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#159456 Pvc Barrels

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 16 June 2008 - 10:26 PM in Modifications

Stick a micro dart in your pipe and tell me how it fits. If the foam (not the tip, just the body) is a tight fit, then you have CPVC. If the foam has a lot of room on either side, and you can fit the head of the dart into the pipe as well, then you have PVC. Tell us which one it is and then you'll make enough sense for us to help you.

#159455 Modifications

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 16 June 2008 - 10:22 PM in Site Feedback

Regarding classifying mods in terms of difficulty, I agree with Omega. Though you make a good point that difficulty is subjective, the system could be based on general trends. I bet 99% of the users of this board will say that a nitefinder is easier to mod than a longshot, for example, and ideally, a rating system would not discourage people from attempting an ls mod, but merely get that trend across to them.

But there are only a handful, probably less that that, of guns that everyone could reach a single consensus on. The "trends" that you're talking about are either obvious in such a way as to negate the need to officially list them, or are an average based on a large amount of vastly different opinions. The latter would mean that my point was valid, and because there cannot really be a set difficulty for a mod, there is no way to accurately classify them based on how easy or hard one is. Badger and I both completed LS mods as our very first attempts at modding, and found it easy while others may find it too complex or confusing, for example. Some may screw up a Nitefinder mod while others do it automatically because to them it is obvious what needs to be done and how it is best executed. That fact is that difficulty is objective and therefore, apart from the commonly accepted "NF is easy" opinion, there really is no established ground for what the ratings would be. The best way to do it would be to make a poll for each gun, but that would be time consuming and still ineffective.
The best way for someone to tell what they should do mod wise is to pick and complete a mod, judge for themself how difficult it was, and then decide from there what is within their abilities by looking for similar mods and procedures.

#159434 What Gun Has Potential.

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 16 June 2008 - 08:43 PM in General Nerf

Mod potential is mostly restricted by the imagination of the modder. Of course, there are also the more versatile guns that will naturally be more useful for mods. Nitefinders are well-documented there, as are Longshots. SSPBs and SMDTGs are good for integrations because of their small size and respectable power.

#159429 My Longshot

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 16 June 2008 - 08:21 PM in Modifications

It is assumed that someone who builds and attaches a silencer to their gun knows that it only works for stored-air weapons. Silencing a gun by stuffing it full of foam works to some extent on spring guns. But this is off topic.

#159421 "nitefinder Rifle"

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 16 June 2008 - 07:43 PM in Modifications

You could always replace the plunger rods with a threaded rod or a steel/aluminum solid-core pipe if you're not sure. However, marine strength epoxy, JB Weld, Plumber's Goop, plastic cements (or plastic welds), and Fishin' Glue are all very likely to hold. If you want to reinforce the hold, try bonding some strips of aluminum flashing onto the sides of the plunger rods where they are joined (I.e. take a small strip of flashing and glue it down so that it is glued to one plunger rod, extends across the joint where the two rods meet, and then is bonded to the other rod on the opposite side as well). That gives you a lot more adhered surface and strength. The plunger tube itself is of the same plastic, but I can't help with the PETG ones.

#159419 Show Off Your Guns!

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 16 June 2008 - 07:37 PM in Site Feedback

I understand the concept and what you're trying to do, but IPB may not even have that kind of function to support that data and that much of it on the profile pages. Like badger said, it would take an eternity to load otherwise. It's something of a technical limitation on IPB as to whether or not we could add something like what you're suggesting.

#159415 At2k Problem

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 16 June 2008 - 07:31 PM in Modifications

Take a look at the pump housing and all the tubing for leaks. Also, the check valves (one-way valves that should be on the tank and pump) may be stuck. Sometimes that will happen and it will take a bit of extra pressure to force them open and fill up the tank, meaning more pumps. You could try spraying a drop or two of silicone lubricant on them (you might be forced to cut the tubing to get access, and re-seal it when finished) and see if it helps. If the pump housing and/or tank have leaks, then spread some epoxy over the hole. If you need new tubing, try going to Lowe's or Home Depot. Most guns use clear vinyl tubing with an inner diameter (ID) of 1/8" and an outer diameter (OD) of 1/4" with 1/16" thick walls. Measure the tubes on your gun first, though. When you reassemble the gun, wash out the pump housing and pump, then reapply some silicone lube. In the event that the O-ring dried out, that will help. You could also buy a new O-ring. I would advise against wrapping electrical tape around the pump shaft because that may block the check valve that lets air into the pump housing, depending on what type of pump it is.

#159404 Pvc Barrels

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 16 June 2008 - 07:18 PM in Modifications

1/2" CPVC is the one that's too tight. 1/2" PVC is for megas. The only reason to bore out that size of PVC is to nest something in it. As far as CPVC goes, you could try using a round file or a Dremel with a rotary cutting or sanding bit. However, neither option is going to give you a uniform inner surface, which may be a problem.

#159399 Show Off Your Guns!

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 16 June 2008 - 07:14 PM in Site Feedback

The modding directory has NOTHING to do with this. I hope you weren't being sarcastic either, I don't appreciate sarcasm...

It serves the same purpose, and no it wasn't sarcasm in keef's post. More like contempt for ignorance. Since there is already a communal thread where everyone posts their mods, paintjobs, and homemades (although the latter has its own thread), there is no need to be redundant and have the same thing on peoples' profiles. I don't know if IPB even supports something like that.

#159397 My Longshot

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 16 June 2008 - 07:09 PM in Modifications

i really don't think a silencer, muzzle break, or a flash hider has any kind of functional purpose in Nerf, so it shouldn't matter what its called.

1) Wrong. Functional or not, it still has a name, and it can still be put on a gun (even just for looks). Not calling something by its name makes you look ignorant and/or stupid. Also, silencers do have a "functional purpose" in Nerf, particularly during some situations in assassins games.
2) Try hitting the Shift key while you type the letter I by itself and when you type the first letter of a sentence. Use apostrophes when needed.

As for the gun, it's a nice piece. A bit too white for my tastes, but I'm not the owner. Next time, post something like this in the mods/paintjobs sticky unless there is a detailed explanation of something new you did or improved on.

#159008 Modifications

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 12 June 2008 - 07:20 PM in Site Feedback

It is difficult to categorize mods based on difficulty because everybody has different experience (or lack thereof), tools, and resources. We can agree that AR removals on NFs are basic, and things like the Angel Breech stem from the more difficult group, but there are plenty in between that could easily be miscategorized. It would be better to keep the method of organization we have now (by name), perhaps include a picture of a stock version of each gun in case the name is unknown to the searching modder, and leave it at that.

#158956 Nerf Swords

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 12 June 2008 - 02:42 PM in Off Topic

Nerf, not Foam Sword Battle.

Why do you post in topics like this only to complain about something "not being Nerf," while overlooking the effort and functionality of the actual product?

Why is this in the Mods section?

About the subject: I don't know about their legality in wars, but they still look cool. How thick is the foam padding on your weapons, on average? Also, how durable are they? Does the core material warp after decent use, or is it pretty rigid?

#158909 Favorite Video Game Weapon

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 11 June 2008 - 11:36 PM in Off Topic

As long as the topic is still going:

(Loose order, but the BR should definitely be ranked higher)

1) Railgun, Quake series (Effeminate weapon of the world award, I could nail anything with it)

2) Devastator, Duke Nukem 3D

3) Monkey Gun, Timesplitters: Future Perfect

4) The Kitten Cannon, Kitten Cannon Flash Game

5) The Snooper Rifle, Return to Castle Wolfenstein

6) Torque Bow, Gears of War series

7) Boltok, Gears of War series

8) Lancer, Gears of War series

9) Plasma Grenade, Halo series

10) Brute Spike Grenade, Halo 3

11) Firebomb Grenade, Halo 3

12) Cerebral Bore, Turok

13) Hi-Standard Silenced, Medal of Honor series

14) S.n.i.p.e.r. Rifle, Unreal Tournament III

15) Flak Cannon, Unreal Tournament III

16) World's Most Interesting Bomb, MDK

17) World's Smallest Nuke, MDK

18) Battle Rifle, Halo 2-3

19) Needler (dual wield), Halo 2 incarnation

20) Shock Rifle, Unreal Tournament III

#158632 Longshot Problem

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 10 June 2008 - 12:15 AM in Modifications

I found that the bolt isn't pulling far enough to let the magazine in. But I'm not sure why.

Try shaving a little bit off of the feed lips for each magazine (on the back of the feed lips, where the tails of the darts go.). If that doesn't work, then the extra spring is too long. If you place the LS and shotgun springs next to each other, and find that the shotgun's is longer, trim off a ring or two and then reassemble the gun. It should be fine.

#158609 Favorite Older Computer Game.

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 09 June 2008 - 08:40 PM in Off Topic

Duke Nukem, MDK, and all of the Command & Conquer games (the best RTS series I have ever played). I started playing those games when I was 4, and I beat the C&C Red Alert Campaign when I was 5 or 6. Duke Nukem kicked ass, and MDK is still one of the most enjoyable games I've played. I loved the powerups in that game (I.e., the World's Most Interesting Bomb).

#158603 My Mp5 Semi Auto Airsoft/nerf Gun

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 09 June 2008 - 08:34 PM in Modifications

And this, yet again, brings up a monthly or so old topic. Nerf is Nerf becuase of the Nerf. You are firing foam darts from a brightly painted gun (unless of a paint job). Homemades are a somewhat of a acception, but aren't usually allowed at major wars becuase of they're beefy power. Airsoft guns don't, and I do not belive are suppose to, fire any kind of foam. They fire little projectiles.

So, all in all, I am trying to say that when you combine airsoft and Nerf, it just ain't Nerf. IMO (yes, I used an acronym)

You also used incorrect spelling and grammar! Hooray!

If the gun works, and it is practical, it doesn't matter if someone thinks it's Nerf or not. Unless it is a foam club or a loser rifle, which will change the way the game is actually played. If it is actually semi-auto, it has potential. I assume that if it is, it is also electrically powered and operated, in which case you could open it up, post a pic of the internals, and find some way to improve the actual mechanism. Otherwise, it would have to be gas operated with a tank or CO2 slot, in which case you can modify the gas valve to release more propellant for greater ranges.

#158484 Longshot Problem

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 09 June 2008 - 03:18 AM in Modifications

The magazine lock was what held the mag in its well. You NEED that piece. Try to make a duplicate by bonding PVC, Lexan, etc. together. However, your actual problem is most likely what keef posted.
Otherwise, check the plunger head like Retiate said. Also, check that the plate on the back of the plunger tube isn't warped, and that it rests correctly in place. Make sure the bolt and the bolt sled are not twisted, bent, or warped in any way.

#158436 Nf Mod Collection

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 08 June 2008 - 05:24 PM in Modifications

Don't ever re-post someone's work. There's no point, it's cheap, and you look like a post-whore and an ass. If newcomers want to find something on modding, they'll go to the directory, or they'll neglect that option like usual, post a question, and thereby let us know that they are an idiot and a ban candidate. The Directory itself has a far more extensive collection of information on NF mods than this thread, which barely serves to outline the mods. (Again, mods that aren't yours.)

#155072 Balancing Chemical Equations

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 07 May 2008 - 04:34 PM in Off Topic

Also, PLEASE fix you spelling and grammar. You are a new member and writing poorly isn't going to let you stay here long.

Not saying I'm a vet or something, it is that I've been here longer than you.

He was here over a year before you, Lynx. Also, you may want to check your own post for spelling and grammar.

I haven't done this stuff yet, so I might as well be prepared. Can anyone explain the second equation, because it looks like you're all randomly switching numbers. What is being balanced and how do you balance the equation (my chem class sucks for me not to learn this)?

#155049 Ls Help Plz?

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 07 May 2008 - 01:33 PM in Modifications

okay, so I did a little work on my LS today and I got most of the bondo off, but I couldn't get it all because I'm worried about damaging the front shell beyond what I did to make it front-gun accessible. I also did an AR removal and spring replacement (that was a while ago) I was looking at the remaining barrel from the extension and I was wondering if it was worth it to make it so the long barrel will fit in the gun (I was thinking of making it detachable for short range, then putting it on for accuracy purposes at long range)

That barrel won't do anything for your accuracy. Neither of the two even touch the dart; they are purely for cosmetics. Unless you want to do an Angel Breech and nest a brass barrel in the stock one, it isn't worth it.

#154850 The Half And Half Nerf Grenade

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 05 May 2008 - 10:24 PM in Modifications

This already exists. It's called a barricade buster. However, your k'nex clip is a unique and new idea. Props for figuring out an easy method to keep them closed in storage.

#154847 Nerf Homemade Combustion Grenade

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 05 May 2008 - 10:18 PM in Homemades

Well, aside from the legal ramifications of setting up a home-made bomb in the woods somewhere, this is a disaster waiting to happen. You are using fire to shoot foam at people. There is a real risk of partially melting that foam, and it causing 2nd or 3rd degree burns on any exposed skin it come into contact with. If I got burned from a half-melted piece of foam hitting me in the face, I'd be out for blood. I think everyone else would be, too. This is really a bad idea.

In combustion weapons, the flame is not in contact long enough for the dart to melt or catch fire. It is not different from firing it out of an air gun.

Well, except for the idiocy of creating a tank to fire darts via exploding gases. Look how many grenade topics were created this week, and people still don't realize how impractical and sometimes dangerous (mousetraps, combustion) they are.

#154636 The Brink Of Frustration

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 04 May 2008 - 06:33 PM in General Nerf

The problem with your proposal, Riptide, is that there are immature idiots of all age levels, particularly on the Internet. Raising the age limit might stop some of them, but it would also turn away some good contributors just as the no-post period would have. The fact of it is that there really is no method of weeding out the immatures before they get here. The admins have to approve the members and then eliminate the ones that won't work in this society. That, of course, takes a great deal of work on their part, but it is the most effective way of ensuring the quality and content of this site.

Badger intended this to be a sign that something wasn't right. The "older" users can tell that over the past year, maybe two years, the content and quality of said content has degraded . I don't mean to imply that we have poor ideas, because Slug and Angel blow that accusation apart. It's that the newer and less "aware," for lack of a better word, users either disregard the rules the founders and admins set, or they just don't get how we run here. Thusly, they flood us with worthless posts and threads and sort of bring down the site as a whole.

Overall, there isn't a guarantee that forcing users not to post for the first week or month will raise their post quality. There is no way to be sure that they read the CoC. It is the applicant's responsibility to do that when they register for an account. It is their duty to adhere to our laws here. If they choose to break them or act out, then too bad. They don't have to have and account here, and they most likely won't soon after. There will always be these "noob" question threads and horrendous posts, but Badger, myself, and others see it as being better off terminated immediately. Let them post as soon as they get here, and if their content is not satisfactory and they refuse to improve at once, get rid of them.

#154608 Spinning Bolt

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 04 May 2008 - 03:42 PM in Homemades

I wish I could help you with the torque question, but I do have some advice. Is the gun semi- or fully automatic? If full, then use the motor. If semi, then you may want to look into using a sliding breech and a solenoid actuator instead, as it will be far more reliable. Trying to get the gun to fire single shots with a motor will need precise timing.

Perhaps you could use the motor to flip the switch for the actuator. This would allow you to fire in fully automatic mode as well. Attach a wheel to the motor shaft with notches cut into it so that the rotation of the wheel will push the button, let it reset, and then push it down again.

#154596 The Brink Of Frustration

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 04 May 2008 - 02:46 PM in General Nerf

The major problem with deleting accounts is that people can simply create another. The Admins would have to keep a list of IPs and how long accounts from that address need to be denied.

Galaxy, you don't seem to get it. Yes, VACC is an admin, but that's not what Langley was getting at. Users have begun to shake and quiver digitally whenever they read his name. Not that he is not important, far from it, but the idea is that you guys are beginning to fear being banned or punished here like you fear physical death; like your entire life is this forum. It's childish and idiotic. If I get banned, which may happen due to me being prone to flaming, etc., then I will find something else to occupy my time (although I will still Nerf, as being disconnected from the forum doesn't disconnect you from the hobby).

I'm not posting this because I live on the forums, or because I have nothing else to do, but because I care about the condition of this place. It is the only real place where people with similar interests in Nerf can discuss it, and I'd prefer to have it kept in great shape.

#154529 The Brink Of Frustration

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 04 May 2008 - 04:33 AM in General Nerf

Ok then...

I took a good hour, and I have a couple more things you might want to add to the list:
  • People who post not only concept or useless threads, but also make them about something so impractical, idiotic, or inherently dangerous that they would have best been kept to themselves (throwing mousetraps at people to fling a dart when you are holding a gun that could safely do the same, whacking people with baseball bats covered in a layer of FBR with duct tape, etc.).
  • People who post, but have absolutely no clue about what they are talking about. There are members who often type something as a "helpful" reponse to a question, but don't understand the topic material nearly well enough to be giving advice on it. If you don't know, don't post. This goes for speculations too, which are wastes of time both in being typed and being read, and are usually so idiotic or obvious that there was no need to post them at all, or so outlandish and baseless that they are beyond forgiveness for being posted.
  • People who can't read a topic or post, yet continue to post. This is similar to #2. To use a popular example, it's like when OMC posted in his PETG thread all the specs of his merchandise, yet users still ask, many times in hideously-contrived posts, "how the fit on Angel's red FBR is" (when he still carried it), "how much shipping will cost" (usually an alright question, but not when OMC clearly posted a flat rate), and so on. Read the entire topic and UNDERSTAND IT before making a post. It saves everyone trouble.
  • You sort of hit on this, but people who only ever post with a flame, speculation, or congratulations and never touch their keyboard to type a contributive post. I may seem hypocritical here, having 1100 posts myself, but I like to think that some, if not most of those were helpful in some regard. Also annoying are the people who feel the need to cry out "w00t 100th p05t!!1!11one", as if they deserve some kind of award for reaching a new high-water mark in their never-ending flood of useless bullshit. Or the people whose most active category is Off Topic, who had better have damn good "real" posts but never do.
  • People posting and making comments that derail the entire thread. How users here can go from a legitimate focus of conversation to something so completely irrelevant that it had no business coming up in the first place is mind-boggling.
  • You also hit on this one, but ejrasmussen decided to disregard it in his post while I was typing this. People here speak and write English as their first language, with the few notable exceptions like Jaffe and 3DBBQ. Therefore, you are assumed to be capable of typing English. If not then all you trolls and nerds who live on the computer must know of spellcheck, and we advise you to use it. This is in the CoC, and despite what Badger, ompa, and others have been warning, it continues to happen.
  • Attention-whores and ass-kissers. These are the kind of people who fudge range claims and post falsified stats on anything just to earn some praise, as if we won't catch on to them and that they will live in eternal glory. There was also someone (I can't recall the username) who posted a response of nothing but an explanation of how VACC's cock dwarfed his own in a laughable attempt at recognition and mercy. Don't kiss ass. Nobody bends to it, and everyone will hammer you out for it. HoBoFiL recently sucked ice's dick in regards to the quality of the latter's YouTube videos, and I almost pissed myself laughing after I cringed at his murder of the written English language.
  • People who can't take one minute out of their lives to search for the answer to a question that has been provided numerous times in this site's history. Or instead they post something that has already been known/discussed for a length of time thinking it was new. Oro? asking for a link to an RFR mod when FA_24 has so graciously provided the directory for us. PREDATOR posting about his discovery of the Vulcan when there was a 36-page, 535-reply speculation shitfest one or two pages away.
I would really like to see what would happen if Badger and/or a few select others (people who have respect and care about the community) was/were promoted to admin to join the returning team this summer.

#154470 Oh My Gosh

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 03 May 2008 - 07:52 PM in General Nerf

Oh ya and ice has more subscribers than Forsaken Angle and captain slug no instructional Nerf videos except shooting them.

So? That doesn't mean shit. Also, please learn to type correctly and have your posts make sense grammatically.

About the gun: Speculation doesn't amount to anything. The gun might be "good" or it might be "bad." Who knows? Unless you have one, and post a review, then nobody should believe anything just yet. However, I'll make an observation (and when you make that, post evidence to back you up). The thing appears to be small enough to conceal and carry for assassin games, based on how a grip extention is included. That should mean that the grip, and therefore the rest of the gun by proportion, is compact.

#154406 Melee Weapons

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 03 May 2008 - 02:21 PM in Homemades

I've never been to a war, but I'm sure some vets can back me up on this. There really is no point in melee weapons in Nerf when you have barrel tapping and such. The reason people carry their guns in wars is to be able to attack from range, and then then always have the option to barrel tap someone in melee proximity. Actually clubbing people with foam bats and swords is not nearly as practical or safe. Given the option, I think that most of us would prefer to be tapped on the back than have a large mass of foam duct-taped to a stick come flying at our bodies.

The war that you and your friends had is a rarity compared to the bigger coastal wars. Well, compared to almost all wars, actually.

#153935 Nitefinder Barrel Replacements

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 29 April 2008 - 09:19 PM in Modifications

Nested springer barrels work this way:

1) The dart is loaded into a smaller-diameter inner barrel near the plunger tube.

2) The gun is fired. The tighter fit of the dart in the barrel means more friction, which means that more pressure can build up behind it before the dart starts moving. This means an increase in power and range.

3) When the pressure reaches a level where it can overcome the inertia and pressure of the dart, the dart begins moving. As it transitions from the tighter to the looser barrel segment, the friction drops. The dart then picks up speed as a direct result.

This system is an improvement over traditional barrels in that it allows more pressure to build up from the compression of air in the plunger tube. This greater pressure means better ranges and power. This is why tighter barrels are recommended for springers; they permit this rise in pressure compared to standard loose barrels for air-powered guns.

Generally, CPVC tends to work better than a crayola barrel. It is more uniform and tight on the dart. Plus, there is much less work to do (you only have to cut one piece, rather than hollow out a marker and nest it in a piece of PVC that you also have to cut.).

#153575 Airtight Sealness...

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 27 April 2008 - 10:19 PM in Modifications

I would rather hit him over the head with a sledgehammer then give his dead body to micheal jackson.

If by sledgehammer you mean banhammer, then wait and watch. Spyder, you have to be at least 13 years old to be on these boards.

#153503 Sonic Bazooka Air Leak.

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 27 April 2008 - 07:28 PM in General Nerf

Post a picture of the tank/other internals and we'll be able to help you more.

I don't know why the air would be coming out of the trigger area short of there being another leak. Maybe the firing pin got dislodged ot twisted, but that still doesn't seem to explain it.

#153135 Grenade Prototype

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 25 April 2008 - 05:31 PM in Homemades

You guys do realize the potential problems for that, right? Mousetraps have enough force stored in their springs to easily break fingers. What would happen if someone were to attempt to pick up a dart off the top of one of your hidden mines? What if something goes wrong? On top of that, this device isn't war-practical, and the risk outweighs the "benefits." That's only considering the mine, too. The concept of throwing a mousetrap near people in the form of a hand grenade, much less holding it in your own hand, is not "good war conduct," shall we say.

#152074 Sa-02 Handgun Pdw

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 19 April 2008 - 06:52 PM in Modifications

That's a Walther P38, not a Luger.

Good mod, unique style and approach. You should try adding a new barrel (as in brass, CPVC, or PETG) to get a bit more range.

#151081 Free Rice To Help Starving Children

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 14 April 2008 - 02:07 AM in Off Topic

Wow. I just got the word "Anorak," which is GERMAN. It means parka, which in turn means that public schooling has actually taught me something!

#151080 The Future

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 14 April 2008 - 01:49 AM in Off Topic

Trying to predict the future of Nerf and subsequently the NIC really has no merit. Of course there are going to be members that come and go. Most of them will be the average nerfers that would post up, but never really contribute (myself included, but when summer vacation and some supplies/money roll around, I'm stomping that reputation into the dust), but some of them will be the contributors that we all respect and, in a sense, honor here. There are inevitably going to be some shifts in the positions of power.

However, you need to think about it. The people who run this site, both now and in the future, as well as the contributors will always be the mature overseers of our procedures here. The community won't let itself go down. Hasbro, Buzz Bee, etc. will keep pumping out their blasters, and nothing short of a marketing disaster will stop that. Until then, and well past it, we here will continue to make our own. We will continue to use both the mass-produced and the homemade in wars. As long as we Nerf, Nerf itself won't die. And as cliché as that sounds, it's true. That's what most new members, and some of the "older" ones don't realize. We can talk about it all we want, speculate to our hearts' content, but Nerf is about actually going out and shooting people with foam darts, balls, rockets, and everything else. When every last one of us stops doing that, then Nerf is dead. But since that point is either a long time in coming, or entirely nonexistent, the NIC will continue to grow and Nerf will continue to prosper.

P.S.: A word on the noobs. I should be one of the last people finishing this sentence, but post count is NOT a mark of seniority in any way. Once a person contributes to the forums, with a homemade, a modification, or just useful and helpful posting in general, then they are no longer a noob. Those are the people who actually deserve the word "Member" next to their name.

#148671 Stefans

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 01 April 2008 - 06:38 PM in General Nerf

Three things.

1) Frost King FBR is not known for consistency from batch to batch (or roll to roll). You might find that some samples fit better than others once you use more than one roll of FBR on darts.

2) 1/2" CPVC is tight on micros. This is an advantage in spring guns, but decreases the effectiveness of air guns.

3) Don't twist your darts into the barrel. Push them straight down. You can try stiffening the darts via drinking straw inserts in the centers, etc. to make that a little easier.

#146160 Sniping

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 21 March 2008 - 02:45 PM in General Nerf

The snіper is one of the most debated things here as far as styles of play in wars are concerned. They are extremely erotic in large-scale, "official" wars, but "snіpers" can still take part in smaller personally-hosted wars. It's just that most nerfers are about running around and shooting everything, not camping in one spot. It just goes against the ideals that Nerf is a more laid-back, "fun" version of paintball and airsoft. But like I said, do whatever you want at your own wars.

As far as the guns go, here's a list:
  • Big Bad Bow (Angel modded) [aka, the BBB or 3B]
  • Buzz Bee Big Blast (Captain Slug has a good mod for it) [aka the BBBB or 4B]
  • Lanard Blast Bazooka (almost identical to the 4B, find similar mods) [aka the LBB]
  • Air Tech 2000 or 3000 (can be singled, or the turrets rebarreled) [aka the AT2k/AT3k, or just the 2k/3k]
  • Max Shot (rebarreled, I have a mod for it in the directory)
Those are just a few of them. The problem with the LBB, BBB, Max Shot, and 4B is that in their stock form they do not shoot darts, so they will have to be modded to be used at all.

As you can see, there are ways to circumvent the filter on the word snіper. I'm surprised that the admins haven't found my method yet.

#145501 Nerfhaven Homemade Directory

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 17 March 2008 - 01:38 AM in Homemades

Thanks again for bailing me out on this one, Carbon. Looks great. One problem, though. The first link (for CS' guide on plastic machining) actually directs to his DIY air tank.

#145447 Semi-automatic Nerf Guns

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 16 March 2008 - 06:20 PM in General Nerf

There is no such thing as a semi-automatic springer. Only air or electrically-powered guns can be semi or fully automatic. I assume you mean being rapid-fire and easy-to-use. In that case, as NM stated, Hasbro has been shifting the type of guns in the Nerf line, so don't expect anything quite like the classics to make a comeback. There might be one oddity in a few years, but that's all we can hope for.

#144779 The Pulse Rifle

Posted by SHADOW HUNTER ALPHA on 11 March 2008 - 08:06 PM in Homemades

Oh, Christ on a pogo stick (yes, that's from Armake21). Since when are people so caught up on the cosmetics of a gun that they overlook the gun itself? Has that much changed in the past year? OK, the magazine and the bondings look a little sloppy, but holy shit, people. You're all starting a little flame war over how it appears and not what it does. If you don't like the magazine, or the paintjob, then go build your own damn variant and then name it whatever you want. Did the FuckingPecan actually fuck pecans? No. Was it equipped to fuck pecans? I hope not. Think about the stupidity of your own words.

On the subject of what it does, how is the overall performance of the gun? As in, is everything durable? Any jams? What about something like an NF in the picture for overall size comparison.

Edit: A loose barrel is not the best choice for a springer, although I am not sure about how well the inline clip would fare with a tighter one. But, hey, whatever works.