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#13360 At3k Leak

Posted by TualatinNerfer on 28 November 2003 - 07:09 PM in Modifications

Did you hot glue the over pressure valve on your pump? B/c you might have a tiny piece that kinda flaps over every on and then. idk.

To be honest, you might as well just leave it alone. From what i understand after the funky pump, it still works. It really doesn't sound that bad. I would just leave the gun alone. Cut your loses on a botched job.

Well accually, if i was me i would end up taking all the tape off, and finding the damn leak.

#13080 3/8 Inch Fbr

Posted by TualatinNerfer on 20 November 2003 - 07:57 PM in General Nerf

What is FBR?
i am a dumbass
fowam backer rod