clear of obstruction.

The point of all this, is that when replacing the barrel, be sure to have the barrel pointing down to minimize gunk getting in the piston. Also, the pressure release can be plugged, but it's really not necessary: these things are powerful enough as it is. Also, as far as an air tank expansion goes: yeah, it works, but only to an extent. The valve is only so large, so it would be very easy to create an "air bottleneck" with a larger tank. Honestly, just put a CPVC barrel on there and call it a day.

I tried utilizing simply the valve by adding a larger pump and airtank, but the valve just isn't made to handle much higher pressures (my gun didn't blow, but it was nearly impossible to get it to seal, and when it did, the volumes just weren't there for effective nerfing).

I think the SSPB could be my favorite gun... Makes me feel like a male version of Derringer Meryl, minus the cloak.

Good luck pal, and rock that shitakke at all times.


EDIT: Oh yeah, and Lefty's mod works wonders. The air tank is the cylindrical area between the barrel (piston) and the pump. Basically, the top "L" of the gun is the airtank (not counting the barrel). So, if you were to saw off the pump and the barrel, you'd have an airtank. Which would be worthless. Almost.

#71330 Maverick...

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 20 January 2006 - 05:58 PM in Modifications

... unless you've got a broken mav or something. My mav's cocking pin bent and eventually fell out, so that might be a candidate for something...


#80520 Nitro Quad Mod

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 21 April 2006 - 02:37 AM in Modifications

Hey, nice work! I do have a couple of questions though:

1) Is this a Nerf gun, or a knockoff, and is the official name the Nitro Quad?

2) May I take refuge with you when the Zombies attack? I love that book.

I ask the first question because I'm wondering where to put this mod in the directory, and I've never heard of this gun before!

Actually, the same goes for your other recently posted mod, the Coral Viper... I haven't heard of that one either. Once you let me know, they'll both go into the mod directory!

I'm not sure how I missed out on these guns... unless they were way before the bow and arrow or something...


#74775 Airsoft To Nerf

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 01 March 2006 - 02:49 AM in Modifications

I also wanted to add... that I've tried this, with almost the same marker as used by Yakman. Let me put it this way: unneccesary and waste of money when it comes to darts. If you want to get a good kick out of something, go and try it, but it's really impractical for nerfing for a couple of reasons.

1) CO2 becomes expensive (I'm not talking about nerf expensive, I mean expensive in the real world)
2)It's so powerful that the darts destroy themselves after one or two shots.
3)If someone got hit with this and the dart was intact... well it would be like getting hit with a plastic-coated steel weight at paintball velocities. Which is exactly what a stefan is...
4)Those cheap paintball markers have no way to change the air regulation, and the method used to release air from the canister is very primitive. This means that there is never any consistency between shots, AND you waste a ton of CO2 in the process.
5) So let's say you bought a really good paintball marker, and avoided the problems of #4... well now you just spent a ton of money on a product that is only going to shoot a stefan marginally farther. There is a limit to how far these things can be flung... and I think those limits are called physics.

But, it was totally fun to see foam fly that far and fast!

Also, there's a website that was dedicated to turning a cheap paintball marker into an airsoft s n i p e r rifle (there are these types in airsoft). He goes a little more in depth about the problems with these cheap markers.

Unconventional Airsoft - Gas Gun

I also made a variation on this beast... if anybody wants more info, PM me... this is a nerf forum, after all!


#69664 Range

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 21 December 2005 - 01:43 PM in Modifications

I suppose that's my fault, finals have been taking up time...

sm3k will be added eventually. In the meantime, try searching? (and then tell me what you find, so I can add it to the directory!)


#82943 Airsoft Springs

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 07 June 2006 - 09:02 PM in Modifications

If you go to your hardware store and buy this:


(enter your zip code, it will show up)

You can use any nerf gun to shoot airsoft pellets. They fit perfectly into this tubing. They're not very accurate, though, and even my little Tanfoglio could outshoot a modified nite-finder any day, both in ROF, distance, and accuracy.

Shotguns for the win!

Any other questions, you can PM me... since this is a Nerf forum.

EDIT: While I was typing, Yogurt posted... Airsoft is actually just a scaled down version of a nerf plunger/tube, as far as I know. It's not like the spring hits the airsoft round: a plunger compresses air behind the round and the resultant force causes it to travel down the barrel. Of course, I may be wrong. Does anybody here know for sure?

#58327 Nf Spring Excahnge?

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 27 June 2005 - 09:30 AM in Modifications

A day later, but who cares.

I found that my local Farm and Fleet sells a perfect spring that to replace the nf's stock spring (and yes, the orange and yellow version is much weaker).

The measurements of the spring were:

7/8 x 4 x .080 in.

They came two to a pack, and are definitely stronger than even the original nitefinder.

#68813 Sprinkler-valve Rifle

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 05 December 2005 - 12:34 PM in Homemades

Wow, I just got here...

Langley, if I were to place a larger pump on it, I don't think I'd need to worry about breaking the gun, since the thing is solid. I could see that being a problem for a real nerf gun, though.

#68809 Sprinkler-valve Rifle

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 05 December 2005 - 12:05 AM in Homemades

Well, after reading this post I decided it was time to show my half-finished creation to the world.

I originally intended it to be a nerf rifle that would also have the power (if needed) to shoot "other" projectiles, and that would bear slight size reference to my Daisy 1848 Carbine BB gun. The end result is a gun that shoots nerf ridiculously well, but has slow ROF. Oh well. Did I mention it launches drumsticks?

Sorry the pictures don't show more, I had a family member take them (the gun is at my house, I am at my apartment 2 hours away) and I was lucky to get even these!

Anywho, the gun is basically a really small air cannon, using a blowgun as the trigger. The pump right now is just dangling off of where it connects to the tank, hence the term "unfinished". I just haven't found a good place for it yet.

The cannon takes about 10 pumps to get to 20psi or so, which is more than enough to nearly kill a mega stefan (or at least whatever the stefan hits). I haven't range tested it with exact measurments, but I can say this: it shoots from the edge of my backyard, across a neighbor's yard, and on average lands on the far edge of the NEXT neighbor's yard. All-in-all, about 100-120 ft, maybe more. I've found that the gun at 10 pumps is a little too powerful, and that sometimes the dart flounders in the air (which can also be attributed to poor quality stefans).

Anywho, the main point of making this gun was for accurate, and it serves that purpose. It's also easy to fire.

The pictures don't show it but I did have a breech consisting of a half-circle of PVC dremeled out of the barrel, covered with a sliding sealer thing. One of these days, I'll try one of those clip mods.

I'm also trying to get my brother to take a picture of it with him holding it, so you can see how well it fits in the hand. The blowgun looks awkward, but it's at the perfect place for your pointer finger to grab it.

And the pics: like I said, a family member took these... also, combine images 1-3 for an idea of the whole thing. It's rather compact, measuring about 2 1/2 feet or so...

Posted Image
The butt/tank of the gun, notice the air input hose tapped into the PVC. Also, there is a pressure gauge that is tapped into the top of the tank that is non-visible from this picture. It is directly in-line with the barrel, and does not interfere at all with either holding or sighting.

Posted Image
The trigger and valve, notice the red ball pump that is "hanging" near the top of the pic.

Posted Image
The barrel, which is 1/2 SCH 40 PVC. This particular barrel is used to shoot drumsticks for a prototype drum accessory I'm developing. Notice also the large white tablet that has the label of "French Hovercraft Plans"... Someday I will build it, I swear!

Posted Image
"Close-Up" of the trigger and valve. Notice the grey epoxy in the solinoid hole, and that I had to cut the blowgun down to allow it to fit. It originally had about and inch more on the output end. You can also see the ball pump more clearly here.

So, I believe this gun proves that you CAN use a sprinkler setup for a nerf gun. Also, the original intent was to make this thing prime with one or two pumps. I goofed by making the air chamber too large. I could fix this in a number of ways. If I would have made it smaller, it would prime in one or two pumps (while the output would have gone from high pressure high volume to high pressure low volume, which is what a nerf gun is). I suppose I could also find some super super high volume pump or something...

Anywho, enjoy, and if you have any questions, ask!


#68862 Sprinkler-valve Rifle

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 07 December 2005 - 12:29 PM in Homemades

Honestly, I haven't tested it very thoroughly, but I can say this: as long as you pump it enough, and have a very high quality stefan... it'll pretty much go where ever you point it.

I know it's hard to tell from the photos, but when you hold it, it feels just like a rifle... which means you can look right down the barrel, without any elevation change or anything. So basically, the only limitations are the stefan and the pressure (since it does take around 5-10 pumps to prime). When I get home for Christmas, I'm thinking of revamping it and putting in a cpvc barrel to try and shoot micros... eventhough it probably benefits from the added weight of the megas. However, my micros tend to fit better in cpvc than my megas do in 1/2" pvc. So we'll see.

I don't think this thing needs a write-up, but if anybody wants one, I'd be more than happy to comply. Honestly though, it took me a few hours to put together, once I had everything figured out (as it usually is with air cannons as well!).

#68848 Sprinkler-valve Rifle

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 06 December 2005 - 05:27 PM in Homemades

When I was talking about breaking the gun and such, I wasn't talking about breaking the gun due to air pressure, but more that the force of pumping the thing to high pressure might cause undue stress, leading to the gun breaking. I should have been more clear with my original comment!

With a nerf gun, the plastic is usually pretty weak, where as with PVC you don't really need to worry about that.

#68888 Sprinkler-valve Rifle

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 08 December 2005 - 12:09 AM in Homemades

Thanks, Dave, you're the reason why I posted it!

Right now, I'm thinking your thoughts exactly: clunky. Maybe I can find some sort of a mix between one of those full-size pumps you stand on, and a bike pump. You know, kind of meet halfway. Either that, or make it so I can more easily remove the air tank and replace it with a smaller one. That way, I can have a nerf gun, and a... whatever gun.

Otherwise, there's always trying to decrease the capacity of the tank, but I haven't been able to think of anything that would stay stationary in there... any ideas?


#79111 My Electric Eel Mod

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 07 April 2006 - 02:47 PM in Modifications

I assume you bought one of those special screwdrivers then, eh? I tried opening mine up years ago, but didn't feel like buying a special driver kit.

Or did you figure out a way to use a standard tool?


#68868 Sprinkler-valve Rifle

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 07 December 2005 - 05:41 PM in Homemades

Well, it looks like zero's site is down...

But I did find "Webby Darts" which look like they might have some potential for my gun. Obviously, I can't actually test this until winter break... since like I said, the gun is two hours away.

Thanks for the suggestion though!

#83155 Mad Hornet Cpvc Mod

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 12 June 2006 - 01:23 AM in Modifications

Hey, this is quality, good job! I popped it into the directory, but could you resize the pictures? They're very nice, but on a screen like mine (1024x768), it's pretty hard to tell what's going on!

By the way, you have the honor of the first Mad Hornet mod to be added to the directory. Gawrsh!


#56843 Crayola Plus Pvc Help

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 07 June 2005 - 10:05 AM in Modifications

Hi folks!

I've been nerfing since I was a wee lad (my brother and I used to play capture the flag across four backyards), and I've tried modding guns and such, but I've never been able to get the results you all talk about.

The gun in question is the nite finder. I've removed all the air restrictors (by drilling and keeping the "rings" intact), and then I added a crayola barrel, surrounded by approximately four inches of 1/2" SCH 40 PVC. The crayola/PVC are hot glued and electrical taped into place. I replaced the spring with a different one I found at a Farm and Fleet (7/8 x 4 x .080 inches), and I also added a small bungee that hooks perfectly onto the handle.

So, I have two questions: one, how much of the crayola marker should I use? Right now I'm using the entire marker (w/ writing tip). Searching through these posts has revealed nothing more than "use a crayola barrel" (no specifics). My PVC goes about an inch and a half past the crayola.

Second question: whenever I shoot a dart (stock or stefan) it whirly-gigs out, with a max range of about 20 feet. The dart flies in a straight path, but the back end circles through the air. To me, it almost looks like the gun is trying to push the back of the dart past the front, and that the two ends are in a struggle.

Sorry for the length of this post, but I've seen so many on this forum where the first response is "Details, please!" I have probably forgotten something important...


(and sorry for an nf question... sort of...)

#56858 Crayola Plus Pvc Help

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 07 June 2005 - 12:26 PM in Modifications

You need a tighter barrel to dart fit. Get rid of the Crayola and use either Mega home made darts with PVC, or the more common micros using CPVC.

*edit* Piney got to it before me ;D. But I'd have to say that I disagree with losing the PVC entirely. PVC will generally help performance with stock darts because it creates a seal around the tip of the dart ideally with the length is right. Then again I've never modded a nightfinder specifically with a crayola just other guns.)

So which is it? Would you recommend that I keep crayola with PVC or use 1/2" cpvc? And... if I should go with the CPVC, I use it as a nub, correct? And then extend the barrel using something else? I'm pretty new to that...

#80525 C02 Gun!

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 21 April 2006 - 03:05 AM in Homemades

I'd like to add, that when I've delt with CO2, it tends to be inneficient directly out of the cartridge (the cold temperature decreases the available pressure). That's why I THINK (I'm not sure) most paintball guns have an expansion chamber between the barrel, tank, and trigger; to allow the compressed air to warm up, even slightly to give more efficient pressures. But I could be wrong about this. What I'm saying, is that if the flow is horrible, or you find yourself using a lot of CO2 per shot, try creating an expansion chamber with another valve as a trigger. When I turned a Brass Eagle Ghost (I think it was called that) into a Nerf gun (inspired by Yakkman), I remember getting about 30 shots per cartridge, each shot going about 90 feet on the average, and most of my stefans getting blown apart from the excess force. So that demonstrates the potential of a CO2 powered gun...

Good luck, and brass all the way!

#56863 Crayola Plus Pvc Help

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 07 June 2005 - 01:20 PM in Modifications

I've got a whole lot of stefans hanging around with very few stock darts still surviving...

Right now, I'm just looking for range/power. Wouldn't I want to stick with micro stefans for that?

#56857 Crayola Plus Pvc Help

Posted by KirbySaysHi on 07 June 2005 - 12:23 PM in Modifications

Wow. Thanks for the quick responses! I'll try varying my stefans... Do you guys think a longer barrel (PVC) would help? And yes, I had already cleaned out the marker, but the litttle plastic bits still remain (those fins, and the pegs that hold the tip/resevoir).

Thanks again!