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#229051 Season Of Foam - Augusta

Posted by Shadowblade on 08 May 2009 - 05:28 PM in Nerf Wars

close proximity can be acheived by using the courtyard only.

We can set up some small emplacements in the courtyard and/or on the soccer field if necessary. Small enough for temporary but easily flanked cover. This can be achieved by cardboard panels or pvc/tarp.

The field is a little barren for my taste.

@ump: I'll go ahead and add you to the maybes. I'll change it when you're sure.

#228889 Season Of Foam - Augusta

Posted by Shadowblade on 07 May 2009 - 08:23 PM in Nerf Wars

Are SS50 remakes w/ BS tanks (like b00m13's) allowed?

One of my friends is a maybe.

You should be okay. Are you coming to? Or is it just your friend?

@veginator: I'm going to have to second Zax on the spud gun.

#228862 Season Of Foam - Augusta

Posted by Shadowblade on 07 May 2009 - 07:25 PM in Nerf Wars

Put aside and me down for definite plus 3.

Can I bring a spud gun for a demonstration?

I'll bring mine too! Spud gun round anyone? Just kidding haha, I guess you could, but I'm leaving mine at home.

First post updated.

#228819 2009 Nerf War Schedule

Posted by Shadowblade on 07 May 2009 - 04:16 PM in Nerf Wars


[url=http://nerfhaven.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16401]3rd [GA] SOF Augusta War (SOFA)[/url]

#228774 Season Of Foam - Augusta

Posted by Shadowblade on 07 May 2009 - 12:09 PM in Nerf Wars

Alright people, by now you should know that the SOF Team is a no-go for this summer. Despite the bad news, we will play on, rain or shine. I expect this to be one of the largest regional wars down here in the southeast yet. Don't disappoint me.

The date and time stands as is and the location has been set.

What: Season of Foam Nerf Out - Augusta (SOFA)

When: August 3rd, 2009 from 10AM til the heat kills us (6:30ish)

Langford Middle School
3019 Walton Way
Augusta, GA 30909-3470


If anyone needs help getting directions, feel free to drop me a PM!


I will update this info as it gets nearer to the war date.

*Banned Weapons:
-Singled Titans (plugged or unplugged, it doesn't matter)
-Converted Air Rifles
-Plugged Singled BBBBs/LBBs
-Any other gun deemed too dangerous for play

*Down here in the SouthEast, we tend to be VERY lenient on guns. We usually allow pretty potent weapons on the field, but if you decide to bring a nerf howitzer, we'll have to ask you to put it away. If you aren't sure, bring a backup weapon.

What to bring:
-First and foremost: A good attitude. No douchebaggery allowed.
-At least one primary and one sidearm.
-A spring-powered pistol.
-A ballgun if you have one.
-Ammo. You will probably need 150+ darts. We will be dart sweeps throughout the day but you should still have enough ammo to last.
-WATER. LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER. I cannot stress this enough. Augusta in August is like being in humid Hell.
-A packed lunch. Chances are we won't have time to order food, so please bring something to eat on the field. The hosts will probably have snacks (granola bars, chips, etc.).
-Friends! The more the merrier! Just let us know how many you're bringing.

Other Notes:
-Park in the parking lot directly adjacent to the playground. Our staging area is nearby under the covered walkway.
-Please dress accordingly for this war. The temperature can reach upwards of over 100+ degrees F due to the extreme humidity. We will try our best to keep the staging area shaded.
-Public facilities may or may not be available because the school is closed during the summer. Be prepared to use some bushes.
-It is okay if you are forced to chamber someone else's darts during a round, but please do not steal the darts at the end of the war. We will do dart sweeps and throw everything into a communal pile. Each nerfer is expected to get his or her darts ONLY. Thanks much.
-BRING WATER. WATER. WATER. You should try to avoid caffeinated drinks as they are diuretics and actually make you lose more water.
- Have fun. This is the ultimate rule in Nerf.


Now for attendance:

Definitely Attending:
Shadowblade +1
Myster E
flyingchicken +2
A side of nerf
veginator +4
Zaxbys +3
NerfRogue83 +1
rork +1-3

Maybe Attending:
Myster E's guest
DrSpaceman's guest


Let's make this another SE war to remember guys (and gals). Nerf on! <_<

Viva La SOFA!

#228583 The Xbow And Lnl Debate

Posted by Shadowblade on 06 May 2009 - 04:35 PM in General Nerf

I have not handled a LnL so I have no right to comment on that, but I've held a modded xbow before.

It is a VERY nice blaster, BUT it is definitely not for everyone. Some people (like Groove and Zaxbys) wield the weapon beautifully, but I think I'll stick to my SNAPbow. Everyone's style is different, therefore their choice of weapon will be different.

A little off topic: I am in the process making the SNAPbow a little more ergonomic and customizable. Look for a write-up within the next month :D .

#228406 Rotating Bolt Design.

Posted by Shadowblade on 05 May 2009 - 08:16 PM in Homemades

First off, welcome to the Haven.

Some housekeeping things, could you please clean up your posting a little? I realize you're new here, so I won't eat you alive. Little things like capitalization make people happy here. You should read The Code of Conduct as it will guide you and extend your stay here. If you have questions, you should >> Search << first. If you cannot come up with anything after an EXTENSIVE search, you can ask it here on the forums. Doing so helps keep the forum clear of unnecessary threads that take up space. Thanks much.

Now onto your request. If you search "boltsniper" in Google, his webpage is the first hit. It has everything related to his work. A quick look around the site resulted in this: FAR designs. Hope that helped some.

EDIT: Carbon beat me by a clear 3 minutes.

#226793 Mississippi War

Posted by Shadowblade on 28 April 2009 - 07:35 AM in Nerf Wars

I am trying to assemble a war for the few, the proud, the southern nerfers. I would like at least 20 people to be confirmed to be coming.


If you get a warplanning thread going, us southern nerfers will have a better chance of attending. We like to have a few dates and times to work with. Is this your first time hosting a NIC war?

#226712 East Coast Nerf Wars

Posted by Shadowblade on 27 April 2009 - 08:50 PM in Nerf Wars

Wow, I wish I were a kick-ass admin like you, Shadowblade, or maybe being a fucking awesome war organizer like NYREDWOLF!

Oh, wait. Nevermind.

Not sure if you were being sarcastic or not, but I apologize for the serious backseat moderation nonetheless. I am not an admin, but I'm sure I speak for a vast majority of eastcoasters. Please let this thread die. The admins will take care of it.

#226704 Airsoft Wars Gun Etc And Paintball Post H3r3 If You Play

Posted by Shadowblade on 27 April 2009 - 08:26 PM in Modifications

Admins notified. Let this die now.

#226702 East Coast Nerf Wars

Posted by Shadowblade on 27 April 2009 - 08:22 PM in Nerf Wars

No. Just flat out no. This is not acceptable.

Seeing as you're new to the Haven, I'll give you a few pointers to avoid run-ins with the admins.
- Please kindly read the Haven's Code of Conduct. It is the bible of this forum. Members are expected to uphold these simple rules.
- If you read the Code of Conduct, you'll find that we also absolutely LOVE good grammar, spelling, and coherent sentences.
- Polls such as these are extremely erotic greatly. You are on NERFhaven asking the members whether or not they liked NERF wars. If they didn't, then why the frick are they members here?

Back to your post:

but no one is ever on the east coast

WTF??? Last time I checked we had plenty of east coast nerfers. In fact, if you check the 2009 Nerf War Schedule, you'll see 15+ wars planned for the east coast alone.

If you want to host a war, post your location. The east coast is a big place. We have nerfers scattered from Maine down into Florida. If you can get 50+ dedicated nerfers to come to a war, I will get on my knees and worship you. But you're not going to get a NIC war going with a poll like that. I suggest you get a feel of the site first and attend some other wars to gain experience first before you start hosting a war of your own. Good luck. Welcome to the Haven.

#226279 Nerf N-strike Swords

Posted by Shadowblade on 26 April 2009 - 05:52 PM in Nerf Wars

On swords: If you quite literally bring a knife to a gun fight, the outcome is predictable.

Unless you're playing SENO HvZ :lol: But that's a different story...

CS answered the question, let's let this thread die.

#225261 Nerf In Atlanta

Posted by Shadowblade on 23 April 2009 - 12:04 PM in Nerf Wars

I only know of a few people in the Atlanta area but I'm sure they're there somewhere. We have a decent-size contingent of GA nerfers down here in Augusta. You can always hit me or Zaxbys up. A side of nerf and veginator also have a fairly large group down in Savannah. Check the 2009 Nerf War Schedule for more war information if you're interested. GA sees at least 3-4 regional wars a year.

Good to see another southern nerfer. :lol:

#224135 South Seno; Canceled!

Posted by Shadowblade on 17 April 2009 - 12:04 PM in Nerf Wars

If you camp...we will find you.

ASoN, that is the most terrifying picture I have EVER seen in my life...*shivers*

#223941 The Actual Alabama War

Posted by Shadowblade on 16 April 2009 - 12:04 PM in Nerf Wars

I'm afraid I cannot make this war seeing as I will absent for 6 weeks out of the summer. A side from hosting Summer SENO and SOFA, I can't afford to make any other wars this summer, but I wish you the best with this one! Nerf on.


#223867 South Seno; Canceled!

Posted by Shadowblade on 15 April 2009 - 08:44 PM in Nerf Wars

I'm a maybe right now. Not sure about the rest of LoS, but I'm sure they're maybes as well.

#223203 South-east Tune-up War Recap Thread

Posted by Shadowblade on 12 April 2009 - 11:26 AM in Nerf Wars

Glad to see that you guys had lots of fun! Hope to see some of you at the upcoming wars.

I'll get the ball rolling on Summer SENO (Zax has something up his sleeve I think) in June. The SOFA planning thread will be up asap as well. Long live SouthEast Nerf! Nerf on.

#223202 Easter.

Posted by Shadowblade on 12 April 2009 - 11:17 AM in Off Topic

Happy Easter everyone! God bless yall.

#222697 The Skank!

Posted by Shadowblade on 09 April 2009 - 06:50 PM in Modifications

I could not help but fall out of my chair laughing. It so...CUTE!

No really, probably not war-practical, but good for ambushes. Assassin-bot? ;)

#222529 South East Tune-up War

Posted by Shadowblade on 08 April 2009 - 09:39 PM in Nerf Wars

If it rains?

I'll play in the rain.
Will you?

It'll be like the Effeminate rainstorm at the end of Summer SENO '08. Groove, Zax, MysterE, and I still have a gunslinger round to finish...

Man, I've never seen so much pre-war spam in my life...*sniff* I'm so proud of yall! :) Nerf on.

#221003 April 1st

Posted by Shadowblade on 01 April 2009 - 07:39 AM in News

Your life is meaningless and you will die alone. It will smell very bad. This is not an April fools joke, because you are a fool every month, and every month you are 2,592,000 moments closer to your awful, smelly, inevitable end. And no one will notice.

Go forth and die.

:lol: Yes sir. Happy April Fool's Day!

#220708 Guru Mk. iii

Posted by Shadowblade on 30 March 2009 - 04:07 PM in Homemades

I was just on the receiving end of the Guru Mk.2 yesterday at Spring SENO haha! It gets better and better.

CaptainSlug, I nearly cried when I saw this gun. So simple and clean (honk if you get the reference). Hears to another beautiful weapon.

Groove, I need to see this thing in person. It would be an honor to take a hit (or two) from this gun. Us southerners going to see you and some other vets at Season of Foam - Augusta (SOFA)? Give us a hollah if you're heading our way :( .

It's been said already and it will be said again. Good work, beautiful gun. <-understatement of the year...

#220578 Spring Seno

Posted by Shadowblade on 29 March 2009 - 08:43 PM in Nerf Wars

Recap thread's up. Good war guys. Nerf on.

Spring SENO Recap Thread

#220575 Spring Seno Recap

Posted by Shadowblade on 29 March 2009 - 08:41 PM in Nerf Wars

I'd like to thank everyone who made it out to Spring SENO. It was a great kickoff to the nerfing season. I hope to see all of you again for Summer SENO and SOFA!

War recap:
-Being able to nerf after three idle months of winter
-Good performances from all of my guns
-Effeminate last stand with my Longshot during the modified HvZ round
-Beautiful weather
-Almost successfully sneaking the flag during CTF

-Crappy stefans. Gotta convert to CS stefans soon.
-Going to bed know I'm gonna be sore tomorrow morning (but it was definitely worth it).

I hope everyone had fun. SouthEast nerfing is going to be ballah this year. Hears to another year of nerf! Nerf on.

#220261 Spring Seno

Posted by Shadowblade on 28 March 2009 - 09:55 AM in Nerf Wars

Alright people, 24 hours from now, we will be pelting each other with little foam darts for the glory of nerf. But. Before we go about doing so, I need to put out some reminders.

-Eye protection. Bring it. Or else. We are very lenient about guns, so there will be some pretty strong stuff on the field.
-We will start at 11 AM. We will play until 6-7ish, depending on how we feel in the afternoon.
-Lunch will be a free-for-all. Pack a lunch. We don't plan on ordering anything this time around.
-Bring enough fluids to keep you going. We'll be playing 6+ hours.
-Bring all necessary weapons and ammo (legal primaries, sidearm, ballgun (if you have one))
-Banned weapons include: Singled Titans, Plugged Singled BBBBs/LBBs, BBgun thing
-All other questionable weapons will be checked, so bring a backup if you're not sure.
-Public facilities may or may not be opened at Garrett tomorrow, so be prepared to use a bush.
-Park in the parking lot next to the playground. Our staging area is there.
-Nerf and have fun. This is not optional. :ph34r:

If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to PM me.

Weather prediction for March 29, 2009:
High: 68
Low: 44
Mostly Sunny

Shadowblade's Current Stefan Count: 193

I will see you gentlemen on the field tomorrow! VIVA LA SENO!

#220119 Spring Seno

Posted by Shadowblade on 27 March 2009 - 07:40 AM in Nerf Wars

Also: are there plans in place to get lunch, or do we need to bring our own sustenance?

Hm, good question. We're starting off a little later (11AM) but I think we'll still order lunch out on the field. However, it wouldn't hurt to bring a small lunch for yourself in the event that we don't eat until later. I'll speak to Zax about this.

Shadowblade's Current Stefan Count: ~100

EDIT: Zax and I decided that lunch will be a free for all this time around. Bring your own chow unless you want to leave the field to go get some fast-food (which will waste some time).

#219898 Spring Seno

Posted by Shadowblade on 26 March 2009 - 07:52 AM in Nerf Wars

1. We DO allow more high powered guns so bring it on. Just nothing that will draw blood which excludes Titans and whatever the heck that BB gun thing was that made me bleed onto my nerfing shirt

My sources tell me that the notorious BB noobcannon has been retired. Not sure if this is true or not, but it will be banned nonetheless.

2. No camping... it slows the game down and doesn't make for much of a fun round.

Enough said. Campers will be personally targeted by sharpshooters.

3. No noobery... plain and simple there (NO ROOF)

Haha, too bad MysterE probably isn't going to make this war. Again, campers will be shot off the roof.

4. Have fun (Not an option)

'nuff said.

I'll put up another reminder post on Saturday.

Shadowblade Weather Report:
After looking at the satellite images, I think Mother Nature has spared Sunday for us. As Zax said, we're looking at some great weather for nerf. There is still a slight chance of showers, but that won't stop us nerfers.

Weather Prediction for March 29, 2009:
High: 69
Low: 46
Partly Cloudy, 20% Chance of Showers

Shadowblade's Current Stefan Count: ~50

#219546 Spring Seno

Posted by Shadowblade on 23 March 2009 - 09:33 PM in Nerf Wars

Another Shadowblade Weather Report brought to you by SpammersUnited :D

Projected weather for March 29, 2009:
Low: 48
Few Showers, 30% Chance

Looks like the playing field may be a little damp guys, so we'll have to play it by ear.

Shadowblade's Current Stefan Count: still 26

#219544 South East Tune-up War

Posted by Shadowblade on 23 March 2009 - 09:25 PM in Nerf Wars

Haha, I love how my stefan count/spam caught on in this thread as well. Lazy southerners for the win!

Good luck with the war! I hope to better see some of yall at Summer SENO (and SOFA for that matter)!

#219328 Spring Seno

Posted by Shadowblade on 22 March 2009 - 08:50 PM in Nerf Wars

11 it is. If we play until we die, I'd advise that everyone bring night-war gear :lol:

Zax, you kick it off and I'll join you asap.

#219319 Spring Seno

Posted by Shadowblade on 22 March 2009 - 07:38 PM in Nerf Wars

Guys, I have a slight problem on my part. I won't be able to make it out to the field until 1PMish. Can we push the start time back until 1PM? We could play 1 til 6-7 if this is what you guys want. Lunch would be a free-for-all. What do you guys think?

@Myster.E: I'll do what I can. Not sure how good my assets are right now.

#219279 2009 Nerf War Schedule

Posted by Shadowblade on 22 March 2009 - 04:04 PM in Nerf Wars

It probably doesn't matter seeing as this war is in a week, but it won't hurt to put it up anyway. Thanks much.

[url=http://nerfhaven.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=15202] 29th [GA] Spring SENO[/url]

EDIT: WOOT! Post #333! ;)

#219142 Spring Seno

Posted by Shadowblade on 21 March 2009 - 06:12 PM in Nerf Wars

As by SENO tradition, I will kick off the random war-thread spamming! Oh, Zaxbys, if you're reading this, please update the first post. Gabe (ShadowFire) is coming along with one guest.

Predicted weather for March 29, 2009:
High: 70
Low: 50
Showers, 40% Chance :P

Shadowblade's Current Stefan Count: 26

#219139 Spring Seno

Posted by Shadowblade on 21 March 2009 - 05:57 PM in Nerf Wars

Alright lady and germs, we are one week away from Spring SENO. Time to start the procrastinating!

-I will be on the field to kick off the war at 10AM. It's cool if some of you can't make it out until later. Jesus first, nerf second.
-Bring eye protection. Enough said on that.
-Bring enough fluids to keep you going (the weather around here has been a little funky lately).
-Bring a little money just in case we order pizza.
-Bring your guns and ammo. I think we're having a ballgun round, so bring one if you have one. Also bring a sidearm (pistol).

Park in the parking lot right next to the playground. That's where our staging area is. Public facilities may or may not be available, so take that into account. If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to PM either myself or Zaxbys. Nerf on.

#218477 Woodland Warfare

Posted by Shadowblade on 17 March 2009 - 04:04 PM in Nerf Wars

First thing first before a flame war starts. Please kindly read our Code of Conduct and fix your posting. The rest of the community would greatly appreciate it! :D Thanks in advance.

On topic: Where is Ellijay, GA? Georgia will be having two decent-sized wars in the next few months. Spring SENO is happening March 29 in Augusta. The SE Tune-Up War is happening April 11 in Savannah. You are always welcome to attend either/both of these wars. Drop us a post in the proper thread if you are interested.

If you intend on hosting a war soon, please get a planning thread up ASAP. We're lazy southerners, so the sooner we get notice of a war, the better our odds of attending. Details are always good.

#218474 Nerfing @ Schools

Posted by Shadowblade on 17 March 2009 - 03:53 PM in Nerf Wars

For SENO here in Augusta, we just come and use this local elementary school's playground and campus for the weekend. It's a public school, so technically speaking it is public property. I'm guessing this is okay for most public places (as the school playground is basically a public park).

As long as we don't break anything and clean-up after ourselves, we shouldn't run into any problems with the authorities (if there are any present on the weekends). Using the inside of the school, however, is a completely different story. You would definitely have to go the principal or other head of school.

#218427 The Rorkblast

Posted by Shadowblade on 17 March 2009 - 12:03 PM in Modifications

Everytime a SENO rolls around, rork, you manage to come-up with yet another gun to debut and field-test...

But I'll hand it to you, I look forward to seeing that at SENO along with several other uberguns (Guru :P ). And good idea with the epoxy putty and trigger, don't know why some of us down south hadn't thought of that before.

#218422 Florida Wars?

Posted by Shadowblade on 17 March 2009 - 11:52 AM in Nerf Wars

Last year, there were a handful of Florida wars, but I'm not sure what you all are doing down south for this year. You can check the Nerf Wars forum to see if any new Florida wars have popped up.

For future reference, consult the 2009 Nerf War Schedule, which is located in the aforementioned Nerf Wars forum. This is the current list of wars for 2009 and I think the admins try to update it as much as possible.

You are always welcome to any of the Georgia wars there are occurring (I know its quite a drive from Tampa though), but we'd love to have a Floridian at SENO in Augusta, or the upcoming SE Tune-Up War in Savannah. Push come to shove, you can always start a war down in your area. Get a few friends together and nerf, easy as that.

#217853 When's The Last Time U Were Disappointed?

Posted by Shadowblade on 13 March 2009 - 03:41 PM in Off Topic

As others have said, when I saw this thread.

Oh, and he's really not your friend now is he?

Edit: Sorry, I didn't mean to sound so harsh. I'm just saying that one must choose his friends wisely. Are they friends with you for benefits/advantages? Or are they true friends willing to lay their lives down for you? And how old are you? Relationships are not important if you're young and immature enough to start a thread like this. Get out there, get a life, and nerf! This is NerfHaven after all :D.

#217276 Spring Seno

Posted by Shadowblade on 10 March 2009 - 07:48 AM in Nerf Wars

I should make it to summer SENO (assuming there is one). I don't do anything in summer.

There will most definitely be a Summer SENO. That's our biggest regular war of the year unless we count SOFA in August, but that's a once in a blue moon event.