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#10530 I Need Instuctions To A Hameade Sniper

Posted by TualatinNerfer on 27 September 2003 - 05:47 PM in Homemades

OK I am new to nerf. BUt i have modded my own guns. But i just am not satisyed with the results, so i am designing my own homemade. I am using super soaker parts to do it. The hardest thing, besides not having money, is finding the right valve for you and your gun. Every thing else is cheap and readily availble.

So, have you ever looked at what makes an Air tech or a Super soaker fire. Cannibalize the valve that fires it. I gonna be winter soon and you wont need your supersoaker, don't worry if you break it. I have modded 5 guns and i broke 3, however i learned from my mistakes.

There is no set pattern for getting into nerf, just do somthing and you will be inspired to do more. Never be afraid to fail. Get better or bitter.

#10443 Put Them To Shame!

Posted by TualatinNerfer on 25 September 2003 - 11:39 PM in Homemades

building wouldnt really be too hard and you could save on buying a solenoid because you would only really have to buy a ball valvebecause it wuld be a matter of opening up the valve and pointing and letting loose on the enemy :sinister:

I am planning on building my own homemade. I went to homedepot and looked around for a ideal trigger. I thought about ball valves, but they are too slow. I thought about hose sprayer handles but they won't make a good enough seal. I then asked my dad about my problem. He told me to look at blow gun triggers. What i mean by blowguns is the kind of valves used for air compressor/blower deal. This would be the idea trigger for the gun. It is call Blowgun safety lever.

The only draw back to this is that you need to figure out how to connect the airsupply sorce to the gun. But it would be easy to use.