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#358749 Bulk mags

Posted by Pineapplepies on 24 March 2017 - 09:17 AM in General Nerf

Here are the clips you are looking for. The flip-kits come with (2) 12's and apparently resale @ ~$14. If you find them on sale locally, they'll be less.

Why does the VIP team need full loadouts? Why don't you be the VIP escort? You've already got the gear, you've said you're not made of money and doing full loadouts isn't cheap, and there's a distinct possibility you won't have so many people that you need a large team escorting your VIP. Play more of a scavenger-type game and run jungle mags.

If everyone has only a few clips, then everyone will need to reload and you'll be fine. Even barring that, I'm telling you, a guy with a triad was just as deadly during at least one round in my last war as I was with a rapid madness and hundreds of rounds. Equipment does not matter; the player (and terrain, and moderation of the game) does.

1.)Well meaker yeah I agree with shandsgator, don't go that far, the skill of the player does in fact matter, but it's better if you know your equipment, I can tell you right now I could win 1 one 1 as an inexperienced player with perfect gear for my play style versus someone with less gear but much better. You just got to know how to move and think quickly, and more gear with good tactics equals win win. For example, I'm not an incredibly good player, and I am not as good as some of the people on here, but I can tell you I can take on and beat others as long as my gear is good enough, and even if not, I spend time studying different types of people, I can learn how to be like someone then I can tell how to beat them, and this can all be done as a noob as long as you get the right gear. The player makes the game function and makes the moves, but the equipment makes the player. 


A pro with a triad can not win against someone with a noob who knows their gear even if they are new. Gear>player skill as long as you know your pros and cons to your loadout. In real steel and in nerf, a new loser can win against pro with a pistol as long as they know how not to get too close.


2.)the VIP team consists of people who have the blasters they need to do well, that are mag fed, but not enough mags.


3.)Thank you, but I'm looking for something cheaper, I said we need a lot, not high quality, even with the crap mages I can get about 5-6 for the same price.



I wouldn't go THAT far, but your point is well noted. I've noticed how teamwork, physical conditioning and strategy can easily trump equipment. But on the flipside, If you have the right set up, you can absolute demolish your opposition that isn't well equipped, even if they are in better physical condition and are an overall "better" player.

Yes, that's half and half what I'm saying, what meaker is saying most certainly matters, but there are many cases where in the end you can't beat someone who has better gear even if you can move fast. It takes an exceptionally good player to make the situations where ungeared players can beat overgeared players, and those situations are not present in this war so gear and mags matter.

#358720 Bulk mags

Posted by Pineapplepies on 23 March 2017 - 09:53 AM in General Nerf

OH,  why didn't you say that earlier? Then I'd have gotten the point of your argument earlier.

See, this whole time, I've been under the impression you were hosting a nerf war for your neighbor. Largely based on this post:

If you just want to throw a party do whatever. If you want to throw the war you mentioned originally, and think people will come to play (It's still a fun event/party), then you need to provide some structure. You can let everybody just do the OK-corral thing while waiting for everyone to arrive.
When the people come, assign a portion of them to your neighbor who needs the help. Have someone responsible and capable help escort/push them around if they're in a wheelchair and give them a body guard or 2. If they can use a blaster let them, otherwise try to rig something up on the chair so they can push a button to fire it (or whatever their mobility level allows). Probably no more than 10% of your group should be involved in directly helping them play; otherwise it'll either feel OP or they'll feel like they're being overly helped. It isn't (usually) fun to just win by crushing your overmatched opponent.

Great. Let us know if you need any ideas.

So I think I see what you're getting at - YOU have mag-fed blasters and YOU  want the mags for future use; not for the benefit of the war. See next response.

If you're not made of money why are you even considering buying up possibly junk mags? I'd try buying 1-2 of these to see how they work if I were then going to buy a few dozen. Otherwise, I wouldn't waste my time/energy/treasure on possible junk when the real thing can be had for ~200% of the cost of these. If you further already have mag-fed blasters and already have a few clips to go with those. I've prefaced and couched my responses every time with something like "Unless you've already got mag-fed stuff..." Nobody needs extra mags, they can use the 1 that comes with the blaster and if they aren't invested in this party enough to be bringing their own kit it's on them if they don't like what you're generous enough to lend them.


You'd be way better off spending the same few bucks on good community darts than on these mags.

1.)Ok thank you for getting what I was saying, so yeah I may try these but hey meaker or anyone else do you know any other cheap mags you can get? We are looking for hopefully less than $10 per mag but ALL OPTIONS ARE WANTED within a reasonable price. 

2.)Well the VIP team needs enough mags, because some of them will be having full loadouts with tac gear and everything, like how I will have that VISM ak mag carrier, so cheap mags are wanted.

3.)Yeah, having extra mags is the thing we need though, because reloading will kill the team or just subject us to a lot of fire.

#358677 Bulk mags

Posted by Pineapplepies on 21 March 2017 - 12:47 PM in General Nerf

I play with just a bunch of kids (+/-70) from the neighborhood and adults (30-40). Trust me, you need to break up into teams. Free-for-all with newbies will just be a brawl with no rules; it'll be fun for all of 20 minutes. Breaking up into teams should take a few minutes; equipment you should get is something to signify teams with. Rolls of colored duct tape or flagging tape are cheap & easy options.
Also, This is literally 4 topics up from yours right now. If you've never run a war, two-team CTF is a game that everyone should already understand so it'd be easy to play. Do 3-hits and 30-seconds counting at each team's base to respawn if you have the numbers you think you will; 15 seconds if you have 20 or less. The 'flags' should be heavy and/or awkward things (yoga balls, Giant 10+' tall flags, medicine balls, a folding table & chairs, etc. etc.) if you're in a field you can sprint across in a few seconds, they can be regular flags if not.

 Then thin the heard on the VIP team. If you can wipe the enemy team solo, you be the VIP team.
In our games, I have wiped entire opposing teams. I have also been knocked out a ton of times. The trick to having fun is that the other teams get players like me too - you've got to spread the older guys around, spread the more experienced guys around, spread the better equipped guys around, and spread the less experienced cannon fodder around. That'll keep the teams balanced, which is more fun than unbalanced.
If you're all doing this for the enjoyment of 1 person, then you and other volunteers be on the opposite team and throw the game in their favor. If you stack their team against a bunch of unprepared neighborhood kids those kids will not have fun and will throw the game for you - by leaving. Not fun.

It'd not a challenge to have mag fed blasters vs. not mag fed blasters. All blasters that operate in similar ways (Spring, Flywheel, H/LPA) have similar performance characteristics, and all modern NERF stock blasters fire within margin of error of the same. It's just the loading mech that is different, and I'm telling you, I played with a kid who had a rapidstrike in his backpack. He was using a strongarm or something instead because he said the RS jammed all the time. The challenge would just be in spending lots of time carefully modding and teaching all the kids to use a blaster they can't use properly anyway because they're impatient and their strength/dexterity isn't developed enough to handle them in the heat of the war without extensive training (basically, unless they own and play with the things all the time).

Why give the pros anything? Let them bring their own gear. Everyone should bring his/her own gear, and if they don't have anything but still care to show up and play you should have enough loaner front-loaders to hand out. My friend (who is the host of aforementioned war) says roughcuts work best; I've seen my 4-yo use one. But they're fickle about darts; IMO a strongarm, hammershot, triad, or disrupter are probably the best bets. Maybe Magnum-40's. Ask your pro friends if they have loaners they can provide and you won't even need to buy anything.

1.)I don't think you are exactly getting the point, there is a reason why we are doing free for all and that is because we are modeling this after a water ballon war we had last year where everyone just went everywhere, no organized play, no teams, except for me and a few friends that stuck together and basically recked shop, however I will need to run this by with my neighbor. But that being said I may think of doing the fun part then the actual game part. You are right, the water war lasted for about 20 minutes and then fizzled out. I mean part of it is that I just don't think most people will be coming for nerf, my friends and a select few people from the neighborhood are there for the nerf guns and war, but people are there for my neighbor, and to have fun, not to have a team. You need to bear in mind my neighbor also can barely move and likely will be in a wheelchair and have sort of a convey of the pros, hence why we have them in the first place. 


2.)That being said you are right, I will work on balancing the pros a bit more.


3.)I don't know, all I know is I need mags and I'm wondering if these actually work, yes and again do realize the standard of the stuff I already have, plus I have a bunch of mags so to be able to use the same exact thing, so in the future when I get to use them on my own I will be able to use my mags too and they will be actually useful.


4.)Meaker, I'm not made of money, right now the cheapest thing with the most value would be these clips if they work, and a champion, almost all blasters I have are mag compatible, I'm wondering if these mags work and that is all, and most of the pros have stuff, but some don't and just are good players because of sports or paintball/airsoft

#358675 Retaliator mods.

Posted by Pineapplepies on 21 March 2017 - 10:27 AM in Modifications

Get a Longshot and carve away the bipod so you can add a pump grip. Use your Stryfe as a sidearm, or run a Hammershot with expanded cylinder. Get a Titan, 4B/UMB/XBZ, drain blaster, or other powerful system and make a Demolisher missile launch tube and a handful of Absolver shells.

How exactly do you make a absolver shell for like the demolisher or in general? I know this may be a stupid question but haven't seen anything on that

#358670 Bulk mags

Posted by Pineapplepies on 21 March 2017 - 08:15 AM in General Nerf

I find 2-team battles go better than free-for-alls, FYI. Even just for fun. Gunslinger could also be a better round.

You keep trying to compromise between people: I'm telling you, I've shown up fully loaded and done just as well as a guy with a single triad. It's about the individual player's playstyle, not their equipment, and they'll adjust to how well/not well equipped they are.

I'm having a hard time understanding that. I find strongarms (or similar) at thrift stores all the time for a few bucks, and Triads, Strongarms and Hammershots are all valid secondaries even if you go mag-fed. All three will pretty well match most unmodded mag-fed blasters (buzz bee is the exception) and are just  as 'useful', you just can't carry as much ammo. Big deal, everyone scavenges more often.
For the cost of mags alone you could pick up triads for everybody and call it a day. Unless you already have the mag-fed blasters, get/use something else, and even if you do I'd strongly consider picking up some non-mag fed blasters.

I don't think this will go the way you think it will go. Just because it's a special event doesn't mean everyone will suddenly not be terrible at using mag-fed blasters. If you want to make it special for your neighbor, make sure it works for everyone and limit possible frustration points. Give the neighbor the only mag fed blaster and clips and teach them how to use it, so they get to have extra-fun.

1.)Well free for all is most likely what we are going to be doing because it's just a group of people from the neighborhood, including fairly old adults(40-50), however we may try gamemodes, speaking of which does anyone know a database for different gamemodes?


2.)Fair enough, but the thing is that we need something mag fed to level the playing ground, I know very well I excel at this because of my skill not my blasters, although that amplifies it. The problem with non-mag fed is that the point of having a VIP team and getting loaners is so we actually have fun, and have to work together rather than wipe the floor with everyone just because we have access to many guns. Trust me, I know the people we are going against, myself alone I could take down about 5-6 players with a triad and we are talking about 10 people on the VIP team


3.)Hmmmmmmm, it's an option but I still feel it would be better if we get mag fed blasters to allow an actual challenge.


4.)Then again we could also just give the pros these, but that being said either way we need to get mags, even if it's for less people which was why I asked for cheap mags and wanted to know if these work

#358654 Anyone willing to come out for a Chicago area nerf war?

Posted by Pineapplepies on 20 March 2017 - 09:02 AM in Nerf Wars


Well, I know that I am advertising our Nerf War, not sure about others though. It would really help if I wasn't alone doing all this messaging. If you look through the forums, I've commented on just about every nerf group's forum within 4-5 hours of Chicago. Honestly, I've done as much as I can on here and on Facebook. If I do anymore messaging, I'm sure people will say that I am harassing them and I defiantly don't want that.


Keep in mind, it's been over 1 and 1/2 months since the initial posting. This war needs to happen before July, otherwise I won't be able to make it. :( 

I know, this is getting annoying, and I'm sorry I can't help but I have basically promised to myself that I don't need, and will not be joining social networks. 




Here is the info;

This will take place preferably on the weekend of April 20th,

We will have almost no bans on darts or blasters(subject to change)

It will be hosted on a LARGE field in area code 60025, glenview, chicago, illinois, so homemades allowed

Anyone will be allowed, all ages,

I already have many darts including glue domes,

We will have many loaners so if you have nothing you can come

And other than that we will have fun so please come out

#358653 Bulk mags

Posted by Pineapplepies on 20 March 2017 - 08:50 AM in General Nerf

Absolutely 100% do not loan magazine fed blasters to nerf beginners. They will break your blasters, destroy your darts, and have a very frustrating experience. You can bring a box of 1000 brand new elite darts and every single newbie with a mag fed blaster will manage to scavenge whistlers to put in their mags.


edit: also, it is not the host of a wars job to make sure there are enough magazines/stocks/blasters for everyone unless you explicitly promised everyone they didn't need to bring anything. If someone is interested enough in a nerf war to show up they should be interested enough to spend $10 on a triad or something. Your job as a host is to make sure the people with 'starter' blasters are distributed evenly between teams, not that everyone who shows up has a retaliator and three mags.

Again, as said below this isn't a standard war, I trust everyone there and we will be guiding them on how to un-jam, we also aren't using retalitors, we are using champions for some of the loaners.

Edit:there are no teams, there will be a VIP team of the pros protecting my neighbor but this is just for fun


Can you get non-mag blasters for everyone? Mag loaded blasters do not make good loaners.

I could, but as a compromise between the people who have stuff and the ones who don't it is better to get something that everyone, not just people who need the loaners, could use. I know they don't, but this isn't exactly a regular war and there will be no large head darts there so mag blasters work. On top of that, the price of the mag fed blaster we would be getting has more firepower and usefulness than any other blaster at that price range


I know I didn't mention this but this isn't a regular war, this is a thing hosted by me for my neighbor that has cancer, so everyone there we will know. That also provides us with the opportunity of telling everyone how to successfully un-jam guns and have all of them actually listen. 

#358644 Bulk mags

Posted by Pineapplepies on 19 March 2017 - 09:23 PM in General Nerf

You're looking for something like this IMO, if you get them for 12$ you're paying about 6$ a mag. 
I also have seen terribad quality for those offbrand or knockoff mags. Not sure why you need so many mags, if you just ask for a fuckton of 6 mags you could make those extended old LS mags (I did that and ran them decently for a while since I ran into a similar dilemma)

I need a bunch of mags because I'm hosting a war with 30+ people and need at least 1, preferably 2 per person, and one loaner for more than half of that number so I don't exactly have the money to spend on anything except the most bulk and absolute cheapest option. I don't care if I have to file down a billion mags and tell everyone to only use 11 darts, I just need to know if anyone has any experience with them and if they actually are a viable option.

You can find Buzz Bee 20s pretty cheap at walmarts when they have a sale. They need filing to fit in some blasters, but feed smoothly and are higher capacity.

Yeah I already looked into those, but they are too pricey right now and I need these mags soon or they won't arrive in time.

#358625 Bulk mags

Posted by Pineapplepies on 18 March 2017 - 09:40 PM in General Nerf

Has anyone tried out these and know if they work? Looking for bulk mags and I see the reviews saying varying things and wondering if anyone knows wether or not it would even be worth looking into these.


#358618 Men gun vs Xwaffles

Posted by Pineapplepies on 18 March 2017 - 01:50 PM in Darts and Barrels

The mengun types are good but the ekind waffleheads have more forward weight, so they fly better under high flywheel power conditions. Both have more forward weight & will be much more stable in flight than elites but with less overall range (not that you'd notice with elites with their wild flight paths which reduce their straight linear range).

Oh ok, so would these be better for flywheels or springers or can they be used well across the board? And I don't care about range that much, I want to know the difference between the two but I just need something better than elites

Their tip diameter and profile is different and in that regard specifically I GREATLY prefer the men-gun darts for homeamdes because they feed easier through hoppers and breech systems once they are cut shorter. The quality control of EKIND darts is also somewhat spotty so you'll have to spot check batches for mold flash on the tips.
If you are using stock blasters there's no practical difference between the two beyond weight distribution.

Ok thank you, if you have either, and same goes for sir brass, do either of you know the preformance difference and the accuracy difference? Like basically the reason why I asked this in the first place is because I'm wondering for this large war I am hosting if I should pick one over the other to buy or if I should buy both.

#358606 Men gun vs Xwaffles

Posted by Pineapplepies on 17 March 2017 - 01:20 PM in Darts and Barrels

So as you can possibly tell from the title, wondering if anyone knows the difference/performance difference between men gun darts and the Ekind waffle tips. I am in the market for bulk amounts of darts and both men gun and the ekind darts are in the sizes I want them, so if anyone could tell me which one is better if at all that would be great.
This is at full length by the way, however if anyone knows the hopperabilty of either of these then please share because may use these for homemades too.

#358601 Anyone willing to come out for a Chicago area nerf war?

Posted by Pineapplepies on 17 March 2017 - 08:54 AM in Nerf Wars

Yeah, I know about that Facebook Nerf group and I am a member too, but I can't make that "Dawn of Foam" war. I almost punched a Fuckin hole in my computer screen when I found out it's happening on April 2nd... my high school's Spring Break starts on March 30th and I'm going to be flying out of town that Friday to visit some Universities in the Big Apple. That's life, I suppose.
Nice man. Scratch 1 more player, Pineapplepies.
Andy, if you know anyone that like to Nerf PLEASE tell them about this Nerf war in Chicago.
We're having a really hellish time gathering players, this is the 2nd month and we only have like 4-5 people.

Heh heh seems like pacnick too has spring break, that's why I am leaving. Ok cool! So we have another, let us still try to advertise and see if we can get anywhere, paknick if you could try maybe saying a comment on the facebook page saying come to this war and get people to join that would be great. I think a good number of people we need at least is 6 people, then that on top of my friends which would add a fair amount of people. 
For the people who are joining, what sort of guns do you have, does anyone have some loaners or things others can use?

I'd be willing to come for a little bit, but mainly for the purpose of selling what I've got left... I of course will participate though. Im a bit south, in joliet

Anyways, ok, yeah actually I am interested in some of your stuff I would buy it there, in fact actually if you have $50 worth of blasters or the equivalent, I can just hand you a $50 visa gift card.

Edit:nevermind on whole double post thing, thank you ice nine

#358585 Anyone willing to come out for a Chicago area nerf war?

Posted by Pineapplepies on 16 March 2017 - 04:02 PM in Nerf Wars

Yeah, I don't understand it at all. My original forum has been active for over a month already. There's 9.4 Million people living in the Chicagoland area and we get only 4 players? Let me say that again: 9.4 Million. That is an insane number of people. There should be way, way more people responding to this forum. I shouldn't have to look into other NerfHaven forums or venture into the world of Facebook just to invite players living 3-4 hours away. What about the 2.7 million residents of Chicago? Where the hell are all the Chicagoans? This is the largest city in America for Christ's Sake!!!!

Yeah you are right, it is crazy, I just don't understand how so few people are into this hobby it is great.

If you're having issues with outreach, you might have to branch out to Facebook (the Chicago Nerf Wars group is fairly active). They're hosting their Dawn of Foam war on April 2nd, that would probably be a good occasion for you to meet some other nerfers in your area and spread the word that you're willing to host wars.

Ok, well thanks for advice, pacnick this is your que, see if you can go to this, I know im going to be away but that being said I want to see if one of us could go and we could advertise.

#358578 Nerf blaster types?

Posted by Pineapplepies on 16 March 2017 - 10:52 AM in General Nerf


Here;s the thing...I want them to be stock blasters much like the videos Ive found in my scanning YouTube so modded blasters are probably out

Is there a reason why you don't want modded? Usually unless you are firing it and you are worried about speed you don't ever need to worry about power or unfairness for others because you use effects instead of darts. However if REQUIRE not to use mods then that's just your loss, you can make trillions of replicas and look alikes when you are limited to  less than 1000 guns from all blaster brands, many of which won't ever look real unless you mod them or paint them
Edit:Ok fair enough you want stock but do realize modded stuff can look cooler and add uniqueness to the gun, and worst case just mod something and paint it to look normal, like that elite stampede mod drac did a video on



Here is what I have as far as somewhat current Pistol type blasters
Triad EX-3
Elite Firestrike
Rockets would probably be all Tri-Strike, Demolisher and Thunder Blast...that about right?

There are more, if you want to go vintage you can get everything from a big blast, to titan, to ultimate missile blast(Don't listen to me on the big blast one though unless you mod because they are hard to get for cheap prices and are popular so don't kill one of those for something like this, leave it to someone who needs it). As for miniguns if you want one go with a dart zone scorpion or air zone punisher. For pistols really anything works from the tech target to the flipfury.

#358489 What would be the best way to mod a nert dart?

Posted by Pineapplepies on 10 March 2017 - 12:55 PM in Darts and Barrels

I have been looking around for the best way to mod a nerf dart but are not sure which is the best.What way do you mod your darts?Or what is the best 3rd party darts to buy?

ACCurate darts are great, but I would just get bulleyes/precut or cutdown ACCs otherwise known as artifact darts. That would be for springers, for all around I would get the waffle darts, and for flywheels you will want Koosh darts. If you want slug type darts SCS work too, in link above, and the full length ones are accurate and my second choice for springers.

As for modding darts, putting straws in them, and cutting off the tip in elites and streamlines and making a glue dome are good ways to mod the darts to make them more accurate.

#358488 Anyone willing to come out for a Chicago area nerf war?

Posted by Pineapplepies on 10 March 2017 - 12:48 PM in Nerf Wars

We still have no response, we need people for this war, so anyone who sees this and would come out PLEASE say something.

#358485 Nerf blaster types?

Posted by Pineapplepies on 10 March 2017 - 11:21 AM in General Nerf

Hey gang, after a very lengthy hiatus I have returned...I did some searching and did not see a current topic for this and thought I pick some wise Nerfer brains:
I have gotten into Nerf FPS videos  (Aaron Esser on YouTube has some very popular ones based on CoD) and it got me to thinking about compiling some info to create some FPS videos with friends. I thought of making one with just Pistols (more of a Goldeneye ruleset I think) and started looking up pistol type Nerf blasters and wanted some insight on what blasters would be the ideal fit for that?Thanks
Thanks in advance guys!

Depends how far you are willing to go to make stuff, and if you are looking for the actual guns to look real. You can do anything from buying a doubleshot, cpvc, and make a western pistol to maverick, cyclone shock, and of the airtech guns so airtech 2000, 3000, or 4000, mono-blast etc. If you wanted to have like a future type battle any of the cyber strike gear works, and also any of the alien menace stuff.

Edit: I mean like really just look on the wiki for what you want, there are hundreds of blasters that work and you could use, some are harder to find than others, then just hit up eBay and search for that stuff, I mean hell even a tek 6 if painted could look cool so really unless you are going for performance then go with really anything buzz bee or stats blast

#358260 Anyone Hosting a Chicago-area/Northern Illinois Nerf War?

Posted by Pineapplepies on 27 February 2017 - 04:47 PM in Nerf Wars

Hey, I was searching even further through the older forums on this site and found this Chicagoland Nerf Facebook group: http://nerfhaven.com/forums/topic/27300-scsnw-presents-frozen-foam-n-foliage-il/?hl=chicago 


 The link advertises a war that happened last November in Romeoville, but maybe we could use it to invite some people that have attended one of their wars? I can do it myself, I have an account.

Yes, use that, use anything you can, we just need people, I don't care if we get 60 people or 6 people, we just should get a war up and running because I would like to meet the community.

#358189 Anyone willing to come out for a Chicago area nerf war?

Posted by Pineapplepies on 24 February 2017 - 02:34 PM in Nerf Wars

Hey! I think his name is Daniel Beaver, he mentioned that maybe we should just try playing with just 4-6 players to start off. Would you consider it? I would do it if no one else decides to join our war, but I don't know if that would be worth it for people driving 3-4 hours. I think we need at least 10 players before we set a time and date. What do you think man?

Yup, fine with me, we should see if we can get anyone else, keep up the good work, we need more people because I would prefer if we have more people from here than my friends to keep it interesting, but yeah keep messaging people stuff and send messages to people near the area. 4-6 would be fine but I want to see if we can get more because I know what I'm doing, I may be young but I can be a leader and can easily handle a bunch of people, in fact it is I, a mid teenager that is hosting a local 40+ war for my neighbor with cancer so I think I can handle it. 

#358152 Anyone willing to come out for a Chicago area nerf war?

Posted by Pineapplepies on 22 February 2017 - 09:36 PM in Nerf Wars

Whoa, thats 4 hours away, but I'll ask the parents(so maybe). Do you know when you are thinking this will be?

Mid march or April, we still need to see if we can get anyone else before we finalize date

#358138 Anyone willing to come out for a Chicago area nerf war?

Posted by Pineapplepies on 22 February 2017 - 12:27 PM in Nerf Wars


So if anyone has payed attention to the thread talking about hosting a nerf war in Chicago area this is continued from there. What I am wondering if is anyone would be willing to come out to 60025 area for a war. People of all ages would be allowed and mention if anyone else would join you. We need a headcount to see if we have enough to host a war.


So far we have myself, and up to 30 others for a definite(realistically about 10-15)


Possible others(who have mentioned they may attend)

Daniel Beaver



We haven't figured out the rules yet, however we would allow mostly everything so expect a more intense war, and we would allow all kinds of mods and maybe homemades if enough people have them. For playing area we have a very large field that is long enough to launch sizeable model rockets and have them end up in grass so you calculate how large a field would need to be to do that.


So anyone interested? If so just please comment below

#358136 Anyone Hosting a Chicago-area/Northern Illinois Nerf War?

Posted by Pineapplepies on 22 February 2017 - 12:16 PM in Nerf Wars


I'm not trying to discourage you from hosting your own war.  Unfortunately, yes, I feel like I have to be a downer, because people get a little short sighted sometimes and need a reality check.  It isn't personal.

      Fair enough, I can see why you would want to say that, and hey that's fine to be a downer just don't go around saying things along the lines of "don't do this because there is another group and you guys have a bad idea" because that can be picked up like how I did which was I thought you were trying to discourage us from doing a war. 

      My point is though I have been itching to get involved in the community and quite possibly run something myself because we have a perfect location and a bunch of people that would come.(As i mentioned I can get up to 30 people by myself)


It looks like you've been around this site for a while and are pretty active as of late. I was curious if you knew anyone from our area that could join this war, or anyone from the west coast that has contacts near us. There's obviously a great nerf scene on both the east and west coasts, but in terms of the Midwest: every major group is scattered at least 2 or 3 hours away from Chicago i.e. Grand Rapids, Milwaukee, Iowa City, Dayton, etc. As you see there hasn't been a huge response from since the posting, kind of odd for the 3rd largest city in America. I've a feeling that maybe all we need is some advertising to get people's attention. What do you say man?


Also, Jim, I find it funny that you could be my dad. No disrespect or nothing, it's just a little weird and funny. Its good to see that age doesn't take the fun out of Nerf for ya. Hopefully I'll be the same in 20 years.

Yeah, at this point I think it may be smart to post a thread about this. I will do that right now in fact and we can continue this there, but I feel like it would be smart to put this in a place where people know what we are talking about by the title. I think that would be ample advertising and would get us somewhere, and think why we haven't gotten anyone is because few people check every thread.

#358085 Anyone Hosting a Chicago-area/Northern Illinois Nerf War?

Posted by Pineapplepies on 20 February 2017 - 03:32 PM in Nerf Wars

Sorry for late response drafted something then forgot to post it and then life got crazy but no I'm not dead

So I went looking around on some other forms. I responded to a few people living in neighboring states like Iowa and Michigan and invited them to join our war. However, it sucks because everyone seems to be at least 3 hours away from Chicago. That's going to be a major problem for many people, I can just feel it. I hope that we can pull this off before the end of spring because I probably will be moving out of state for college this summer so I won't be living in Chicago anymore.
That said, we don't need to rush.... But we've got to have our nerf war before then. Invite as many people as possible. Search this website for forums, even if those people live like 4 or 5 hours away. Pineapplepies: I joined that Facebook group that dude from Oregon talked about. It's an Indoor Arena, probably similar to Paintball. There's actually an event going on in a week, but I'm sick right now so I won't go. You should make an account and join: https://www.facebook...10849652421933/
Anyway, if you know someone that just might enjoy a few games of nerf, go ahead and ask him/her if they would be interested in joining. I've got someone that might come with me depending on when we plan out the game day. We need everyone we can get.

Yes, if we can drum up some more support that would be great, I have about 30 or so people who I could get to join, most of them would be younger than me though and not all of them will be available but that being said they also wouldn't have much stuff, some of the, have their own things but in terms of being well equipped so far to my knowledge that would be just me. Let's see if we can get some more people and host a war on a place that is literally begging to be used. Speaking of which, there is a MASSIVE field I could host this on, which is from one end to the other at least a 2 minute walk for a average size human so pretty large. Other than that, let's just continue and see if we can do this.

Just didn't want you guys to miss out on a strong group because you have the wrong idea.

Draconis we can still do this if we want, you don't always have to be so much of a downer all of them time and I have been around for some time so I have seen your posts. I still want to host a war because personally it would be preferable to be able to finally become a part of the community and to be able to quite possibly win against people much older than me

Edit:also, we have a indoor place we could do this too, not extremely large but sizable enough that it could host a small war with downwards of 30 people

#357939 Anyone Hosting a Chicago-area/Northern Illinois Nerf War?

Posted by Pineapplepies on 12 February 2017 - 11:34 AM in Nerf Wars

How have you guys not found the big CNW group on Facebook?  Many of the members can also be found here, and they usually post the war threads here, but most of the planning is done on the FB group.

 Draconis I don't have Facebook, plus there should be a war for people like me.

Hey! Well what do you know... People responded!
I'm sorry for not responding quicker, I didn't think I would get any responses within the first couple days. I'm not really familiar with how many people we would need for a war. I assumed about 10 or 15 would the minimum for it to be worth it. We still need a few people, but it's a start. Thanks for agreeing to host, Pineapplepies. Like I said, I've never done this before and I don't know any other players so really you 2 guys are going to be the ones that invite other players, decide what rules we will play by, what guns we are going to use, and if mods are acceptable or not. The future is in your hands....
Just for yall's information, I have the following guns: The Vulcan Minigun, a Recon CS-6, The Retaliator, 2 Hammershot Blasters, and a Nite Finder Pistol. Some of these guns are a few years old and unfortunately don't work as well as they used to. Also, I have about 150 random darts for use. If we manage to gather enough players, I'm probably going to go shopping for some nice guns before the war.
I live in Norwood Park neighborhood in Chicago. I feel kind of bad for HQRSE CQCK that has to drive 5+ hours from Rochester, Minnesota. When I saw that I couldn't believe it. That's a pretty insane drive just for a nerf war.  It just goes to show that us "Nerfers" are far and few between and we've got to make the most of every war. So lets kick some Fuckin' Ass with this war!

Wow ok so maybe I don't have as few things as I thought, I have all of what you have plus MUCH more and most of mine are modded if possible. I am also sorry for not responding quick, didn't get this until I got back from a trip. Ok so I mean as I said above, I still feel like we should attempt a nerfhaven run one because I don't have Facebook. I mean we could get some people from that group too. Other than that still seeing if anyone else is willing to come, reply to this if you want to come

#357938 Magazine pouches, pockets or holsters th at suit the Worker 22 Banana

Posted by Pineapplepies on 12 February 2017 - 11:25 AM in General Nerf

I think at the point you're trying to cobble together a goldberg-esque confabulation of molle mag pouches, duct tape, and 2x4's you should just get a nice messenger bag and call it a day.

What's the fun in having a messenger bag when as I said you could theoretically have mags going as far out as you can reach, yeah you would be weighed down but you would never run out of ammo. I would bet a long as you are athletic enough you could last the longest in any hvz if you have enough mags. In fact, I have thought of making a rifle that has two sets of workable flywheels in it as to allow you to fire out of the back magazine well to always have ammo to fire. And that coupled with a setup like this would allow you to last forever in anything not power based

#357879 Magazine pouches, pockets or holsters th at suit the Worker 22 Banana

Posted by Pineapplepies on 07 February 2017 - 04:32 PM in General Nerf

If you stack too many molle pouches on top of one another, they get very awkward very fast, and also since they're soft-sided they start to squish up and make it hard to pull stuff out of the back pouches. I'd really only want to two tiers (Ie pouch on a pouch on a vest/belt) for reliability purposes. But yes, those should hold nerf mags.

I mean I was assuming you would do something about that by making some form of stretching and support system out of wood, or rope, or springs. Something like that, i don't know I am just saying that chances are it would be possible to figure out how to fix that issue.

#357877 Magazine pouches, pockets or holsters th at suit the Worker 22 Banana

Posted by Pineapplepies on 07 February 2017 - 01:36 PM in General Nerf

Any AK/7.62/FAL/M14/308 type mag pouches should hold any nerf mag. For instance, one single stack AK pouch holds one nerf mag, and a double stack pouch for AK mags hold 2 nerf mags. 
This holds 6 18s and lots of other pockets. lots of HVZers use this. 

I remember you recommending this, one question though. I did some more research and since you said that ak mag pouches work, would this one work? I know it's not a rig but personally I would rather get something I can keep adding onto than maximum amount of mags:https://www.amazon.c...molle mag pouch
And would this work for the 22rd worker, 20 buzz bee mag, and 18 round nerf?

Edit:hope this isn't too off topic from the main post but the main post has to do with mags of similar size so this may be a viable option on a molle rig. To my knowledge, you can keep adding mags so theoretically you could have 3 or 4 sets of the thing I listed on a rig and that would be about double the capacity of what you listed, albeit much more expensive but also more versatile and longer lasting, especially good if you are running a rapid strike/hyperfire

#357876 Anyone Hosting a Chicago-area/Northern Illinois Nerf War?

Posted by Pineapplepies on 07 February 2017 - 01:11 PM in Nerf Wars

For what it's worth, I'm often willing to drive down to the Chicago area to attend a war.

Ok so that's three people, not enough for a war yet but I always can get some others, if anyone else is willing to make it out here, i could host this.

#357856 Anyone Hosting a Chicago-area/Northern Illinois Nerf War?

Posted by Pineapplepies on 06 February 2017 - 02:28 PM in Nerf Wars

Hi, I am a newcomer to this nerf war meetup website (thank God there is such a thing) and over the past few months I've been viewing the 2016 and now the 2017 Nerf War Schedules. It seems to me that most of the action is happening on either the east, west, or southern boarders of the United States of America. That is unfortunate and it would be quite an ordeal for me, personally, to have to pay for a couple hundred dollar plane ticket and fly a thousand miles just for a nerf war. That said, Is there anyone here that would be interested in hosting a Nerf War within a 2-Hour Radius of Chicago, Illinois?
That means no further north than Milwaukee, Wisconsin, no further south than Champaign, Illinois, no further west than Sterling, Illinois, and no further east than Elkhart, Indiana. Anything that is more-or-less the same distance as these cities (or closer) to Chicago would be acceptable for me. I would host it myself, but I have grave doubts that I could pull it off successfully as "the new guy" who has never attended a nerf war in his life. I simply don't want there to be any issues that could come up unexpectedly that would mean canceling the whole thing and have complaints about wasting everyone's time. It's not that I don't have the balls, believe me on that. Now, I am aware that there was a meeting in Milwaukee just a couple of months ago, but I happened to miss it right before I discovered NerfHaven. I am also aware that there is an upcoming war in Minnesota this April, but St. Paul is 6 hours by car and by Megabus its 8 hours+. That's just way out my range guys. But don't forget that there is also the possibility of human error and I might be just insanely blind. Perhaps there already is a war planned in the near future that will be happening somewhere close to me that I have not discovered yet. If that is the case, please just direct me to that thread. I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you and God Bless.

Finally someone else near Chicago. Hate to tell you man but I really don't know if there is many people out here who nerf. I am here, am located around Northbrook/Glenview, and even have an amazing field out here that would work. Only problem is I don't know who would be interested and I am not crazy into modding and only have some basic things so would be outclassed by anyone experienced. Personally, if you and I can stir up some interest I would be willing to host it even though I likely would be younger than most. So if anyone is around Chicago area or would be willing to come out to Glenview/Northbrook, or if someone more experienced would like to run it and I can provide the field, then we would be able to pull this off.

#356992 Imr batteries and charger

Posted by Pineapplepies on 02 December 2016 - 04:42 PM in General Nerf

Title should explain what I'm asking about, but can someone please link me some 14500 imr batteries and a charger? Cheap would be preferable, along with it being on amazon if possible, but whatever works is best.

#356671 Tactical vest??!?!

Posted by Pineapplepies on 07 November 2016 - 04:44 PM in General Nerf

So as you can probaly tell by the title I am wondering about tactical vests for nerf. In particular does anyone know if this would work for 18 round nerf mags?(And quite possiblely 20 round buzz bee mags) https://www.amazon.c...oding=UTF8&th=1

I need some form of rig for hvz/wars so any suggestions I could get for holding many mags would be much appreciated. If someone knows another way of going about this which would be relatively inexpensive that would be great too.

#355057 Artifact darts

Posted by Pineapplepies on 17 July 2016 - 07:25 PM in Darts and Barrels

 Still hoping for a miracle or design improvement on Artifact's end,  this is the closest the community has ever come to a legit source of darts

Can't agree with you more that a lot of potentially amazing darts have gotten so close to being created then just dropped. Artifact himself came on here and posted about new darts that would of if the design worked and the darts were cheap they would be the best and most bought of darts on the market. But then he kinda just went silent and the prototype new ACCS turned out to be not as rubbery as ACCS and sadly about as pricy as the original. I am wondering if you could try to find a way to weigh them down more by using some magical fairy dust or something non metal to fix the not flying straight at high speeds.

#353960 Ebay Stock Dart and Acronym Guide

Posted by Pineapplepies on 04 June 2016 - 12:23 PM in Darts and Barrels

I've tried ACCs in my 4B but they just start tumbling mid air everytime

Try cutting them down, that has seemed to help a lot of issues like the one you have run into, and the cut down ACCs/bulleyes(Long live the name 2BlueBros proposed!)also are a little more accurate than full length ACCs

#353909 Ebay Stock Dart and Acronym Guide

Posted by Pineapplepies on 02 June 2016 - 08:20 AM in Darts and Barrels

That's definitely a dislike lol. Is there a best flywheel blaster dart for the rayven?

No not at all I love ACC darts just pointing out that I learned the hard way that they do not like flywheels  :P and koosh darts are good for any flywheels unless you have a flywheel gun with that "rifling" since it seems to catch the head of koosh darts and make everything terrible (so in other words you need to remove that "rifling" or sand it down to use koosh darts but it is worth it and should be done)

#353884 Ebay Stock Dart and Acronym Guide

Posted by Pineapplepies on 01 June 2016 - 07:36 AM in Darts and Barrels

Another thing about ACC darts is that they don't always feed reliably in flywheel blasters.

Yeah not sure if you know this or not but that has been known ever since they were first found as "chunlin" darts. If I remember correctly I was sadly one of the first to find that ACCs don't like flywheels the hard way after my demolisher decided to fling the head about 15 feet while the foam was still stuck in the magazine.

#353545 Overhauled Nerf Rapidstrike Uzi

Posted by Pineapplepies on 17 May 2016 - 03:53 PM in Modifications

since you have to use unprotected ones or the circuit won't even start.

Actually I would like to chime in and agree trustfires and ultrafires aren't the best for this aplication but I will have oppose you on saying protected trustfires and ultrafires will not work since I have been able to make them work for a stryfe, hail fire, and demolisher although I will say the will eventually not work after a certain amount of use but that DOES NOT mean they won't run in flywheel blaster

#353500 New darts tips

Posted by Pineapplepies on 16 May 2016 - 07:59 AM in Darts and Barrels

Interesting. What are the advantages over previous tip designs?

Although obviously I'm not the one who makes these but I would guess the heads would crack less(sometimes with ACC or similar heads cracks will start to form on the head after enough use), they may work in flywheels better, and be a bit more durable again due the fact that the stem seems longer

#353499 Ebay Stock Dart and Acronym Guide

Posted by Pineapplepies on 16 May 2016 - 07:40 AM in Darts and Barrels

At ice nines request here is a link for buying those new artifact darts that have started popping up in different places and are basically cut down ACCs in larger and cheaper amounts(darts sold here have been confirmed to be the artifact darts and I'm not sure if this link will ever go away unless production stops) http://www.buychina....ad-wtvqtuoqlhjm

Edit:not sure if this is considered a taobao link since what is above is the url from taobao on buychina.com but it is translated so it should be less confusing plus these can be shipped to places like Canada too

#353477 What Trustfires to get?

Posted by Pineapplepies on 14 May 2016 - 10:03 AM in General Nerf

Don't let the voltage drop too low (use a voltage meter or alarm)
Don't over-charge (i.e. raise the voltage too high)
Don't short the battery...always try your blaster with regular batteries and see if they get warm before you ever connect your LiPo. Relatedly, make sure all connections are well-insulated and secure. You don't want a short to happen during play.
Store LiPos in a cool, dry environment at a proper storage voltage. While in storage frequently check the individual cell voltage; they should be the same (aka balanced). Also look for any signs of the pack swelling.
Make sure the pack doesn't get punctured or squeezed in the blaster (or otherwise)
Use a proper charger (balance charger) and again make sure the cell voltages are all the same after charging/discharging.
Never leave a LiPo to charge unattended. Preferably do it away from flammable objects, and put the LiPo in a charging bag (which will prevent the spread of fire).
Go on an R/C site or something and read even more Do's and Don'ts.
By most accounts modern LiPos are more stable/safer than older ones but they still require care to prevent injuring yourself and others, or burning down your house.

Sounds a lot easier than I thought it would be and also when you say make sure to check the individual cells how would one do that is there some sort of device you need to check it or do you mean just charge it to a certain level?
Edit:have no idea if this a stupid question or not but just don't know much about lipos but for the most part here how good they are and how you should use them over all other battery types

#353476 New darts tips

Posted by Pineapplepies on 14 May 2016 - 09:55 AM in Darts and Barrels

I make a new darts and a China darts company copy my designattachicon.gif87EE5B3657F65A7564ACCA8A057D1718.pngattachicon.gif96CF2180F8B7F3F91EC2A02D083DF2EA.png

Very interesting and just yesterday there was a thread going on about your amazing darts on buychina.com. Also I do have a question for you which is are the blue and gray darts that you have before and these just different dart heads on the exact(or very similar) elite foam?
Reason why I am asking is since there was a argument that I was in where someone claimed your darts are just elite dart foam with ACC or similar tips which would be fine but want to know how good the foam is that you have.